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  1. Hsa & magi
  2. Would you pay this bill?
  3. Low carb ideas and hacks
  4. Medical insurance pays for overseas surgery
  5. Advantage vs Supplement
  6. Time for a New Pacemaker.
  7. Dental/Vision Insurance Recommendations
  8. Organic
  9. Preliminary Pennsylvania ACA Rate Filings have been posted
  10. Kinesiology taping - Have you used it?
  11. Low Heart Rate
  12. ACA and Consulting work
  13. Spouse going from marketplace to medicare ???
  14. Low carb and lipids
  15. Medicare; what will it cost when I get there?
  16. Percentage of People Who Seem Okay But Are Not
  17. Lab contaminated sample
  18. Cheap hearing aids
  19. carotid artery ultrasound
  20. hearing aid warranty
  21. Long Term Care Insurance
  22. Dream of Retiring Abroad? The Reality: Medicare Doesn’t Travel Well
  23. swollen ankle - compression stocking - questions
  24. VA for primary care-Are u crazy???
  25. Intermittent Fasting great results
  26. The future of meat
  27. Cataract Lens Replacement
  28. HSA question
  29. Between ER and Medicare
  30. Bike riding and sore behind
  31. Essential Oils
  32. Hair today gone tomorrow
  33. Adventures in Ketosis (long)
  34. Another Dental Thread...What To Do
  35. My July 11 Knee Replacement
  36. 61-to-65 health insurance decision (for me)
  37. CCRC's - You should know
  38. How’s Your Longevity Outlook?
  39. vaccine for 63 year olds?
  40. NYT Article: Sleep tracking devices/apps
  41. At what age did you feel "physically old" and cranky?
  42. Understanding Couple Angry at Embryo Mixup
  43. Vaping and Health
  44. Best way for aging parents to access home equity.
  45. Men Sitzpinklers, A Serious Issue
  46. Maryland Bridge?
  47. Temp HI for my son
  48. Timing of Medicare (3m < 65 < 3m)
  49. Catastrophic Insurance affordability exemption
  50. Supplements: Matter of Opinion?
  51. Speaking of ACA
  52. OMY or stay 3MY to get cheap Health Care from 55-65
  53. Dental Crown
  54. Ladies hovering, a serious issue
  55. Between FIRE and 65 paid healthcare options.
  56. NYS ACA income verification
  57. Retire at 65--Die in Two Years
  58. What do you do/take for hand arthritis?
  59. Any Experiences with Long-Term Care Resources (LTCR)?
  60. Chuckanuts Total Knee Replacement story
  61. Anthem case manager
  62. Alzheimer's and the future
  63. Need suggestions on how to help parents with failing health.
  64. Any idea what is wrong with my knee?
  65. Best Metrics of Health
  66. retire earlier to live longer
  67. Video - Can you change your Medicare Supplement anytime?
  68. Emblem Health (GHI)
  69. Outrageous cost of eyeware
  70. HSA Question
  71. Fearing my quarterly appointment ...
  72. Quality of Generic Drugs
  73. Old Guy Workout Routine
  74. Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer
  75. When to fire your PCP?
  76. What is going on with prescription drug costs?
  77. Last Wishes I
  78. Do Doctors Get Paid For Giving Referrals?
  79. Am I missing something about Medicare costs?
  80. Help with aging parent
  81. Proof of Genetics - Both turn 100 yrs together
  82. How often do you go to the doctors in a year if you are NOT sick?
  83. Private Healthcare Markets and Medigap Plans Question
  84. MAGI Calculation
  85. Some data on MA vs Medicare enrollment
  86. ACA Rate Increases For 2020
  87. For Book: Quality of Donated Heart?
  88. DVT deep vein thrombosis, anyone?
  89. My congestion and sinus issues and drainage are really Reflux?
  90. Flomax
  91. viscosupplementation instead of knee surgery?
  92. Why Pfizer didn't report that its rheumatoid arthritis medicine can fight Alzheimer's
  93. Unknown Doctors office left message
  94. Anyone else have problems with bogus hospital bills?
  95. Is Original Medicare really so awful?
  96. When Evidence Says No, but Doctors Say Yes
  97. Coffee is good even up to 25 cups a day
  98. Vaping
  99. COBRA for 36 months question.
  100. Items not initially covered by Medicare - waiting periods
  101. What we die from and what we read about
  102. Mackerel,its whats for dinner
  103. Mortality Reflection
  104. Medical care when living in 2 places?
  105. ACA guidance wanted. Retiring at the end of the year
  106. Specialist in-network, but lab isn't-How does anyone figure out all the ins and outs?
  107. Oldest human ever dies...longevity secret is..wait for it
  108. Trigger Finger
  109. Ug, Dermatologist just found a Melanoma
  110. Baker's cyst - did yours go away?
  111. Having Purpose & Longevity
  112. Vegan-Carnivore House
  113. Retirement Has Been Good For My Health
  114. Alcohol and Short Term Memory
  115. Food and the Future
  116. Poll:Those who follow a LCHF (Low Carb High Fiber) Diet, What do you eat?
  117. TV ads show RX prices?
  118. Cholesterol madness
  119. How Far Down Do You See?
  120. Does anyone understand Obamacare?
  121. Doctor Free for 25 years!
  122. Knee replacement recovery time
  123. Do any of you old fogies use an elliptical?
  124. Oh the pain
  125. GoodRX question
  126. Hemorrhagic Stroke
  127. WA state starting new (mostly) public option in 2021
  128. Blood Pressure Monitor: Does It Count Towards Your Deductible ?
  129. Optometrist, Ophthalmologist or Both
  130. Choosing a prescription drug plan for Medicare
  131. Eye Floaters and Flashes
  132. I do not understand this price difference
  133. Middle of Night Heartburn
  134. Longevity diet
  135. Walgreens problems with GoodRX?
  136. Your Health Care Costs -
  137. CNBC summary of Medicare-related costs
  138. Cancelling ACA in June, More MAGI income in August, Timing Matters?
  139. Intraocular Lens surgery
  140. A new form of dementia
  141. Absolutely Heartless
  142. Can I Sell an ETF at a Loss to Lower My MAGI for an ACA Premium Tax Credit?
  143. Do you buy Dental and Vision Insurance during ER?
  144. Paying For Dental Care When On Medicare
  145. Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training
  146. Medigap -- Is "Plan N the new Plan G"?
  147. Medicare signup questions for cancer and heart attack survivors
  148. Stomach poisoning I think? 4 hours of nastiness..
  149. Are you a runner or a jogger? Setting target heart rate ...
  150. Are you still an athlete?
  151. Ayahuasca anyone?
  152. Utterly lost. Can somebody please point me in the right direction?
  153. New FIDO estimate for HC costs in retirement
  154. Medical ID Jewelry
  155. ACA plan poll - What color do you have and why?
  156. Urolift? Anyone had it?
  157. Any powerlifters on ER?
  158. Question on Medicare vs. private insurance
  159. 'Shrooms & Seniors
  160. Dental care
  161. Cancer and diet
  162. dental and vision insurance
  163. Food Allergies
  164. Searched but Cannot Find (Medicare ?)
  165. Transient Global Amnesia
  166. Sunshine? Did they get it wrong?
  167. Exercise & Happiness
  168. High Blood Pressure and Diet Questions
  169. Neurologist/EMG/Prednisone
  170. ACA issue with MAGI
  171. Misunderstanding Metabolism
  172. medigap policy
  173. Standard Medicare or Medicare Advantage????
  174. Reversal in ACA strategy
  175. do my plans really need put off?
  176. Almost went over the Subsidy Cliff
  177. I Honestly Knew That Life Was Going Too Smoothly
  178. BCBS website allow download file (CSV) claims?
  179. ACA at risk?
  180. Transition from ACA (Obamacare) to Medicare
  181. Proof of Medicare premiums paid
  182. HSA Refresher Course (For Me)
  183. UPS Healthcare?
  184. More knee questions
  185. How do your shoes wear?
  186. Hot Tea Can Be Bad For You Too
  187. Fasting and Alzheimer's Disease
  188. sunscreen, sunlight, and vitamin D
  189. Aspirin is bad for you ... AGAIN!
  190. Anyone on a Collagen peptide regiment .. Dear Wife wants to try.
  191. ACA and In State Move
  192. My $9,600 prescription skin cream
  193. Eggs are now bad for you...AGAIN!
  194. Medicare payments when starting Social Security
  195. Sepsis
  196. Almost $4000 lab bill
  197. Opioids - Are we throwing baby out, etc.?
  198. HSA contribution and start medicare
  199. HIIT Modality Question
  200. Employment ends, but employer continues to pay premiums?
  201. Medigap/Supplement Provider Ratings?
  202. ACA subsidy and MAGI number for 2019
  203. Just for the Women
  204. Do you believe in taking Vitamin?
  205. Medigap and prescription drug plans specifically in WA state
  206. Pain in the Neck at Night
  207. COBRA question
  208. Statin Wars - British Style!
  209. Questions for MIL’s neurologist
  210. Sleep pattern - should I be worried?
  211. Urgent - Upstate New Yorkers please weigh in on the company to choose for Medigap
  212. These Are the World's Healthiest Nations
  213. Anyone have glaucoma?
  214. Part D surprise
  215. Annual stool test may be as effective as colonoscopy, study finds
  216. How do you choose specialists?
  217. New MD, new town, first time w/Medicare
  218. Exercise related cabin fever ..
  219. ACA a dependent change mid year
  220. Dealing with Alzheimers
  221. What does your annual physical include?
  222. Attention > Time > Money
  223. Medigap plan G specifically in WA state
  224. Health Insurance for Snowbirds
  225. Hiring Caregiver for Elderly Parents Privately (Without Using an Agency)
  226. Annual physical yuch
  227. Thanks for the CBD tip
  228. ? for near-sighted people who have had cataract surgery a while ago
  229. Feeling my pulse at the back of my head
  230. Majorly myopic - how to save $ on glasses?
  231. Digging in to AI
  232. Medicare Supplements
  233. I broke my rule I drove to walk..
  234. Interval Exercise
  235. Sinus Surgery
  236. Experience to share - Moved DM to Assisted Living
  237. ACA, HSA, and IRA
  238. Awake During Colonoscopy--Again?
  239. Oh No Husband Just Diagnosed with Influenza
  240. Torn medial meniscus
  241. Medicare with retiree secondary questions
  242. Adult children under parent HDHP can set up their own HSA at family max level
  243. How Long Can You Live Unattended in a Coma in the Hospital? (for book)
  244. Is Medicare really going to mail me this "No Bill Bill" EVERY month?
  245. Who else has enrolled in Direct Primary Care?
  246. Irresponsible Son-In-Law With No Health Insurance
  247. Dental Implant Average Cost ?
  248. Peripheral Neuropathy & Chiropractors
  249. Thumb Arthritis Surgery
  250. Wife has never worked and above 65 yrs .. Can she get Medicare Part A free?