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  1. Disability and selling home.
  2. IRMAA Appeal Form Questions
  3. Medicare 66 --- Health Issue What to expect ??
  4. Free Accu-Check Diabetic Test Meters
  5. Need some fast answers concerning Palliative, Hospice and Medicare
  6. Today only: $1.99 special - price for Kindle e-book “Younger Next Year”
  7. DW Unknowingly Canceled Her ACA Coverage 23 Days Before Beginning Medicare
  8. Please Explain Medicare
  9. Medicare Salespeople
  10. Family HSA or self?
  11. Max heart rate- can this be right?
  12. Instant Asthma Relief
  13. ACA acceptance by doctors
  14. Alkaline Water a Scam?
  15. Medicare tutorials?
  16. BPH Options
  17. It looks like dementia can be reversed!
  18. Likelihood of large medical expense
  19. ACA Sticker Shock
  20. How many carbs?
  21. Estimating future medical costs after 65
  22. Loneliness and isolation in care facilities in Covid era.
  23. Staying Fit - What we can learn from the Hazda
  24. Walking for weight loss?
  25. Buy insurance from Healthcare.gov or an insurance broker?
  26. Knee injury/Bakers cyst
  27. Who has long term care insurance?
  28. Prolozone injection(s) - anyone tried it?
  29. Question for fellow runners (and any orthopedists)
  30. Curious what others think will happen if ACA is overturned by SCOTUS
  31. Protein Powder
  32. Evaluating Medicare Advantage Plans
  33. Saturated Fat Does not Cause Heart Disease According to the JACC
  34. Are you stooped?
  35. DO Medicare Premiums adjust yearly when income changes ??
  36. Traditional Medicare supplement billing
  37. Celebrating 1st day / night off the pills...
  38. Suffering from low HDL
  39. Dentist's charge for PPE
  40. No right diet for everyone
  41. Qualifying for ACA subsidies
  42. Food Pharmacy
  43. Who here takes aspirin daily?
  44. Stopped in at my local gym
  45. Compulsory tourist surgery - hip replacement
  46. CBD Creme for Bug Bites
  47. 2 implants on this past Monday at noon.
  48. ACA & state solvency
  49. CPAP since age 48. What’s your experience?
  50. ACA Rate Increases for 2021
  51. Summer Sounds
  52. PSA: TopCare Aspirin (Update)
  53. Insurance purchased medical equipment. After I'm done-now what?
  54. Recumbent bikes and lower back problems
  55. Question if you're on Medicare please
  56. Shingles blisters/spread timing?
  57. Possible carpal tunnel?
  58. The (dental) choices are ...
  59. Trigger point surgery
  60. Weight Gain?
  61. Dementia Care from a distance
  62. United Healthcare in Florida (individual coverage)
  63. Life expectancy in inches
  64. Glaucoma drops efficacy generic v brand
  65. Virtual "physical" with Molina rep
  66. Is Inflammation Bad or Good for You?
  67. pill splitter: since most here "are of a certain age"
  68. My quarterly blood test ...
  69. best meal replacement drinks?
  70. Now saving $530 a month
  71. Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  72. Family Caregiver Agreement
  73. What’s your life’s purpose?
  74. Telemedicine Copay Issue
  75. Current Administration vow to eliminating ACA
  76. Shoulder pain
  77. Have you had any Health Ins. rate increases?
  78. Problem with marketplace coverage when spouse goes on Medicare
  79. Keto diet & more production of SHBG?
  80. Old Guy Workout Program
  81. Health insurance for early retiree and family in FL
  82. The knee 4 years later
  83. Coconut oil - studies showing no benefit
  84. More on iron supplements
  85. money to hsa
  86. AARP MediGap plan and age 65 discount? But not quite 65?
  87. Doctor told my wife to gain weight
  88. Sinus flushing
  89. Fingertip oxy. / pulse meter
  90. Medicare Part A action with existing employee insurance?
  91. Medicare Supplemental Insurance variation by location?
  92. Everything wants to kill us
  93. Help For Older Parent
  94. oh-re-oles OH Rioles maching society
  95. ACA Will Stimulus Payments be considered income?
  96. Bose Hearphones - anyone tried?
  97. Running, jogging, walking app.. Anyone use one?
  98. Have you been forced to rethink your retirement plans due to health reasons? How?
  99. FL BCBS plans
  100. Boosting Immunity
  101. So is it premature to redo 2020 ACA income?
  102. My Medigap/Medicare Supplement $ Went Down!
  103. need to cut back on alcohol !
  104. Trampoline/Rebounder
  105. Keto diet: expected lipid test results?
  106. THC or Cbd
  107. The Cost of Xarelto
  108. Changing Medicare Supplements, Part D, etc. - Boomer Benefits?
  109. How do you pay for Medicare?
  110. Turned Down for Long Term Care Ins
  111. US road trip of 2 months, you get sick, what do you do?
  112. Medicare Annual Wellness Visit is Worthless
  113. SCOTUS announced it will hear ACA case
  114. Unexpected side effects that you like
  115. CBD "Personal" Lube
  116. Line in the sand
  117. renew active gym membership question
  118. Transparent medical prices
  119. Good news on the Corona Virus
  120. eyeglass rx help
  121. Shingles Vaccine Question
  122. Poll: Do you need ACA for either you or your spouse? For how long?
  123. Experience w/ Proton Therapy?
  124. Extended travel with ACA
  125. Corona Virus not that fatal - only used as a Cover up for a more deadly Bio-weapon?
  126. Military Clinics That Will No Longer Serve Retirees
  127. Why does the same ACA plan change deductible based on subsidy amount?
  128. Excellent overview of ER Health Insurance Options
  129. eyeglasses, do you like your progressives , bifocals etc
  130. Mitral valve too small for clips. Other options?
  131. Fidelity HSA investment options
  132. Huge cost variations in Plan G supplement insurance
  133. Cancer Treatment is a Self-Serving Industry
  134. Glaucoma - Please share your experiences.
  135. We have quit shaking hands with others to avoid Flu
  136. One-time-only Welcome to Medicare visit mandatory? My insurance co says it is.
  137. Opening a 2020 'Self Only' HSA in my wife's name
  138. Longevity & Heredity Relationship
  139. California retirees, are there benefits to enroll in HSA in retirement in Cali.
  140. Can someone point me to the best threads to read about health care options after FIRE
  141. My Mind Playing Tricks On Me Again
  142. Any 60+ road racers out there?
  143. Increase in Heart Rate upon Standing
  144. Ascending Aortic dissection
  145. ACA Question
  146. Anyone order drugs from Goldpharma?
  147. Bunion Surgery
  148. Poll, Should we have a separate Forum Catagory call Medicare questions ?
  149. Now that I have plan G, what does it NOT cover.
  150. PSA: on PSA Test (for men) - Part 2
  151. Medicare Part D Question (Florida)
  152. Interesting new type II Diabetes treatment - Duodenal Mucosal Resurfacing.
  153. New Balance Billing Law in Colorado
  154. ACA what happens if you get a job that offers HI but just keep your ACA subsidy?
  155. Understand 1095-A form
  156. Does anyone Understand the Part D Donut Hole Changes?
  157. A 97-Year-Old Philosopher Faces His Own Death
  158. Coronavirus - Health aspects
  159. Trying New LPR (Silent Reflux) Treatment
  160. Plan F versus Plan G Medicare Supplement
  161. HSA question
  162. Intermittent Fasting, Yes it Works
  163. PSA: Living With Plantar Faciitis
  164. Butt hill - Walking my way to a thiner Ray
  165. Did you get Medicare thru Boomer Benefits? Are you Happy
  166. United HealthCare Tri-Term Plan (non-ACA)
  167. Are you cool ... your temperature that is?
  168. No HI benefit; Not ACA qualified; What to expect?
  169. Get the cheapest Part D plan and use Good RX most of the time?
  170. Joined the Basal Cell Club a Few Minutes Ago
  171. I'm a geezer!
  172. SilverScriptPlan Plan D
  173. Medigap plans for California residence
  174. Three heartburn drugs recalled
  175. Please Check This Short Prologue For Me
  176. Dryuary
  177. Healthy habits 'deliver extra disease-free decade'
  178. Day 3 of flu - getting whiney
  179. BEFORE ACA - what did retirees do?
  180. ACA question due to likely job loss
  181. EOB vs. Doctor's billing
  182. Tough Topic - DNR
  183. portable oxygen concentrator info needed
  184. Lena Has No Health Insurance Until February!
  185. Basal Cell and Mohs Surgery
  186. ACA - scrambling back from the subsidy cliff
  187. Side effect from stopping allergy medication?
  188. Health care providers more interested in growth than in cutting costs, survey shows
  189. Paying FICA after age 70
  190. 72T and Healthcare
  191. Wellcare disorganization
  192. 10,000 steps
  193. Medicare Advantage vs. Traditional Medicare
  194. HSA Contribution Question
  195. Need Another Crown
  196. X ray cost to me: $24.54
  197. bottom line costs
  198. Resistance bands vs. Dumbbells
  199. Book Rec: Being Mortal
  200. IRMAA Logistics
  201. Colonoscopy and ACA coverage quirks and headache
  202. BCBS PPO out of state for a college kid
  203. Hospital bill for 25k not covered by Medicare
  204. Medicare cost increases for 2020
  205. Coordination of Medical Care
  206. MRI experience ( Terror)
  207. Medigap underwriting loophole?
  208. insurance pre-65 questions
  209. Invisalign?
  210. Do I need Medicare D?
  211. Deadline today to sign up for ACA plan
  212. Do you exercise when you are ill
  213. Medigap pricing-Community pricing vs Attained Age Pricing?
  214. All I want for Christmas is two brand-new knees!
  215. Part D Rx Plans
  216. Naproxen Withdrawal (Aleve)
  217. Can 1099s be covered under small business group health insurance?
  218. Foot arthritis
  219. Iron is the New Cholesterol
  220. Longevity Quackery - The Plant Paradox
  221. Looks like an agreement to end out of network balance billing
  222. Impact Massagers
  223. Appealing Social Security/Medicare Decision
  224. Fatigue Caused by ... Dehydration?
  225. Knowledge of disease
  226. Arrgghhh Tinnitus
  227. Anti-Glycolytic Training
  228. Planning for 2021 Medicare for me; ACA for DW
  229. Aging Progression and Getting Old
  230. HSA Investment Accounts
  231. ACA renew done in CA; HealthCare.gov keeps sending email reminder
  232. Finding/starting with a new doctor.......
  233. Five things that could add years to your life
  234. Medicare Advantage vs. Medigap vs. ?????
  235. ACA and HRA question
  236. Hoka Bondi Shoes for Arthritis
  237. Hands tingling !!!!
  238. Long Term Care Policy Options for Mom
  239. Healthcare Budgeting, HSA Funding
  240. It was easier to be skinny in the 1980s
  241. Lower back pain and muscle spasms
  242. Which Employer medicare insurance?
  243. Applying for an Off-Exchange Plan - do you have to medically qualify?
  244. Another romaine lettuce warning
  245. Lower Deductible Plan seems way cheaper... what am I missing?
  246. medicare question
  247. Medicare--about to scream
  248. Nationwide Medicare Advantage Plan
  249. Wellcare Part D follies
  250. Blood test for every refill on thyroid meds?