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  1. Walking for weight loss
  2. Vascepa and Mfg. Coupons
  3. ACA or medicaid for showing $0 income
  4. How much sleep do you get?
  5. Over/On Ear Headphones for Exercise
  6. 2022 ACA re-enrollment
  7. Two Questions on ACA new enrollment
  8. Painful Dry Weather Finger Splits
  9. Dental Insurance Late Enrollment
  10. My first experience with Atrial Fibrillation
  11. FEHB Open Season
  12. ACA for snowbirds?
  13. Should I HSA?
  14. Anyone else doing Invisalign?
  15. How to qualify for a mortgage in retirement
  16. Medical Billing
  17. Am I crazy for wanting cosmetic surgery?
  18. MediCare Advantage PPO’s
  19. New CMS program to auto enroll those with original medicare into managed care
  20. ACA and non-qualified 529 withdrawals?
  21. Verification of 2022 income
  22. Medicare IRMAA Calculation and Sub-S passive income
  23. Heart Scare
  24. ACA and Income Estimation
  25. A relative's fear of dying (Necrophobia)
  26. 24 Hour Fitness Membership - Black Friday Special
  27. Vexing Dental Health Questions
  28. HRA Notice Post Retirement
  29. Weighted blankets?
  30. ACA subsidy or not for self-employed?
  31. Cologuard, from Start to Finish
  32. Employer Sponsored HSA Question
  33. Thoughts on those 'executive' physicals?
  34. Health Insurance in Retirement
  35. New hip for DH, anterior method
  36. Are annual physicals a must?
  37. Medigap Plan G renewal for next year
  38. Part D - Max OOP Cost (Really?)
  39. Medicare Billing Question
  40. Medicare Part B for 2022
  41. Healthcare Options At 49
  42. Switching from COBRA to ACA/Covered CA
  43. What does your doctor tell you about eating eggs?
  44. Dental Discount Plans?
  45. NJ ACA carriers
  46. How to reconcile Medicare, Medi-gap, and Physician's bills
  47. Medicare premium question
  48. Plant based diet
  49. Technis Eyhance IOL
  50. Decompression surgery
  51. HPV vaccine is 87% successful
  52. Covered California 2022 FPL Chart Change
  53. Rowing machine experiences?
  54. ACA 8.5% - partial year coverage ?
  55. Washington State Medicare Supplement Question (Medigap)
  56. ACA : Silver plan with CSR or Bronze with HSA
  57. 2022 ACA Exchange Experiences
  58. Intermittent Fasting - Tips?
  59. Crazy Advertising for Medicare Advantage/Supplement Plans
  60. CHIP Plan Confusion
  61. Stuck with State ACA Marketplace?
  62. Health insurance after 60, but before medicare
  63. Arthritis of the neck
  64. I have $150K in my HSA. Use it to pay for COBRA?
  65. Does NYC Health Insurance reimburse Part B premium for retires ?
  66. Prostate Artery Embolization
  67. Anthem BC reimbursement rates
  68. Thermal Effect of Food - is this measure legit?
  69. What do you take to help you sleep?
  70. Trust to Protect Assets?
  71. ACA Plans Updated for 2022
  72. Exercise video recommendations
  73. 2022 ACA - when to start
  74. ACA and 8% rule
  75. Face muscle excercise
  76. Prescription copay vs Direct payment
  77. Inbetween COBRA and Medicare
  78. Post-Cataract... Anyone have PCO and YAG laser fix?
  79. amblyopia
  80. Remote Patient Monitoring
  81. Medicare Advantage disadvantage
  82. Dental insurance or dental plan?
  83. Brain training games
  84. Medicare Plan N copays
  85. ACA guidance
  86. Retiree health insurance benefit
  87. Sudden Hearing Loss
  88. Y'all.... ENJOY....It May not last long
  89. Medigap and part D plans
  90. Anyone here use Thryve gut test?
  91. New Aspirin Guidelines
  92. Health Insurance, Age 60-65 Advice
  93. Another Cataract Surgery Thread
  94. Aortic aneurism
  95. Assistance with Dry Eyes
  96. Prescriptions and travelling
  97. Vanguard drops medical benefits for retirees
  98. Who takes B12 shots?
  99. Covered California Website Updated for 2022
  100. part d drug price increases
  101. When Interest Rates turn the corner
  102. Finalized Pennsylvania ACA Insurance Plans and Rates are available
  103. Health Insurance - Cobra or Get it along with Pension
  104. Long Term Care Insurance
  105. I am not sure I chose the best Part D plan
  106. HSA max ok after leaving job?
  107. Transition from ACA to MediCare?
  108. What vitamin supplement does your doctor recommend?
  109. Best Pillow for Neck Pain?
  110. Withdrawal calculator for ACA
  111. When can I compare 2022 Medicare plans?
  112. Non working spouse Medicare
  113. Medicare IRMAA Adjustment Question
  114. Will you qualify for Medicare if you retire early?
  115. Treatments not covered by Medicare
  116. Kaiser vs Blue Cross
  117. What is it that makes sleeping in the morning so good
  118. ACA when # of dependents changes?
  119. ACA for 2022
  120. Experience with Cervicogenic headaches?
  121. Tests leading into more tests
  122. How Do You Handle Change?
  123. Any health suggestions for a younger guy?
  124. Blood observed in eyeball
  125. Health Scare Starting Right After Retirement
  126. Private vs ACA insurance
  127. Effect of different retirement timeline from spouse?
  128. Feeling sad after just hearing of the passing of a long time colleague
  129. Influenza is here
  130. At What Point Does Gradual Weight Loss Become a Concern?
  131. Optomat procedure?
  132. How to find an oral surgeon who takes Medicare
  133. Employer pushing retirees to Medicare Advantage
  134. Dental and Vision Care in Early Retirement
  135. ACA/American Rescue Plan/Unemployment/NY
  136. Alzheimer’s
  137. Never had Kaiser insurance before. How do you like it?
  138. Mosquito Control and Asthma
  139. Blood Pressure monitor
  140. Amazon Pharmacy
  141. DW's ACA premium dropped over 50% for the rest of the year.
  142. Toothaches suck!
  143. The Healthful Aging Thread
  144. Medicare Wellness Billing
  145. But I Don’t Have Medicare!
  146. Can eating mostly Ultra-processed Food help you gain weight?
  147. Anyone been cured of snoring?
  148. IRMAA surcharge appeal process
  149. Medicare Claims - Understanding them
  150. Harvard Health: Cholesterol testing is seriously flawed
  151. Healthcare-What would you do?
  152. Decent income but put on Medicaid!
  153. Symptoms of Stress?
  154. How does one protect MIL's assets from herself?
  155. Meniscus tear...any advice for me?
  156. Dollars for Doc
  157. Medicare, Health Reimbursement Arrangement, and HSA
  158. Hip pain and Relief Factor
  159. Blood Flow Restriction Training for treating Sarcopenia.
  160. colonoscopy prep
  161. Tendon issues?
  162. New “ailment”
  163. Medicare Coverage Question
  164. ACA/unemployment/capital gains
  165. another pneumonia vaccine just approved and one coming
  166. New to PPO and may need inguinal hernia taken care of
  167. Spinal decompression?
  168. fee-free HSA with low cost investment optiond
  169. ACA Rate Increases For 2022
  170. Stair-lift install: Advice, recommendations welcome
  171. Medigap Questions
  172. FIRE bad for your mental health?
  173. Functional, off the cuff, indicators of health and fitness by age
  174. Question about ACA premiums. Are they capped?
  175. Bone Broth drinkers?
  176. ACA subsidies and the VA
  177. HCTC and PBGC
  178. Big Drop in Life Expectancy
  179. sister end of life
  180. ACA and how things work out
  181. Macular Degeneration and Kindle
  182. Nearly 3/4 Million Cancers A Year Linked To Alcohol Use
  183. Plan G increase, I'm happy
  184. Bayer settlement & Lymphoma
  185. Severe osteoarthritis of the knee
  186. Choosing a health plan
  187. CT Resident - Compassion and Choices or Death with Dignity
  188. Help with IRS/HSA Legalese
  189. A viable 6-year plan?
  190. Death w Dignity experience NSFW(?)
  191. Music While Exercising?
  192. Ketone Body Supplementation—A Potential New Approach for Heart Disease
  193. review of Time Restricted Eating studies
  194. Philips CPAP recall
  195. High Resistance IMST
  196. MIL healthcare
  197. DQOTD: When to See Doctor, Pain Level?
  198. Folding Exercise Bike Recommendations?
  199. Lumbar sclerosis/DDD Experiences?
  200. Letting Yourself Go Later In Life - Ramifications?
  201. Blepharitis Anyone?
  202. Medicare Application delay
  203. Weight/resistance training
  204. Screening for colon cancer (or colorectal cancer, bowel cancer)
  205. Calling Afrin heads
  206. Face Mask and Itchy Eyes
  207. Take care of your liver
  208. Frustration with Kaiser billing
  209. ACA Premium: Down In June, Up In July
  210. Lowering Age for Medicare + Vision, Dental
  211. Test to differentiate LDL-C big fluffy, medium, and small dense particles?
  212. Cobra Continuation
  213. PSA test false positive rate 70%?
  214. ACA Penalty refund received
  215. ACA suvives again, lawsuit tossed due to lack of standing
  216. ACA and MediCAID question
  217. Right Knee Replacement on 5/24
  218. Calculating income for Affordable Care Act
  219. Massage Gun anyone?
  220. Health Insurance Premium Poll- Bronze
  221. Pennsylvania updated their ACA exchange this past weekend
  223. ACA Premium if Income Doubles
  224. Knee injections
  225. HSA, Saving receipts, deducting medical expenses
  226. DQOTD: Finding doctors (specialists)?
  227. Vitrectomy & later cataract surgery (also post-LASIK)
  228. Advice for an 85 year old
  229. Medicare Charges
  230. Single home exercise machine for senior fitness?
  231. Heavy Lifting can take its toll
  232. Any NJ retirees on ACA out there?
  233. Developments in Cancer Diagnosis/Screening
  234. Are calcium deposits in muscle a risk factor for coronary plaque?
  235. What are normal lipid panel numbers for Ketogenic dieters?
  236. Well, the good news is it's not esophageal cancer...
  237. Patient comfort best practices
  238. Nearly half a billion people globally now have diabetes
  239. Delaying or Skipping Dental Implant?
  240. Genworth LTC at it again
  241. MassHealth Estate Recovery notice
  242. How to make sure you’re getting the lowest cost Rx drugs?
  243. Vision Insurance
  244. "Hard work never hurt anyone" is wrong
  245. Vision insurance that covers Medically Necessary Contacts
  246. Insomnia and CHF
  247. How much is Medicare and all that goes with it?
  248. Principles of Constipation
  249. Discontinue HDHP/HSA plan despite it being the better financial option?
  250. No Dental/Vision on Medicare?