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  1. Retiree health insurance benefit
  2. Sudden Hearing Loss
  3. Y'all.... ENJOY....It May not last long
  4. Medigap and part D plans
  5. Anyone here use Thryve gut test?
  6. New Aspirin Guidelines
  7. Health Insurance, Age 60-65 Advice
  8. Another Cataract Surgery Thread
  9. Aortic aneurism
  10. Assistance with Dry Eyes
  11. Prescriptions and travelling
  12. Vanguard drops medical benefits for retirees
  13. Who takes B12 shots?
  14. Covered California Website Updated for 2022
  15. part d drug price increases
  16. When Interest Rates turn the corner
  17. Finalized Pennsylvania ACA Insurance Plans and Rates are available
  18. Health Insurance - Cobra or Get it along with Pension
  19. Long Term Care Insurance
  20. I am not sure I chose the best Part D plan
  21. HSA max ok after leaving job?
  22. Transition from ACA to MediCare?
  23. What vitamin supplement does your doctor recommend?
  24. Best Pillow for Neck Pain?
  25. Withdrawal calculator for ACA
  26. When can I compare 2022 Medicare plans?
  27. Non working spouse Medicare
  28. Medicare IRMAA Adjustment Question
  29. Will you qualify for Medicare if you retire early?
  30. Treatments not covered by Medicare
  31. Kaiser vs Blue Cross
  32. What is it that makes sleeping in the morning so good
  33. ACA when # of dependents changes?
  34. ACA for 2022
  35. Experience with Cervicogenic headaches?
  36. Tests leading into more tests
  37. How Do You Handle Change?
  38. Any health suggestions for a younger guy?
  39. Blood observed in eyeball
  40. Health Scare Starting Right After Retirement
  41. Private vs ACA insurance
  42. Effect of different retirement timeline from spouse?
  43. Feeling sad after just hearing of the passing of a long time colleague
  44. Influenza is here
  45. At What Point Does Gradual Weight Loss Become a Concern?
  46. Optomat procedure?
  47. How to find an oral surgeon who takes Medicare
  48. Employer pushing retirees to Medicare Advantage
  49. Dental and Vision Care in Early Retirement
  50. ACA/American Rescue Plan/Unemployment/NY
  51. Alzheimer’s
  52. Never had Kaiser insurance before. How do you like it?
  53. Mosquito Control and Asthma
  54. Blood Pressure monitor
  55. Amazon Pharmacy
  56. DW's ACA premium dropped over 50% for the rest of the year.
  57. Toothaches suck!
  58. The Healthful Aging Thread
  59. Medicare Wellness Billing
  60. But I Don’t Have Medicare!
  61. Can eating mostly Ultra-processed Food help you gain weight?
  62. Anyone been cured of snoring?
  63. IRMAA surcharge appeal process
  64. Medicare Claims - Understanding them
  65. Harvard Health: Cholesterol testing is seriously flawed
  66. Healthcare-What would you do?
  67. Decent income but put on Medicaid!
  68. Symptoms of Stress?
  69. How does one protect MIL's assets from herself?
  70. Meniscus tear...any advice for me?
  71. Dollars for Doc
  72. Medicare, Health Reimbursement Arrangement, and HSA
  73. Hip pain and Relief Factor
  74. Blood Flow Restriction Training for treating Sarcopenia.
  75. colonoscopy prep
  76. Tendon issues?
  77. New “ailment”
  78. Medicare Coverage Question
  79. ACA/unemployment/capital gains
  80. another pneumonia vaccine just approved and one coming
  81. New to PPO and may need inguinal hernia taken care of
  82. Spinal decompression?
  83. fee-free HSA with low cost investment optiond
  84. ACA Rate Increases For 2022
  85. Stair-lift install: Advice, recommendations welcome
  86. Medigap Questions
  87. FIRE bad for your mental health?
  88. Functional, off the cuff, indicators of health and fitness by age
  89. Question about ACA premiums. Are they capped?
  90. Bone Broth drinkers?
  91. ACA subsidies and the VA
  92. HCTC and PBGC
  93. Big Drop in Life Expectancy
  94. sister end of life
  95. ACA and how things work out
  96. Macular Degeneration and Kindle
  97. Nearly 3/4 Million Cancers A Year Linked To Alcohol Use
  98. Plan G increase, I'm happy
  99. Bayer settlement & Lymphoma
  100. Severe osteoarthritis of the knee
  101. Choosing a health plan
  102. CT Resident - Compassion and Choices or Death with Dignity
  103. Help with IRS/HSA Legalese
  104. A viable 6-year plan?
  105. Death w Dignity experience NSFW(?)
  106. Music While Exercising?
  107. Ketone Body Supplementation—A Potential New Approach for Heart Disease
  108. review of Time Restricted Eating studies
  109. Philips CPAP recall
  110. High Resistance IMST
  111. MIL healthcare
  112. DQOTD: When to See Doctor, Pain Level?
  113. Folding Exercise Bike Recommendations?
  114. Lumbar sclerosis/DDD Experiences?
  115. Letting Yourself Go Later In Life - Ramifications?
  116. Blepharitis Anyone?
  117. Medicare Application delay
  118. Weight/resistance training
  119. Screening for colon cancer (or colorectal cancer, bowel cancer)
  120. Calling Afrin heads
  121. Face Mask and Itchy Eyes
  122. Take care of your liver
  123. Frustration with Kaiser billing
  124. ACA Premium: Down In June, Up In July
  125. Lowering Age for Medicare + Vision, Dental
  126. Test to differentiate LDL-C big fluffy, medium, and small dense particles?
  127. Cobra Continuation
  128. PSA test false positive rate 70%?
  129. ACA Penalty refund received
  130. ACA suvives again, lawsuit tossed due to lack of standing
  131. ACA and MediCAID question
  132. Right Knee Replacement on 5/24
  133. Calculating income for Affordable Care Act
  134. Massage Gun anyone?
  135. Health Insurance Premium Poll- Bronze
  136. Pennsylvania updated their ACA exchange this past weekend
  138. ACA Premium if Income Doubles
  139. Knee injections
  140. HSA, Saving receipts, deducting medical expenses
  141. DQOTD: Finding doctors (specialists)?
  142. Vitrectomy & later cataract surgery (also post-LASIK)
  143. Advice for an 85 year old
  144. Medicare Charges
  145. Single home exercise machine for senior fitness?
  146. Heavy Lifting can take its toll
  147. Any NJ retirees on ACA out there?
  148. Developments in Cancer Diagnosis/Screening
  149. Are calcium deposits in muscle a risk factor for coronary plaque?
  150. What are normal lipid panel numbers for Ketogenic dieters?
  151. Well, the good news is it's not esophageal cancer...
  152. Patient comfort best practices
  153. Nearly half a billion people globally now have diabetes
  154. Delaying or Skipping Dental Implant?
  155. Genworth LTC at it again
  156. MassHealth Estate Recovery notice
  157. How to make sure you’re getting the lowest cost Rx drugs?
  158. Vision Insurance
  159. "Hard work never hurt anyone" is wrong
  160. Vision insurance that covers Medically Necessary Contacts
  161. Insomnia and CHF
  162. How much is Medicare and all that goes with it?
  163. Principles of Constipation
  164. Discontinue HDHP/HSA plan despite it being the better financial option?
  165. No Dental/Vision on Medicare?
  166. HSA Pre-Tax contributions
  167. Sinus surgery?
  168. Safety message about ladders
  169. Risks of not signing up for Medicare Part D and using GoodRx instead?
  170. Federal retirees: What steps need I take to get Medicare?
  171. Back in the Gym
  172. Shoulder diagnosis and treatment
  173. Pre-Authorization Denials
  174. Nutrition / Gut Testing for Tight Muscles and More
  175. Massages
  176. Best time of the year for blood work and physical?
  177. Medigap Advice Please
  178. Being a Caretaker for your Spouse
  179. Coping with losing ability to do loved activities
  180. AudioCardio/Hearing Loss
  181. Hearing Aids?
  182. BCBS lawsuit settlement postcard.
  183. Muscle tear?
  184. ACA for one Spouse but not the Other
  185. Anyone use Apple Fitness+
  186. Pay ACA subsidy with cash back CC?
  187. ACA Subsidy and moving to a new state
  188. mRNA in our future
  189. John Oliver rips long-term care (LTC) industry
  190. BJ’s CEO dies at 49 years old
  191. Today is Parkinson's Disease Awareness Day
  192. Part D drugs & traveling
  193. Hiking Kicked my butt!
  194. ACA Change Notice
  195. Pollen
  196. Will 60 be the new 65 for Medicare?
  197. HSA accounts, family or one per
  198. weight management: my approach
  199. Keto diet question
  200. Dominion Energy CEO Dies One Day After Retiring
  201. Any difference buying coverage from healthcare.gov or insurer?
  202. Colonoscopy prep / Miralax or Suprep
  203. The Best Way(s) To Play The ACA Income Cliff Elimination
  204. I suggested OMY for me, so DW can go for health reasons
  205. LTC insurance?
  206. $120,000 in my HSA. When do I start withdrawals?
  207. HI for DS in California
  208. Potential major good news on ACA premiums
  209. New to Medicare: question about Welcome to Medicare Visit
  210. 2022 Plan G vs Plan N Supplement
  211. Men's health: stand up or sit down?
  212. Medicare and Auto-crossovers to Supplemental Insurance
  213. Are out of network/balance billing going away in 2022?
  214. ACA subsidies and midyear dependent changes?
  215. Medicare Part D Rx cost
  216. Medicare part d elixir rx vs silverscript smart choice vs something else?
  217. Ulnar nerve pain reduction/correction?
  218. Medicare kicks in soon...advice?
  219. ACA - What do I need to do?
  220. CHIP vs Health Subsidy
  221. AARP and UHC Medicare supplement questions
  222. HSA custodians anything better than Fidelity?
  223. DW Got Injured While Looking at a House for Sale; Are Homeowners Liable?
  224. To HSA or not
  225. Vegan Cheese - Yum or Yuck?
  226. Broken Hip Recovery?
  227. exERcise
  228. Estimating medical costs in retirement
  229. Input wanted: chapped hands
  230. Mid-year application for Covered CA
  231. PSA for Colonoscopy Prep
  232. Anyone had Root Canal Troubles?
  233. is it a good idea to install indoor cam to monitor senior parents?
  234. Diet Wars
  235. Drama over Dental Insurance Claim for Crown
  236. Lisinopril Side Effects?
  237. Medicare payments no SS yet
  238. CPAP users, do you use a CPAP cleaner?
  239. low carb diet questions
  240. Total Knee Replacement Advice Needed
  241. I am worried that new front tooth crown color will not match other teeth
  242. Gastroenterologist never heard of citrucel
  243. Medicare and Secondary Health insurance
  244. Keiser Spin Bike - High LDL/Bad Cholesterol
  245. 2020 what I learn/ Health wise
  246. Business health insurance for self-employed
  247. Mechanical help lifting heavy things
  248. Can I call it quits now?
  249. Spin bikes - your recommendations?
  250. Any of you have a tooth pain a lot and were forced to pull it?