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  1. Anyone get ear tubes as an adult?
  2. Twenty-Two Years ago Today
  3. Medicare Plan F High-Deductible. Just how does that deductible work?
  4. Is age 65 1/2 right for a Geriatric doctor?
  5. Looking for Feedback - Symfony Lens for Cataract IOL
  6. Calculator for MAGI for ACA purposes
  7. Insurance Premium Costs
  8. ACA Reimbursement Question
  9. Understanding HC costs transitioning to Medicare
  10. Can I review my Medicare Account online?
  11. Midlife 'Wealth Shock' May Lead to Death, Study Suggests
  12. Blood Pressure
  13. Did moving to Medicare at 65 impact your access to choice of doctors?
  14. Question for Asthma Sufferers
  15. Preparing for 2019 coverage
  16. HC %
  17. Retiring next year
  18. Medigap to Advantage to Medigap
  19. Priceless!
  20. Rather unexpected dental issue
  21. HSA math is hard (for me)
  22. Therapy Caps lifted for Medicare beneficiaries
  23. Planking Experiment
  24. Poll: How do you handle healthcare in retirement?
  25. To (medicare) B or not to B?
  26. Do 401k withdrawals count as income against ACA credits?
  27. changing our retirement healthcare plan
  28. does this make any sense to you?
  29. Mid Corp Benefits: Watch the details
  30. Cancer Survivor —- retired early not doing well emotionally
  31. Planning for Medicare
  32. Going off COBRA on to ObamaCare
  33. Ventral hernia
  34. Medical Expenses in Retirement
  35. My Dental Adventure
  36. Shopping for Health Care
  37. Pre existing conditions
  38. What was your knee replacement tipping point?
  39. Health Exchange Problems with Income Verification
  40. How much for a cataract?
  41. The Age of Permanent Injuries: We're Animals Now!
  42. The '90+' study from Univ of CA
  43. Help w/Dr. visit: Acid Reflux and Sinusitis (LONG)
  44. Nutritional Supplements - Good and ???
  45. How much to fund HSA?
  46. Apparently I have Asthma, any thoughts on resources?
  47. ACA, MAGI and SPY(etf)
  48. Medicare Annual Wellness Visit
  49. AARP Medicare Supplement Plan - Details Anyone?
  50. Is My Dermatologist a Prude?
  51. Healthcare coverage preventing RE..
  52. Regular visits to the skin doctor?
  53. No cap on Medicare B late signup penalty?
  54. Half Price Medical Bills?
  55. Gout
  56. Medicare and the Budget Deal
  57. Lung Capacity - Results of Spirometry Test
  58. Transition from regular coverage to ACA
  59. Pepto bismo endorsement
  60. Benefits Programs Help Govt Employees Buy Cheap Medications From Other Countries
  61. Mother-in-Law needs extra help
  62. New health care initiative by Amazon, Berkshire and JPM-C
  63. Middle age is not too late to increase cardiac fitness
  64. anyone fainted/blacked out?
  65. blood pressure
  66. Who knew? Too few calories can keep you from losing weight!
  67. Just got 1st implant - now what?
  68. Finding a new doctor
  69. RXdrugs - Flying blind
  70. Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
  71. Low Carb Diet
  72. PSA: Is your mouthwash and/or toothpaste staining your teeth?
  73. New tool for prevention and treatment of dental caries
  74. Poll: Flu 2017/18 Season - Flu and Shot
  75. Self pay VS insurance
  76. Methods to save money on eyeglasses
  77. Tricare for life vs. Tricare Plus
  78. Where do you get your health insurance?
  79. Emergency call for elder parent
  80. Personal Responsibility for Healthcare?
  81. Airplanes and the Flu
  82. Dental procedure
  83. Lack of sleep and diseases (Alzheimers, cancer, heart attacks, etc)
  84. Recommendation for walking sticks / hiking sticks
  85. Cough Syrup (dextromethorphan) Ineffective
  86. Planning for Health Care in Retirement - Vanguard
  87. This is pretty much the worst case
  88. OptumBank HSA Unable to Log In
  89. Medicare Claim Issue
  90. Costco and Hearing Services
  91. Lifestyle factors and "Years of Able Life"
  92. Dropping gym-going after 20+ years
  93. Anyone Have a Good Experience using John Hancock Long Term Care insurance?
  94. Migraine Auras?
  95. Alzheimer’s caregiver support
  96. New Shingrx Shingles Vaccine
  97. Got Flu Despite Shot
  98. Differences between PPO, EPO and HMO
  99. Colonoscopy and diverticula
  100. Understanding medical bills and charges
  101. Switched from Coffee to Green Tea
  102. Plantar Fasciitis. Or Not.
  103. Small Intestine Obstruction-Anyone had this?
  104. Morningstar on planning for HC and LTC
  105. Reversing and Preventing Alzheimer
  106. So what does Exercise mean to you?
  107. Have you lowered cholesterol without statins?
  108. I want my antibiotics!
  109. ACA Start Date
  110. LOVE my new WaterPik!
  111. High dental bills? I sympathize!
  112. Anybody know about CHIPS
  113. 4 Prong Cane Recommendations?
  114. Pharmaceutical Compounding
  115. No Politics, HC big issue for FIRE
  116. Health care
  117. Is tomorrow OK to see the doctor?
  118. Can I see the Doctor please??
  119. AARP Medicare Supplimental Plan costs.
  120. Big Toe Fusion
  121. 2nd Colonoscopy
  122. Kepp VA prescription and Part D plan?
  123. ACA vs. private plan
  124. Apple Heart Study
  125. Tax question - Cost basis on gifted stock
  126. 10 Retirement Tools
  127. Qualified Roth distribution not counted as income for ACA calculation?
  128. Medicare Part D - Prescription Drug Coverage
  129. Getting Medicare Part B premium reduced?
  130. Do Insurance brokers set their own (over) pricing?
  131. Searching for coverage for my brother
  132. Health insurance for my under 65 wife
  133. Need help - hate gyms
  134. Dental Implant Considerations
  135. Why not Medicare Advantage PPO?
  136. Medicare for the clueless
  137. Medicare Part B Premiums will Eat Our COLA SS Increase
  138. Lost My Speaking Voice
  139. Poll:Age-related issues in retirement
  140. dental discount plan
  141. How to prove retirement Health care is "unaffordable"
  142. Post your ACA Plan Summary PDF of Benefits for 2018
  143. Obama Care in Florida?
  144. Any opinions on NY State's Essential Plan?
  145. Do you have good BP measurement technique?
  146. New Blood Pressure Guidelines
  147. Any Medi-Share users out there?
  148. Healthcare Budget
  149. HSA or not?
  150. FEHB. Any Retired Feds on Medicare A&B?
  151. Marketplace insurance when dependent child gains employment
  152. Any option when ACA Plan Premium less than Tax Credit?
  153. ACA sign-up near end of COBRA
  154. Fun with Pie Charts and Healthcare Sticker Shock
  155. san francisco universal health care
  156. How to see current ACA HI premiums in multiple states?
  157. New rules for small group plans in Tx
  158. Federal Health Care Plans and Open Season: GEHA HDHP vs. Foreign Service Plan
  159. No ACA premium change for us
  160. Medicare Part D providers
  161. ACA Signup Pain on healthcare.gov
  162. Another Silver vs Bronze situation to analyze
  163. Berries of the wild
  164. 18 months with no clear insurance plan
  165. MAGI... What happens if you don't hit the mark?
  166. Executive Physical on Steroids
  167. Medicare Suppliment policy Part F
  168. The case for and against CCRCs
  169. HI Cost surprise
  170. my experience of a different healthcare system
  171. LTD and SSDI questions
  172. Tricare Select or Prime and how to transition to Medicare?
  173. Are ACA subsidies done
  174. Looking for Health insurance advice
  175. Husband on ACA - Wife on Medicare
  176. Athlete?
  177. Disability income taxes
  178. ACA Bronze vs Silver. my situation
  179. Documents to provide for ACA coverage 2018
  180. Bronze or Silver
  181. NYC Retiree - GHI & Mgt WF
  182. A Swiss study on unnecessary health care
  183. deductible and out of pocket
  184. Vent on Prescription Prices
  185. Carpal tunnel syndrome
  186. Another Health Insurance Question
  187. Dementia Test?
  188. Preview of 2018 ACA plans is LIVE
  189. EyeMed Vision Care Insurance
  190. Another vent on 2018 renewal premium
  191. BCBS Individual Plans in Florida
  192. 2018 Premium Increase Horizon BCBS HSA
  193. Dental x-rays
  194. good dental insurance
  195. Advice please, Gallstone attack
  196. Can I pay for an ACA plan with a Medicaid-level income?
  197. Salt in Restaurant Food
  198. VA Medical Drugs vs Medicare Part D
  199. Web Briefing: ACA Open Enrollment in Florida and Texas
  200. Cosmetic Versus Medical Surgery
  201. MRI Billing and Insurance
  202. Funding HSA's on a CSR Silver Plan
  203. FEHB and Medicare
  204. Switching from Pre-Medicare Retiree Health Insurance to Medicare During the Year
  205. Flexible Health Insurance Options for ER's
  206. Excel worksheet by Animorph
  207. Medicare Part D Prescription Plans
  208. I Shall Take You to Bed...
  209. Less "Efficient" Deep Sleep as You Age
  210. Executive announcement to end cost sharing reductions
  211. Healthier after RE ...
  212. ACA subsidies halted
  213. ACA Cost Sharing Reductions (CSRs) will no longer be funded
  214. ACA Question: I can't be the only one.....
  215. Spouses on different plans
  216. Healthcare.gov preview period
  217. Blew out my flip flop . . .
  218. Perspective and OMY
  219. Idiots spreading germs
  220. What's your favorite NON-healthy meal or snack?
  221. Default for treatment
  222. Do you believe in stopping life if
  223. Spinal Stenosis
  224. Getting old is scary
  225. Insurance agent for Obamacare ?
  226. Any advice for a Tinnitus sufferer?
  227. Will narrow HI networks keep you from ER?
  228. Intermittent Fasting - my result so far
  229. Health ins premium threshold?
  230. ACA Carefirst PPO Rates up 50% in this area
  231. ACA Open Enrollment Period for 2018 is Nov 1 to Dec 15 2017
  232. Eye Floater Removal Surgery (Removal) Anyone had it?
  233. Advanced Directives Ignored--what are options
  234. Medigap - American Continental Insurance or AARP / Unitedhealthcare
  235. Dentist That Makes House Calls!
  236. How did I get a cold? Not fair!
  237. Insurance the final frontier...These are the voyages from ER to Medicare
  238. What is your go to healthy meal?
  239. Q. re: using Medicare
  240. diabetes supplies
  241. For fun. When did you first realize you were no longer 25?
  242. Knee replacement
  243. Artificial Disc Replacement of Cervical Spine
  244. Medicare vs Advantage Plans Comparisons
  245. Medicare - No Supplements?
  246. Paying for Medicare Part B
  247. Toenail matrix removed - how long to heal?
  248. Bridge vs. Partial Dentures
  249. Sugar-free Gum and Oral Health
  250. options with hsa