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  1. "Childhood diseases "
  2. Nearly 6 months to day after TKR and the other knee woke up...
  3. Can I have more than one institution for my HSA?
  4. Why do we get fat?
  5. Unsupported Bosom
  6. Longevity Illustrator
  7. Purchasing a walker?
  8. how to eliminate dry wall dust
  9. Anyone had an ankle replacement or stem cell therapy?
  10. Cholesterol and diet - You there haha?
  11. Blood test : Calcium low, Vitamin D Low, Sodium low
  12. Do I have the right to obtain my medical records ?
  13. Strategy for mid-year FIRE, TCC, Gap and ACA
  14. Knee replacements
  15. Health care as you age
  16. Young dad struggling to keep going with chronic pain
  17. How to estimate MAGI for ACA once ER
  18. Nursing home evictions! Triple Yikes!
  19. Humana contemplating pullout of some markets next year
  20. 2017 Health Insurance Rate Requests
  21. chocolate
  22. What's Your Life Expectancy
  23. Need opinions of workout shoes
  24. When does one contemplate knee replacements?
  25. 2017 HSA Limits
  26. LTC 96 years old
  27. 1 more year - live longer
  28. Worried about ACA Obamacare repeal or collapse in 2017
  29. Prevnar 13
  30. Do you like eating Spam ? DW and I argue about Spam
  31. Cannabis users may not need much retirement income
  32. Hmm... Retire Early, Die Early?
  33. Psychiatrist or Therapist
  34. Health care cost estimator, AARP, Healthview
  35. "Can I afford it" - surgical procedure
  36. Request for Accident Info
  37. United Healthcare Dropping out of ACA
  38. Beware COBRA to Individual Health Insurance GAP
  39. Is this a Deception that Insurance Companies use to get around the ACA?
  40. Creatine and Aging
  41. Aspirin
  42. Trabeculectomy?
  43. Reducing MAGI under ACA rules
  44. Prostatic Artery Embolization (PAE)
  45. Organic farm denies using the chemical "water"
  46. Cost of Healthcare in foreign countries
  47. ACA help please
  48. Close to Barefoot Shoes--Suggestions?
  49. Is Medicaid mandatory or optional?
  50. Calories
  51. Living longer
  52. Talking with doctor
  53. Doctors are more likely to misdiagnose patients who are jerks
  54. ACA vs Apple Health/Medicaid in WA State
  55. Healthcare - the full story
  56. Help with Medicare decision
  57. Trembling hands
  58. Moved now how to find a new doctor?
  59. My concierge Doctor experience
  60. 12 hours between dinner and breakfast?
  61. Cost-Conscious, Self-Managed Care
  62. Removing Stitches
  63. Sarcoidosis and treatment?
  64. What if Obamacare (ACA) is repealed?
  65. Longer to recover from normal illness?
  66. Healthcare/Obamacare Medicaid Liens
  67. Peanuts vs. Almonds
  68. Beginning of a health care cost revolution?
  69. Sleep... Perchance to Dream
  70. A serious question - Immortality ?
  71. Any experience with Blink pharmacy?
  72. Gallbladder!
  73. Over 54...why and when we die
  74. Over 54...why and when we die
  75. Medicare Enrollment
  76. Three months yesterday since TKR.
  77. Tricare For Life Premium Increases?
  78. HR and workouts
  79. A Medicare Strategy
  80. 150 minutes/week exercise "recommended"
  81. Good news! Sex wards off dementia
  82. ACA Mid-Year Sign Up
  83. A lazy person's exercise plan...
  84. Help - I screwed up my HSA stuff
  85. New Health Worry?
  86. BCBSNC announces it is considering dropping ACA plans next year.
  87. Crappy dental 'insurance'
  88. It's Not All In Your Head - Your Emotions Could be Making You Sick
  89. Food Delivery Services
  90. Budgeting for Medicare costs
  91. Unwelcome friends brought home from the hospital (long)
  92. The Joy and Challenge of Life After Work
  93. HIIT
  94. Long-term care insurance vs something else
  95. No Cataract Surgery for Me
  96. Comparing Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze Plans
  97. Competitive Athletics?
  98. Clearing the Body's Retired Cells Slows Aging, Extends Life
  99. How long do Temperpedic mattresses last?
  100. Spend down assets - medicaid?
  101. Any experience with electric trikes?
  102. Have you heard of angiogenesis?
  103. HSA Fee & Transfer Question
  104. HSA Front-Loading Contribution Question
  105. Exercise to reduce back pain
  106. Pain from patellofemoral arthritis - resolved or not?
  107. Body Fat Percentage
  108. Dental work in Mexico?
  109. 2017 Change to My Private Insurance (non-ACA)
  110. Show down Tuesday ....
  111. Any ERs who get their healthcare primarily through the VA?
  112. Dropping ACA plan - Advice/Timing
  113. Side Effects on Increase Dosage of Doxazosin (Cardura)?
  114. ACA - additional info required?
  115. ACA requires blood tests? Really?
  116. What do you eat during strenuous exercises
  117. Employer HSAs after Retirement
  118. Memory issues -- how serious?
  119. Delaying retirement lowers risk of Alzheimer's, dementia
  120. Dental insurance
  121. Opinions on GroupHealth in WA
  122. Timing of funding HSA
  123. Do you snore?
  124. Should we be suspicious?
  125. Balance Billing question
  126. Soon be joining the class of 2016 - Newbie advise on Health Insurance
  127. When to sign up for private insurance?
  128. Don't get sick on New Year's Eve
  129. Hospitals out of room!
  130. VA Health care when outside home (VISN) Veteran Integrated Service Network.
  131. ACA Exchange Application Issues
  132. Fallen, and can't get up?
  133. TKR week 8
  134. Achilles rupture
  135. HSA Help
  136. Kaiser HMO plans in CoveredCA
  137. Question about HSA plans, Max OOP, etc
  138. Is a long wait normal for ACA plan start?
  139. Big Toe Arthritis Anyone?
  140. Say you want a resolution, well ya know, I don't wanna change the world !
  141. How Many Workouts in 2015
  142. More on drug prices
  143. Fluoride toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.
  144. Sleep State Misperception, AKA Pseudoinsomnia
  145. article on ACA costs in 2 states
  146. ACA Income Criteria
  147. The secret to a happier, healthier life: Just retire
  148. Poll: The lost art of cooking?
  149. E coli Mexican Grill
  150. Connexus HSA, anyone?
  151. TKR 4 weeks and 3 days
  152. ? lose ACA subsidy if below fpl?
  153. HAVE you turned LAZY in EARLY RETIREMENT ??
  154. Sprint 8
  155. Medicare for dummies
  156. Can't get thru to Healthcare.gov to check status of Income Verification
  157. MAGI for ACA subsidy in a partial year
  158. I need suggestions how to fix problem with HSA account
  159. HSA age difference
  160. Retiree Health Plan After Death of Retiree-Spouse Coverage?
  161. Best Magnifying App for iPad?
  162. HealthSpan (formerly Kaiser Permanente) leaving NE Ohio
  163. ACA, contracting and penalties
  164. Something to watch out for
  165. ACA input
  166. Introduction into PPACA Premium Tax Credit
  167. Cobra - ACA Overlap
  168. Should I create an Individual ACA account for daughter
  169. Paperwork 2
  170. Suddenly in need of insurance and lost with options
  171. Best Whole Bean Coffee?
  172. Cranking down the intensity of care at age 75
  173. ACA help (MD) - how to answer income questions
  174. ACA: ?Submitting income documents
  175. 18 Science-Based Reasons to Try Loving-Kindness Meditation
  176. Real World Coverage for Hospital Stay with HMO
  177. Co-insurance question
  178. Trend towards high deductible plans, cost-shifting/cost-sharing
  179. British Doctor does a high touch family intervention with struggling family
  180. Getting what you paid for..
  181. Fear ACA will be repealed at some point - how do you "plan" for that?
  182. Old ACA plan no longer compatible HSA.
  183. Long Acting Birth Control Conundrum
  184. Just Curious
  185. cognitive training, anyone?
  186. Be Careful of "Observation" versus "Admitted"
  187. Enroll in ACA by 12/15, then change plan after 12/15?
  188. BCBS denied my claim (Shingles Shot)
  189. Paperwork....
  190. Anti-ageing drug could let you live to 120 in good health
  191. New knee the 9th day
  192. Close Call !
  193. Anyone Signed for ACA for 2016?
  194. Are premium assistance payments taxable?
  195. Infrared sauna vs conventional
  196. Anyone had or know anyone with the All-on-four dental procedure?
  197. Obamacare Plans - Decisions, Decisions
  198. Washington Health Care Exchange Nightmare
  199. HSA Issue
  200. Medicare Forums Worthwhile?
  201. Know anything about Harken Health?
  202. Keeping balance in the dark
  203. Reviews on Surency or HealthcareBank HSA plans and fees?
  204. For the small minority, no kids, no spouse, what's your plan?
  205. Health insurance
  206. Anyone Here Use Silver Sneaker Program?
  207. Irritable Male Syndrome
  208. United Health may stop offering ACA Exchange plans
  209. What is the real FPL number?
  210. Retiree Health plan with Medicare?
  211. Retiree Insurance Changed
  212. HealthCare.gov
  213. opt out bonus for Tricare recipients??
  214. Confused about HSA Contribution Limits
  215. VA healthcare integrated into Medicare network
  216. HSA Fundings Questions
  217. Employer health insurance waiver
  218. Out of Pocket Limit?
  219. Poll: Would you share the price you paid for medical procedures?
  220. AMA opposes health insurance mergers
  221. Health Care Megacorp Enrollment
  222. Question regarding ACA application technicality
  223. Help! My health Ins is about to double!
  224. hsa question
  225. Non Formulary
  226. Hip and Knees 101
  227. How do you pay your ACA premium?
  228. Express Scripts is Terrible
  229. ACA income calculation question
  230. ACA: Alaska premium shock
  231. Another duh! health study
  232. Question about insurance while travelling in US
  233. ACA: How to get a 70% reduction in premium
  234. Are you FI? Still work for insurance?
  235. HSA Silver plan with cost sharing = Big trouble!
  236. Eye Glass Rx Problem?
  237. How to Apply for Individual Health Insurance?
  238. Poll:Which type of health insurance do you use post RE
  239. Humana Off-Exchange PPO for most of Texas
  240. Hyaluronic acid injections and knee problems
  241. ACA: Cost Sharing: How it works?
  242. enrolling with ACA with 2 months left on employer insurance
  243. Death rates among 45-54 year old white Americans with only high school increases
  244. Just sarted my insurance shopping...A few questions please?
  245. Anyone have an HSA that allows buying of individual stocks?
  246. ACA-you can switch plans any time?
  247. ACA nightmare...what to do?
  248. What State to Get Health (ACA) Insurance From?
  249. Best way to get ACA quotes married/separate
  250. injury law firms of those TV ads