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  1. Some recent threads does not appear, but only visible at "Recent Threads" section?
  2. Thanks sent
  3. Need to login each time?
  4. RSS feed
  5. Where is the Thank You List?
  6. ER app no longer working
  7. Browser check message
  8. Viewing all my posts
  9. User CP not working right with E-R mailbag post
  10. I've been having trouble with my new links box altering from 10 to 5
  11. Can I view "Thanks" sent?
  12. Er.org App Not working on Android - It used to.
  13. Home page changed
  14. Suddenly my recent threads box dropped from 10 to 5
  15. Reply notifications
  16. Error in private message
  17. No Signature and Can't Edit
  18. search for phrase
  19. Caption under User ID
  20. Night Mode Viewing with Android Phone
  21. App Not Working
  22. Is the app down?
  23. New UI?
  24. Mobile App Changes
  25. Acronyms
  26. Question about the smilies
  27. Stickies
  28. Poll Capability
  29. Avatar Uploading Problems
  30. Performance Issue
  31. Acronym Glossary
  32. New posts frame missing
  33. Change Time Zone on posts to match mine?
  34. New Moderators !!!
  35. Technical Question about blocking threads that are not of interest
  36. Search Function on the Site
  37. Email Notifications
  38. can a moderator remove my post?
  39. I was THIS many years old ...
  40. Thread locked by the administrator
  41. 1099-K Threads?
  42. Email notifications stopped on subscribed threads
  43. Full page ads?
  44. Emailed newsletter
  45. Private message failure
  46. missing thread?
  47. Why did "Early Retirement Newsletter" stop coming?
  48. How do you properly use Multi+ for quoting
  49. Thread notifications, replies
  50. If you haven't done this lately...
  51. Policy On Requests For Redaction On Old Posts
  52. Need help seeing new threads
  53. One thread loads slow? (Solar, Wind RE)
  54. Er.org App does not work on my new S22 Samsung
  55. Cannot respond to private messages
  56. Chrome Update - Security Patch ASAP
  57. Insert image problems
  58. extra blank lines in posts - how to fix?
  59. How to accept forum rules
  60. Why don't I stay logged-in?
  61. Photo Hosting
  62. Why can't I see the "colors" in the Wordle charts?
  63. Bold topics
  64. Who's in charge?
  65. Android app broken?
  66. Getting notified when someone quotes me
  67. Search help
  68. How Does the IGNORE Function Work?
  69. 20 years of ER-ORG in 2022
  70. How do I stop notifications about postings?
  71. Completely missed messages with thank yous!
  72. Subscription emails off by default
  73. Why does this post show up as posted 24hours before I actually posted it?
  74. Is there a way to search for posts where I was quoted?
  75. Cannot call up current version of a thread
  76. Offering contact info.
  77. "Recent Threads" has disappeared from my screen
  78. where did the 2021 investment performance thread go??
  79. Help posting photos
  80. Can't see my own post
  81. How can I display new posts first for all forums?
  82. Failed login notification
  83. confused about dryer sheets
  84. Stop appending "Sent from my ..." Question
  85. Subscriptions?
  86. How do I "Multi-Quote" in the same reply?
  87. Covid containment area
  88. Dark skin / dark background
  89. Newsletter Issues - Where Are They?
  90. The threads are flying off into the void...
  91. Who to contact about moderation
  92. Thanks, Friends!
  93. RSS Feed not working?
  94. Tried to create a new thread....
  95. About those snarky (and political) posts...
  96. no pics with ER iOS app
  97. HELP Formatting my Posts Here
  98. Site outage, browser check message 1/29/21
  99. Unable to post messages
  100. Email Advertising co-incidence?
  101. New versions of long- running threads
  102. Quoting other members
  103. Unexpected Refreshing of Web Page
  104. Losing my place in threads
  105. Quotes - What does the 7 digit number mean?
  106. User name change?
  107. "We have disabled your emails"
  108. Subscribed thread accumulation/maintenance
  109. Class of ..... Subforum
  110. How to add to my signature
  111. Can I do anything to stop all the Ads?
  112. Changing Tags Once Already Posted
  113. Donating to E-R.org
  114. Server maintenance - Monday 9/28
  115. Spam message? "PASSIVE INCOME" from andrianjames112 from Digital Assets
  116. Ads Above the "Recent Threads" Box
  117. Is there any way to UN-Subscribe from a Thread from the Thread itself?
  118. Prove I am a human??
  119. Attach image to Private Message?
  120. No notifying emails
  121. News of Khan
  122. How to Insert Link To Another Thread in a Post
  123. Search Question
  124. Oops - Extra newsletters
  125. Android app 5-4-2020
  126. Ditch ads with animation - I have covered it with cardboard
  127. Invisibility
  128. Android application April 21, 2020
  129. When can/should an older thread be bumped vs starting a new thread
  130. Notifications stopped working
  131. Checking Browser Before Accessing Early Retire Web Site Message
  132. Malware/Virus Warning
  133. Covid-19 | New temporary topic area.
  134. "update flash player" redirects?
  135. I Like the Absence of Likes
  136. Handling YouTu.be Links
  137. How to edit an original post
  138. Duplicate Notifications
  139. Getting logged out after inactivity
  140. Forum update this week - SSL
  141. Private Messages
  142. ER forum app crashing this morning
  143. Can't see Threads Using Firefox
  144. Double Spacing Between Paragraphs in Posts???
  145. ER.Org Web Page Gets Hijacked
  146. Any way to be notified by email when you are Quoted in a post?
  147. Flash, Chrome and FireCalc
  148. Password
  149. Editing Posts
  150. FireCalc webpage unusable, bad display
  151. Why Doesn't My Profile Picture Update?
  152. User CP vs PM
  153. page not loading - (solved - see post #25
  154. How to : Jump to unread portion of a thread?
  155. How to Follow a Forum's Member Posts?
  156. No Daily E-Mail
  157. Any thoughts about making this site more mobile friendly?
  158. Changes To Google Chrome
  159. Empty box at the bottom
  160. Managing email notifications
  161. Logging me out more often?
  162. Anyone Else Have Problem w/ Slow Forum
  163. New Posts vs. Recent Threads
  164. Spam PM's?
  165. New sub-forum created: Technology, Media and e-gadgets
  166. Problem with password
  167. New Posts List
  168. Do threads have a max number of pages?
  169. I'm I the only one who cant see photos from the android app?
  170. Invalid Redirect
  171. Rotated photo upload
  172. Why do post counts go down?
  173. Getting logged out all the time?
  174. News letter
  175. Question about Ignore function
  176. How does a New Member contact Moderator with PM?
  177. Quick button on closed threads
  178. Spam Coming Off ER.org (again)!
  179. Problem w/ ER.org and Safari on Mac
  180. The new ads are very annoying!
  181. Thread disappearance?
  182. Create Group Function
  183. How can I post to these forums?
  184. CNTRL-B BOLD for posts
  185. https request
  186. Having problems with private messages
  187. Instant Notifications
  188. Secure pages on posts https vs http
  189. Portal
  190. Question about reading current threads
  191. Any way to implement notification for responses to your posts?
  192. Edit an old post?
  193. where are the forum rules?
  194. Viewing Ignored Threads
  195. Ignoring users
  196. Spam popup today
  197. Ignore thread or forum with ipad app?
  198. Banned words?
  199. Political Ads Here
  200. Attachment in private message
  201. "Smilies" config option?
  202. ER.org Search is terrible
  203. Archiving old posts/ threads?
  204. Forum Doubling Linefeeds
  205. Stop email notifications, but keep Android app notifications?
  206. Frequent Error msg when using "Mark Forums Read"
  207. Not Secure
  208. Put Discussion Topic next to time of post
  209. A little forum housekeeping
  210. When will I get 5 stars?
  211. First thread view takes me mid thread
  212. "Thanks" notification default setting
  213. ER.org Weekly Newsletter - read all about it.
  214. Question
  215. Double spacing between paragraphs in posts? New?
  216. Why Such A Short Period For Editing A Post ?
  217. Android app
  218. Forum Downtime Tuesday Morning April 10
  219. Replying to a Thanks
  220. Trending Tab
  221. How to I change my tag line?
  222. Won $1000 amazon gift card spam
  223. Suggestion
  224. Has ER.org changed servers, software or other?
  225. What does it mean when .....
  226. Subscription notification links not scrolled to new posts
  227. Annoying Repeated Pop-Up Ads
  228. Has age been considered as an optional field in member profile?
  229. Why not go to clicked links directly?
  230. Why not ban users from a thread?
  231. Is there a way to Change My ER UI? (See Attached Pic)
  232. Show when quoted
  233. Can I Change The Text Below My Forum Name ?
  234. Obnoxious "sponsored content" overlay popping up on site
  235. Cannot stay logged in!
  236. How about posting reasons for closing a thread.
  237. What happened to the littering thread I was trying to respond to?
  238. why don't I stay logged in
  239. You Don't Have Permission to Reply Message
  240. Bots and trolls
  241. Bookmark a thread?
  242. ER Forum Contributions
  243. Limit posting frequency?
  244. Eliminate the Creative ERs Thread?
  245. Unable to Send "Thanks"
  246. Photobucket images - not for forum use
  247. Can't change my settings
  248. Ronstar's account hacked?
  249. "View Post" of ignored user doesn't work
  250. ER.org Android/Tapatalk: Can't see posts