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  1. My TULSA prostate cancer adventure
  2. RMSA
  3. CVS to start basing drug charges on prices
  4. Free Health Insurance?
  5. Costco hearing aids for assymetrical loss?
  6. CCRC in Broward County FL
  7. NYT article on Long-term Health Industry
  8. Thanks to those who share
  9. AFIB is a Progressive Disease
  10. Possibly the worst start to retirement ever!!!
  11. What time do you eat dinner?
  12. Need Crown For Tooth
  13. Forced off Medicare - Warning
  14. Who takes Gabapentin and why?
  15. Deductible decision
  16. Medicare Plan G but hospital charging balance
  17. Medicare from March 2024...
  18. Can my older husband be denied medigap?
  19. Part D Decision: Aetna vs Wellcare
  20. Getting a prostate PSA test directly
  21. Revisiting Self-funded LTC
  22. What ACA plan to choose? So many options.
  23. Zenni Eyeglasses Black Friday Special
  24. Medicare /IRMAA timing
  25. Modifiable Risk Factors
  26. Article - Extra Fees Drive Assisted-Living Profits
  27. Monthly vs annual income for ACA
  28. Questions about insurance, subsidies, ACA, etc
  29. Medicare Income-Related Monthly Adjustment
  30. Does Individual Vision Insurance Make Sense When Retired?
  31. NYS expanding free Essential Plan to 250% FPL
  32. HELP, I cough up Phlegm all day
  33. Ultra Processed Foods
  34. Do Opticians Even Make Sure You Can See Properly?
  35. Annual SS/Medicare Letter
  36. How to include HSA contribution in ACA Marketplace application?
  37. Rehab hospital meds
  38. Amazon offering new prime benefit One medical
  39. Newbie Here Regarding the ACA
  40. Switch Medigap insurance companies
  41. The dangers of price controls
  42. $2,100+ savings on 2 MRIs
  43. Insurers asking about health to qualify?
  44. Switching to an HMO?
  45. Amazon Pharmacy
  46. HSA or lower deductible through Marketplace
  47. Vaccines Fall 2023
  48. Choosing a new doctor - MD, DO, PA, FNP?
  49. Dividends for ACA application
  50. Medicare Part-D ... Any Off-Label Experiences?
  51. Heart rate monitor?
  52. Leaving Kaiser - Mail Order Pharmacy Options?
  53. Treligy anyone with experience?
  54. Smaller or Mini Vitamin/Minerals
  55. Useful guide to contagious illnesses
  56. Worried About Dry Eye Drops?
  57. What do you take for migraines?
  58. New Doctor, New Rules?
  59. Hospitals and doctors dropping Medicare Advantage Plans
  60. Cataract surgery: If you've had the eyes done different ways...
  61. "Estimating low" when reporting income for ACA subsidies
  62. Vivity or PanOptix
  63. ACA and End of Year LTCGs
  64. PSA: Healthcare.gov Updated with 2024 Plans
  65. Fitness Activities In Early Retirement
  66. Who takes collagen?
  67. Why correct distance vision over close up?
  68. Part D. More than 1 Pharmacy
  69. Part D... What's the catch?
  70. ACA enrollment question
  71. Questions for fasters?
  72. My "Best" Medigap options - Approval issues?
  73. Wellcare for Part D?
  74. AARP article on the future of Traditional Medicare
  75. ACA Dental Insurance?
  76. WSJ - Big mistakes people make in Medicare
  77. Ashwagandha
  78. 2024 Standard Part B Premium $174.70
  79. Food Triggered Irregular Heart Rhythm?
  80. Sacroiliac Injection
  81. Live to 100? Need good genes, not good habits
  82. Experiences With The Medicare Part D Process
  83. What's this bed thing called
  84. What supplements do you take? Benefits?
  85. Do you take low dose aspirin?
  86. Sore knee. Work it or rest it?
  87. Free Unbiased Hearing Test
  88. Wheat
  89. Signing up for ACA
  90. Discount Drugs cards / plans
  91. FEHB Part D Rx Rollout Info
  92. Are The Part D Changes Affecting Medicare Advantage Plans Too?
  93. Any Effective Tinnitus Therapies?
  94. Covered CA & Tax Filing with Grad Student Son
  95. Eplee maneuver fpr Vertigo (positional)
  96. CCRC in a country other than the USA?
  97. 2024 FEHB Rates Are Online
  98. What happens to the ACA subsidy when one person goes on Medicare?
  99. Drugs from Canada?
  100. Long Term Care Decision Time...
  101. Speaking of Medicare part D
  102. Covered CA and college daughter
  103. Sleep pattern and sleeping pills
  104. Meloxicam Experiences ?????
  105. Online Therapy Options
  106. Paying at the time of service... but it is the wrong charge
  107. Florida Blue asking about slip-and-fall accident I had in July
  108. should we go to ER ?
  109. health torpedo
  110. Medicare Website Question
  111. Botched hospital discharge-rehab needed
  112. Implantable Loop Heart Monitor
  113. Medicare Fraud… Do you check your EOBs?
  114. HSA withdrawal basic question
  115. FDA reports Sudafed PE, et al, lack of efficacy
  116. Any tasty low carb bread products?
  117. what is cheaper than goodrx
  118. Medigap Closed block
  119. Medicare Part D changes for 2024
  120. Medicare-ACA advice
  121. HSA holders-Vanguards Newly suggested, Health Equity
  122. Medicare Costs?
  123. Dry Eye Syndrome - tips?
  124. Medicaid eligibility for nursing home
  125. High School Best Friend Small Stroke - wife and legal recommendations?
  126. Thinking of attempting a 1/2 marathon
  127. Medical Gradian Alert System
  128. If you're peeing at night get checked for sleep apnea
  129. Any Veterans use a Medicare Part C with Tricare for Life?
  130. Blue Zones
  131. Good PPO plan for pre-65 in FL?
  132. Blue Zones
  133. Medicare Newbie Seeks Tips on Medical Billing Coding
  134. Is FEHB Still The "Best?"
  135. Short term and Long term disability- two policy confusion
  136. When to do ACA sign up?
  137. Cataract - Light Adjustable Lens (LAL)
  138. Nasal Dilators?
  139. Fasting for Health? Obstacles.
  140. Medicare Billing delayed
  141. RSV vaccine side effects?
  142. Anyone had balloon sinuplasty procedure?
  143. pondering Vitrectomy risks
  144. Ensure for diet
  145. Broke down
  146. Your visit may be recorded for protection
  147. Long Term Care Insurance - my experience
  148. Does anyone use NMN? Availability?
  149. Red Light Therapy?
  150. Transitioning from ACA to Medicare - Subsidies Question
  151. cpap medicare question
  152. Physical Medicare Card, How long?
  153. Do you carry around your own test results for new docs?
  154. Disability Possibility?
  155. Medicare+Medigap vs. Advantage
  156. Vaccines this Fall
  157. Medical Alert options
  158. PMR
  159. Do you get your ears cleaned? PCP or specialist?
  160. How Does The Average Retiree Spend Their Time (Alarming Data?)
  161. trigeminal nerve issues, anyone ever heard of this
  162. Medicare article I found helpful
  163. ACA Questions
  164. Moving states pre or post Medicare?
  165. Prescription reading glasses or progressive computer glasses?
  166. Starting Medicare, when to cancel ACA Plan
  167. Eight Sleep - Great Idea, Too Expensive…
  168. Doctor Meet and Greet Questions
  169. Estimate Healthcare Costs 12 Years From Now?
  170. PSA: Elderly/single check-in
  171. High carbon dioxide in the home
  172. Medigap and Part D Questions
  173. False advertising for Medicare
  174. PCP with hospital admission rights: does it matter?
  175. Medical Hardship Withdrawal from IRA?
  176. Do You Drink Enough Water Each Day?
  177. Signing up for ACA / Healthcare.gov
  178. Appointment with Mohs Surgeon
  179. Just Sharing - my medical advocacy challenges
  180. Medicare fraud - should I get a new account number?
  181. Healthcare and ACA - very confusing!
  182. ACA Marketplace "Qualifying Life Event" Question
  183. Xarelto Costs Went Through the Roof
  184. Employer Retiree Healthcare Plan -vs- ACA Marketplace Healthcare Plan
  185. Medicare vs FEHB - Single Healthy Person - Pick One
  186. Medicare Application-that was fast and easy
  187. Recommended reading to understand ACA costs?
  188. DQOTD: Mosquito Control Services
  189. Cataract surgery and night driving
  190. New to ACA Sign Up - Income Discrepancy - Choose "Stopped working at a job"
  191. Will Some FEHB Plans Be Dropped?
  192. When We Hit Our Peak
  193. Supplement Medicare plan questions
  194. Thoughts on MA Home Health Care Visits ?
  195. Concierge Medical Care - Specialists
  196. Are health insurance company payout ratios and individual fines still in place?
  197. Retired and Just Enrolled in ACA .. $0 Premium. Question.
  198. How To Exercise Your Brain?
  199. Step Up Exercise platforms
  200. Hospital asked me for permission to appeal any denied claims
  201. The story of most of our lives, just a matter of when we realize…
  202. The Summer of 2023 - Freedom from Cataracts
  203. DQOTD: Cleaning Air Ducts?
  204. Liquid Magnesium?
  205. Keto questions
  206. Silliness of our Healthcare System
  207. Medicare and HD Medical Plan
  208. Polarized Air Cleaner
  209. When a Sick Friend Drags You Down?
  210. Mother's Long Term Care Insurance Company Giving Me the Run Around
  211. Long Term Care Genworth
  212. ACA Rate Increases For 2024
  213. Facing Prostate Surgery
  214. Cataracts laser or traditional?
  215. Back to the gym
  216. Cataract Surgery and Dry Eye
  217. I've never submitted a claim against my HSA. Will the IRS audit me?
  218. Health care costs and diabetes
  219. Joining a gym via health insurance?
  220. How to Order Colonoscopy paid by Medicare
  221. HSA Rules Question
  222. High Cholesterol despite correct weight, diet, exercise...What to do?
  223. Colonoscopy billing question
  224. Experience Negotiating Hospital Bills?
  225. Cobra running out - I need health insurance!
  226. Costco Optical Disappointment
  227. Laser "tune-up" years after cataract surgery
  228. Another Medigap Question
  229. Improving endurance and flexibility
  230. POA and Health/Insurance/Bills
  231. EZRA cancer scanning
  232. Old Medic how are you doing
  233. Medicare Supplements/Advantage Policies for Someone who Hasn't Had One for Years
  234. I’ve learned something unpleasant about CPR today
  235. ACA Subsidy When Spouse Offered Affordable Insurance
  236. Genworth 1.68X Increase Oh Boy
  237. health insurance question
  238. Triple failure dental implant
  239. Why get Medicare Part A if retired abroad?
  240. Mayo Clinic and Medicare
  241. ACA questions
  242. Cost For Dental Checkups w/o Insurance
  243. Medicare, COBRA and ACA... Oh my!
  244. appointment no show fee
  245. Osteoporosis- results with treatment?
  246. Marriage Conflict surrounding eldercare
  247. Eye Floaters
  248. NYS Medicaid legal settlement improves dental coverage greatly
  249. Living will? help me understand theses statements
  250. 2nd Molar Implant Update & Status