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  1. Do you buy Dental and Vision Insurance during ER?
  2. Paying For Dental Care When On Medicare
  3. Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training
  4. Medigap -- Is "Plan N the new Plan G"?
  5. Medicare signup questions for cancer and heart attack survivors
  6. Stomach poisoning I think? 4 hours of nastiness..
  7. Are you a runner or a jogger? Setting target heart rate ...
  8. Are you still an athlete?
  9. Ayahuasca anyone?
  10. Utterly lost. Can somebody please point me in the right direction?
  11. New FIDO estimate for HC costs in retirement
  12. Medical ID Jewelry
  13. ACA plan poll - What color do you have and why?
  14. Urolift? Anyone had it?
  15. Any powerlifters on ER?
  16. Question on Medicare vs. private insurance
  17. 'Shrooms & Seniors
  18. Dental care
  19. Cancer and diet
  20. dental and vision insurance
  21. Food Allergies
  22. Searched but Cannot Find (Medicare ?)
  23. Transient Global Amnesia
  24. Sunshine? Did they get it wrong?
  25. Exercise & Happiness
  26. High Blood Pressure and Diet Questions
  27. Neurologist/EMG/Prednisone
  28. ACA issue with MAGI
  29. Misunderstanding Metabolism
  30. medigap policy
  31. Standard Medicare or Medicare Advantage????
  32. Reversal in ACA strategy
  33. do my plans really need put off?
  34. Almost went over the Subsidy Cliff
  35. I Honestly Knew That Life Was Going Too Smoothly
  36. BCBS website allow download file (CSV) claims?
  37. ACA at risk?
  38. Transition from ACA (Obamacare) to Medicare
  39. Proof of Medicare premiums paid
  40. HSA Refresher Course (For Me)
  41. UPS Healthcare?
  42. More knee questions
  43. How do your shoes wear?
  44. Hot Tea Can Be Bad For You Too
  45. Fasting and Alzheimer's Disease
  46. sunscreen, sunlight, and vitamin D
  47. Aspirin is bad for you ... AGAIN!
  48. Anyone on a Collagen peptide regiment .. Dear Wife wants to try.
  49. ACA and In State Move
  50. My $9,600 prescription skin cream
  51. Eggs are now bad for you...AGAIN!
  52. Medicare payments when starting Social Security
  53. Sepsis
  54. Almost $4000 lab bill
  55. Opioids - Are we throwing baby out, etc.?
  56. HSA contribution and start medicare
  57. HIIT Modality Question
  58. Employment ends, but employer continues to pay premiums?
  59. Medigap/Supplement Provider Ratings?
  60. ACA subsidy and MAGI number for 2019
  61. Just for the Women
  62. Do you believe in taking Vitamin?
  63. Medigap and prescription drug plans specifically in WA state
  64. Pain in the Neck at Night
  65. COBRA question
  66. Statin Wars - British Style!
  67. Questions for MIL’s neurologist
  68. Sleep pattern - should I be worried?
  69. Urgent - Upstate New Yorkers please weigh in on the company to choose for Medigap
  70. These Are the World's Healthiest Nations
  71. Anyone have glaucoma?
  72. Part D surprise
  73. Annual stool test may be as effective as colonoscopy, study finds
  74. How do you choose specialists?
  75. New MD, new town, first time w/Medicare
  76. Exercise related cabin fever ..
  77. ACA a dependent change mid year
  78. Dealing with Alzheimers
  79. What does your annual physical include?
  80. Attention > Time > Money
  81. Medigap plan G specifically in WA state
  82. Health Insurance for Snowbirds
  83. Hiring Caregiver for Elderly Parents Privately (Without Using an Agency)
  84. Annual physical yuch
  85. Thanks for the CBD tip
  86. ? for near-sighted people who have had cataract surgery a while ago
  87. Feeling my pulse at the back of my head
  88. Majorly myopic - how to save $ on glasses?
  89. Digging in to AI
  90. Medicare Supplements
  91. I broke my rule I drove to walk..
  92. Interval Exercise
  93. Sinus Surgery
  94. Experience to share - Moved DM to Assisted Living
  95. ACA, HSA, and IRA
  96. Awake During Colonoscopy--Again?
  97. Oh No Husband Just Diagnosed with Influenza
  98. Torn medial meniscus
  99. Medicare with retiree secondary questions
  100. Adult children under parent HDHP can set up their own HSA at family max level
  101. How Long Can You Live Unattended in a Coma in the Hospital? (for book)
  102. Is Medicare really going to mail me this "No Bill Bill" EVERY month?
  103. Who else has enrolled in Direct Primary Care?
  104. Irresponsible Son-In-Law With No Health Insurance
  105. Dental Implant Average Cost ?
  106. Peripheral Neuropathy & Chiropractors
  107. Thumb Arthritis Surgery
  108. Wife has never worked and above 65 yrs .. Can she get Medicare Part A free?
  109. Hydrocephalus - Request for advice or recommendations
  110. Health Insurance options and feedback on my choice
  111. Do you swim laps for exercise?
  112. Keep LTC Insurance?
  113. If you walk for exercise- how extreme are you.
  114. Health insurance premium up 25%
  115. Seborrheic Keratoses Cryotherapy Treatment - Is That HSA Eligible?
  116. Medical News? re: cancer cure
  117. Medicare Portability?
  118. 2019 FPL Levels
  119. Acid Reflux and Baking Soda
  120. What causes "toddling gait" in adults?
  121. AARP Medicare Supplement Household Discount
  122. Another Article About Alzheimer’s - A Breakthrough?
  123. Estimating Income question - ACA
  124. The Miracles of Modern Medicine (ophthalmology)
  125. What age would each of you define as “early retirement?”
  126. Rough guess of sales tax required to fund health care
  127. COBRA or not?
  128. Got taller in my old age?
  129. ACA subsidies and changes in income
  130. Care for Family Members
  131. Pls Help with Global Pandemic
  132. I turned down a promotion and $$$ today!
  133. First ACA Coverage Prescription Cluster
  134. Peanut butter powder
  135. Why Older Adults Should Eat More Protein (And Not Overdo Protein Shakes)
  136. SS and Medicare
  137. Alivecor KardiaMobile and the NHS
  138. Health Insurance Subsidy for early retirees
  139. Healthcare cost..not what I expected..
  140. on Original Medicare + Medigap + Part D... record keeping?
  141. Breast Cancer Survivor and ER
  142. Health & Sense of Purpose
  143. Eldercare Gadgets and Devices for Senior Parents Still Living in Their Home
  144. New York City Guarantees Healthcare for All Residents
  145. Health Screening Checklist
  146. HSA investing with Fidelity
  147. Our ACA application completed; first month premium paid
  148. Do You Use Medicare Easy Pay?
  149. The man who saw inside himself (health)
  150. Lowering cholesterol without statins-1-year update: good results, but...
  151. Which Medigap plan insurer (Texas)
  152. Second Total Knee Replacement
  153. Wondering about health insurance
  154. Sildenafil price drop
  155. HSA newbie question for married couple
  156. The newest opioid crisis?
  157. Daily aspirin may hurt more than help
  158. Where Should Original of Advance Directive Live?
  159. Medicare Cost Research
  160. What's the future of the ACA?
  161. Transiet Global Amnesia
  162. How long have you been with your medigap company?
  163. suggestive evidence that doctors do unnecessary stent procedures to enrich themselves
  164. ACA options in TN
  165. 3rd Year in a row - did we peak?
  166. ACA Subsidy question
  167. Confirming 2018 aca cliff before last adjustment to Roth conversion
  168. Anyone Else See An Unexpected Jump In Medica Premiums ? *Minnesota*
  169. Medicare Rant / Suggestions
  170. Sad Reminder
  171. Sleep aid - heavier cover
  172. Experiences using Chantix to quit smoking
  173. Medicare Advantage more common that I expected
  174. Lively is now a no-fee HSA
  175. Medicare: Post-cataract coverage for glasses/lenses, anyone try this?
  176. I need advice about intermittent fasting
  177. Minor Medical Clinic Insurance Issue
  178. Fiscal Cliff stress
  179. CVS playing year-end games
  180. Fighting Back Against Surprise Medical Bills
  181. Penny Marshall passed
  182. medicare c and f closing
  183. Health Saving Account Contributions
  184. Ballpark Nursing Home Costs?
  185. Obamacare ruled Unconstitutional!!
  186. Retinal Detachment?
  187. Is this Medicare fraud?
  188. Is Waiting a Lost Art?
  189. U.S. HC Spending Compared to other countries
  190. Cholesterol and Heart Disease - what you've been led to believe is all wrong
  191. Medicare - giving g'ment credit when credit due
  192. Health Share insurance alternative
  193. Need help evaluating FL-BCBS plans
  194. Zinc Lozenges Stopped Bad Cold
  195. Problems trying to sign up for ACA
  196. Medicare for disabled - filing pains
  197. AFIB
  198. Hearing Loss, and Hearing Aids
  199. Question about ACA signup
  200. Shoulder issues - Your stories?
  201. Hearing aid quality
  202. eat loss on new eyeglasses
  203. Updated Physical Activity Guidelines
  204. Meat... and Danger
  205. When you have a bad cold but no fever
  206. Medicare Part D WellCare Value Script - Anyone Use This?
  207. HSA for ER couple in 50s
  208. I know I can deduct ACA premium from AGI but how is MAGI calculated?
  209. ACA experience
  210. Only 12 percent of Americans are metabolically healthy
  211. Favorite biomarker of your health?
  212. Leg Cramp while walking..
  213. Magnesium Citrate
  214. Medicare Advantage plan
  215. Vanguard has HSAs! Not really.
  216. Plan N excessive charges 15%
  217. Breakfast
  218. Covered California doesn't allow adult child on family policy if not a dependent
  219. BCBS applying online or agent
  220. Via benefits (formerly One Exchange)
  221. ExpressScripts @%$#!
  222. Assistance needed, applying for HC ins. no income for 2017-18
  223. Sleep. For a nightcap, which is healthier: alcohol or marijuana? if you need chemical
  224. Medicare Questions for Those with Part F or G
  225. Health of Active Elders
  226. QLE with Medicare and FEHB
  227. Which Elliptical
  228. Chickenpox outbreak breaks out in NC
  229. Sustitutes for a LTC policy
  230. ACA -Vs- Temporary -Vs- Defined Benefit Plan
  231. ACA benefits question
  232. Fidelity offers individual HSA accounts?
  233. Newby here, need advice on ACA and taxes - Thanks
  234. Medicare Medigap and Part D provider selection - A Medicare Newby's path
  235. New Yorker: Why doctors hate their computers
  236. What was your experience signing up for 2019 Healthcare?
  237. Looking for any ideas for cheaper health insurance for spouse
  238. Kitces: Health Care Costs in Retirement
  239. KFF analysis of short term insurance costs
  240. Is the ACA safe & up for improvement now house has flipped?
  241. CBD oil
  242. I guess ACA, Medicare, and SS are safe with the switch of power in Lower House
  243. Broker for Medicare supplements?
  244. Mortality at Age 65
  245. ACA ambetter insurance
  246. Fidelity RIP 2018 methodology changes
  247. Will ACA ask for my 2018 income or estimated 2019 income when we sign up in 2019?
  248. preexisting conditions
  249. NCar looks at new hospital health care payments
  250. Cobra transition to ACA question