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  1. Anyone else receive a Medical Loss Ratio rebate?
  2. An Ethical Question
  3. ACA Income Minimums
  4. Oops...
  5. Normal body temperature based on old study
  6. Traveling Healthcare Emergency ACA Plan
  7. Booze
  8. Which ACA metal level did you choose?
  9. Retire in your 30s and Get Subsidized Healthcare? I don't get it.
  10. New Medicare Card
  11. recommend your car swivel cushion
  12. Elder Care Abuse by "guardian"
  13. HC coverage on Termination
  14. Poll:How many daily medications do you take?
  15. Poll: Do You Have Long Term Care Insurance?
  16. Lactose Intolerant
  17. Asset testing
  18. Something fishy about Co-Pays
  19. What options do we have for Healthcare Insurance when we retire early
  20. More Medigap confusion
  21. Life Expectancy
  22. Estimating Health Care Costs from Age 65 to 90
  23. How do I get Medicare Pre-Approval for This?
  24. Medicare Choosing Provider
  25. Cancer sucks!
  27. Help... for the blind through technology
  28. Dental Insurance
  29. How is MAGi Calculated for IRMAA?
  30. GoodRX and Part D
  31. Sleep
  32. Prescription Drugs made in China
  33. blood pressure
  34. Poll: Does Anyone Smoke Cigarettes Anymore?
  35. Medigap Plans to Rule Out?
  36. Just Invested in a Stretching/Massage Chair .. feeling better already
  37. Private insurance after 65
  38. Very distressing encounter
  39. new to ACA
  40. Outpatient procedure, facility charges, how to lower the bill?
  41. Lab Work / Blood tests
  42. Full Body Medical Work-ups
  43. ACA Mid quarter
  44. What Grill do you Recommend
  45. Rx via telephone doctor?
  46. Nasal Polyps - Has anybody tried the new stents?
  47. ACA and living in two states
  48. Heart valve: biologic vs mechanical
  49. High aic and the scare
  50. ACA: one family, two exchanges. Been there?
  51. Sudden Unexplained Coma
  52. Personal Sound Amplifier
  53. NPR article on health care data collection
  54. Catheterization
  55. Cyst removal
  56. Anyone here who does not like taking medications?
  57. Planning for the realities of ER medical/LTC expenses
  58. Valsartan Recall
  59. Custom Pill Packets for My Aging Mom and Dad?
  60. Eyesight
  61. Bradycardia in the morning Tachycardia at night.
  62. PSA Doubled in One Year
  63. Weight loss
  64. Foot problem - has anyone run into this?
  65. COBRA question
  66. Preparing for Online Medicare Signup - Odd prep material needed?
  67. GoodRX
  68. Seborrheic Dermatitis on Scalp!
  69. Just had a tooth pulled
  70. Delusional parasitosis/Ekbom
  71. My new stent
  72. Inguinal Hernia
  73. Health Care Advisors?
  74. QSEHRA - Anybody have (or administer) one?
  75. Why I avoid hospitals, surgery and constantly wash my hands
  76. ACA Rate Increases For 2019
  77. No prior health issues and on Medicare
  78. 13 Years in Long Term Care by AALTCI
  79. MAGI, ACA and married but one on/one off (Medicare) exchange?
  80. Alive Inside - music therapy for Alzheimer's/dementia
  81. Is it Better to Wear Dark or Light Colored Clothes in the Sunshine?
  82. Surgery sticker shock
  83. Medicare Choices
  84. Cologuard vs Colonoscopy
  85. Trochanteric Bursitis
  86. RIP - Kate Spade
  87. Why aren't more using a Christian Plan?
  88. Did Your Parents Tell You That You Are Allergic To Penicillin?
  89. prescription drug "gag orders" and "clawbacks"
  90. ACA/Medicaid
  91. ACA income estimates and cost sharing with Silver plans
  92. Home glucose testing?
  93. Dodging Dementia: More Of Us Get At Least A Dozen Good, Happy Years After 65
  94. Leg and hip pain gone
  95. Hep C Commercial on TV
  96. Blood Glucose - Dietary Effects
  97. Pre-Medicare Insurance, travel nearly full time
  98. Health Ins Deductible Re-set??
  99. Proposed 2019 Health Insurance increases
  100. Total knee replacement 2 and half years later...
  101. Cholesterol test results - Annual
  102. New to Medicare - Figuring out Costs in Advance
  103. Dental Benefits Max
  104. So how crazy am I...
  105. waivers by health care providers (Medicare)
  106. Plantar Fasciitis exercises
  107. Medicare Problems
  108. Medigap Plans, and PART D drug plans - What is the ins. "year"
  109. Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplimental Plans
  110. Medigap F High Deductible
  111. Medigap Plans premium costs - AARP online, others not
  112. Medicare Part D Questions
  113. You might want to rethink your plans to use Medicaid to pay for the nursing home.
  114. MediGap life insurance companies
  115. life before the ACA
  116. New shingles vaccine - Shingrix
  117. ACA requirments
  118. How to manage income to stay under ACA cliff
  119. Mood Probiotic
  120. Gallbladder Emergency visit
  121. Health problem hits earlier than projected for
  122. Learning about Alzheimers
  123. Lowering cholesterol without statins - I did it!!!
  124. Tips from a Cardiologist
  125. Catheter jokes?
  126. Rant about my cardiologist office
  127. Hernia site not healing
  128. I got a "nice" letter from my PCP today...
  129. Heart problem - right bundle branch block
  130. Supplemental Medicare plans after a move ?
  131. Cataracts
  132. Part D Drug Plan questions - Not using drugs; switching plans risk-free?
  133. Plantar fasciitis socks
  134. I Got Injured From a Nightmare
  135. Help or assistance for glaucoma
  136. Life expectancy calculators
  137. 0.0173% of Americans live to 100
  138. Hospital charges for services not rendered!
  139. Sinus Lift+Bone Graft+Implant+Crown = $$$$
  140. Cataract Surgery Insurance Coverage Question
  141. Anyone use Phiten titanium or other titanium?
  142. Preventative Colonoscopy Shock
  143. Anyone get ear tubes as an adult?
  144. Twenty-Two Years ago Today
  145. Medicare Plan F High-Deductible. Just how does that deductible work?
  146. Is age 65 1/2 right for a Geriatric doctor?
  147. Looking for Feedback - Symfony Lens for Cataract IOL
  148. Calculator for MAGI for ACA purposes
  149. Insurance Premium Costs
  150. ACA Reimbursement Question
  151. Understanding HC costs transitioning to Medicare
  152. Can I review my Medicare Account online?
  153. Midlife 'Wealth Shock' May Lead to Death, Study Suggests
  154. Blood Pressure
  155. Did moving to Medicare at 65 impact your access to choice of doctors?
  156. Question for Asthma Sufferers
  157. Preparing for 2019 coverage
  158. HC %
  159. Retiring next year
  160. Medigap to Advantage to Medigap
  161. Priceless!
  162. Rather unexpected dental issue
  163. HSA math is hard (for me)
  164. Therapy Caps lifted for Medicare beneficiaries
  165. Planking Experiment
  166. Poll: How do you handle healthcare in retirement?
  167. To (medicare) B or not to B?
  168. Do 401k withdrawals count as income against ACA credits?
  169. changing our retirement healthcare plan
  170. does this make any sense to you?
  171. Mid Corp Benefits: Watch the details
  172. Cancer Survivor —- retired early not doing well emotionally
  173. Planning for Medicare
  174. Going off COBRA on to ObamaCare
  175. Ventral hernia
  176. Medical Expenses in Retirement
  177. My Dental Adventure
  178. Shopping for Health Care
  179. Pre existing conditions
  180. What was your knee replacement tipping point?
  181. Health Exchange Problems with Income Verification
  182. How much for a cataract?
  183. The Age of Permanent Injuries: We're Animals Now!
  184. The '90+' study from Univ of CA
  185. Help w/Dr. visit: Acid Reflux and Sinusitis (LONG)
  186. Nutritional Supplements - Good and ???
  187. How much to fund HSA?
  188. Apparently I have Asthma, any thoughts on resources?
  189. ACA, MAGI and SPY(etf)
  190. Medicare Annual Wellness Visit
  191. AARP Medicare Supplement Plan - Details Anyone?
  192. Is My Dermatologist a Prude?
  193. Healthcare coverage preventing RE..
  194. Regular visits to the skin doctor?
  195. No cap on Medicare B late signup penalty?
  196. Half Price Medical Bills?
  197. Gout
  198. Medicare and the Budget Deal
  199. Lung Capacity - Results of Spirometry Test
  200. Transition from regular coverage to ACA
  201. Pepto bismo endorsement
  202. Benefits Programs Help Govt Employees Buy Cheap Medications From Other Countries
  203. Mother-in-Law needs extra help
  204. New health care initiative by Amazon, Berkshire and JPM-C
  205. Middle age is not too late to increase cardiac fitness
  206. anyone fainted/blacked out?
  207. blood pressure
  208. Who knew? Too few calories can keep you from losing weight!
  209. Just got 1st implant - now what?
  210. Finding a new doctor
  211. RXdrugs - Flying blind
  212. Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
  213. Low Carb Diet
  214. PSA: Is your mouthwash and/or toothpaste staining your teeth?
  215. New tool for prevention and treatment of dental caries
  216. Poll: Flu 2017/18 Season - Flu and Shot
  217. Self pay VS insurance
  218. Methods to save money on eyeglasses
  219. Tricare for life vs. Tricare Plus
  220. Where do you get your health insurance?
  221. Emergency call for elder parent
  222. Personal Responsibility for Healthcare?
  223. Airplanes and the Flu
  224. Dental procedure
  225. Lack of sleep and diseases (Alzheimers, cancer, heart attacks, etc)
  226. Recommendation for walking sticks / hiking sticks
  227. Cough Syrup (dextromethorphan) Ineffective
  228. Planning for Health Care in Retirement - Vanguard
  229. This is pretty much the worst case
  230. OptumBank HSA Unable to Log In
  231. Medicare Claim Issue
  232. Costco and Hearing Services
  233. Lifestyle factors and "Years of Able Life"
  234. Dropping gym-going after 20+ years
  235. Anyone Have a Good Experience using John Hancock Long Term Care insurance?
  236. Migraine Auras?
  237. Alzheimer’s caregiver support
  238. New Shingrx Shingles Vaccine
  239. Got Flu Despite Shot
  240. Differences between PPO, EPO and HMO
  241. Colonoscopy and diverticula
  242. Understanding medical bills and charges
  243. Switched from Coffee to Green Tea
  244. Plantar Fasciitis. Or Not.
  245. Small Intestine Obstruction-Anyone had this?
  246. Morningstar on planning for HC and LTC
  247. Reversing and Preventing Alzheimer
  248. So what does Exercise mean to you?
  249. Have you lowered cholesterol without statins?
  250. I want my antibiotics!