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  1. ACA Subsidy and moving to a new state
  2. mRNA in our future
  3. John Oliver rips long-term care (LTC) industry
  4. BJís CEO dies at 49 years old
  5. Today is Parkinson's Disease Awareness Day
  6. Part D drugs & traveling
  7. Hiking Kicked my butt!
  8. ACA Change Notice
  9. Pollen
  10. Will 60 be the new 65 for Medicare?
  11. HSA accounts, family or one per
  12. weight management: my approach
  13. Keto diet question
  14. Dominion Energy CEO Dies One Day After Retiring
  15. Any difference buying coverage from healthcare.gov or insurer?
  16. Colonoscopy prep / Miralax or Suprep
  17. The Best Way(s) To Play The ACA Income Cliff Elimination
  18. I suggested OMY for me, so DW can go for health reasons
  19. LTC insurance?
  20. $120,000 in my HSA. When do I start withdrawals?
  21. HI for DS in California
  22. Potential major good news on ACA premiums
  23. New to Medicare: question about Welcome to Medicare Visit
  24. 2022 Plan G vs Plan N Supplement
  25. Men's health: stand up or sit down?
  26. Medicare and Auto-crossovers to Supplemental Insurance
  27. Are out of network/balance billing going away in 2022?
  28. ACA subsidies and midyear dependent changes?
  29. Medicare Part D Rx cost
  30. Medicare part d elixir rx vs silverscript smart choice vs something else?
  31. Ulnar nerve pain reduction/correction?
  32. Medicare kicks in soon...advice?
  33. ACA - What do I need to do?
  34. CHIP vs Health Subsidy
  35. AARP and UHC Medicare supplement questions
  36. HSA custodians anything better than Fidelity?
  37. DW Got Injured While Looking at a House for Sale; Are Homeowners Liable?
  38. To HSA or not
  39. Vegan Cheese - Yum or Yuck?
  40. Broken Hip Recovery?
  41. exERcise
  42. Estimating medical costs in retirement
  43. Input wanted: chapped hands
  44. Mid-year application for Covered CA
  45. PSA for Colonoscopy Prep
  46. Anyone had Root Canal Troubles?
  47. is it a good idea to install indoor cam to monitor senior parents?
  48. Diet Wars
  49. Drama over Dental Insurance Claim for Crown
  50. Lisinopril Side Effects?
  51. Medicare payments no SS yet
  52. CPAP users, do you use a CPAP cleaner?
  53. low carb diet questions
  54. Total Knee Replacement Advice Needed
  55. I am worried that new front tooth crown color will not match other teeth
  56. Gastroenterologist never heard of citrucel
  57. Medicare and Secondary Health insurance
  58. Keiser Spin Bike - High LDL/Bad Cholesterol
  59. 2020 what I learn/ Health wise
  60. Business health insurance for self-employed
  61. Mechanical help lifting heavy things
  62. Can I call it quits now?
  63. Spin bikes - your recommendations?
  64. Any of you have a tooth pain a lot and were forced to pull it?
  65. portable blood pressure wrist cuff choices
  66. Cataract Surgery - A Blessing or Curse
  67. Early retirement traveling on ACA healthcare
  68. Finding a new physician
  69. Heels question
  70. Washington Residents Healthcare Premiums
  71. Dental Services Through Dental Schools
  72. Managing HSA limits
  73. Cancer and Medicare
  74. Would you look for a new doctor?
  75. How does ACA or Covered California work?
  76. New Executive Order for special enrollment of ACA Marketplace
  77. COBRA administrator incompetent. Do I lose out if I elect ACA instead?
  78. Medicare Part B Deduction Start Time
  79. Government to Re-Open ACA Marketplace to Help Folks get Insurance
  80. New ACA Subsidy In Relief Package?
  81. Thumb joint osteoarthritis
  82. 53, high blood pressure
  83. Why do some people respond worse to exercise
  84. ACA question for mid-year retirement
  85. Welcome to the wonderful world of Medicare - long rant
  86. ACA and Medicare
  87. signing up for Medicare?
  88. Determining Medi-care rates
  89. Testing/Assessing Cognitive Condition
  90. health insurance
  91. FEHB and Medicare Part A
  92. Saving money on Medicare Part D
  93. Wrinkles
  94. Christian Health Care Sharing Ministries - My Experience
  95. A Few ACA Insurance Questions
  96. Healthcare.gov 1095-A Statements are appearing
  97. Covid Vaccine and Shingle Shot
  98. mom's ambulance bill advice
  99. Synthroid takers? Is it gone or something?
  100. Health Insurance Premium Incease
  101. Medicare, CT/MRI Scans, and EEG's
  102. Home fitness equipment during Covid (and after)
  103. What vaccines should I get?
  104. Overkill: When Modern Medicine Goes Too Far
  105. Lipoma
  106. Neighbor's Wood Smoke Unbearable; Appears There's No Legal Recourse; What to Do?
  107. New warning about amalgam fillings
  108. Medicare Supplement Free Annual
  109. HSA, Medicare premiums, and Fidelity
  110. Optional Medical procedures...
  111. Claim about a new anti-aging drug: ISRIB
  112. Study finds that Glucosamine may reduce all-cause mortality
  113. Can We have two sequential Family HSA's?
  114. Pre-medicare insurance premiums
  115. Happier in retirement?
  116. My adventures with MOHS
  117. Medicare Bill Way Too High - Did this happen to you too
  118. From AHA: Chili Pepper Consumption May Reduce Mortality
  119. There must be a tremendous amount of profit for vendors of Medicare Advantage Plans!
  120. Moving requires changes :-(
  121. Healthcare sharing ministries good or bad? Early retirement health insurance options?
  122. Make sure you have Medicare part B coverage
  123. Health care for DD question
  124. House slippers for Ankle Foot Orthosis wearers?
  125. Medicare Premium Applied Twice
  126. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections
  127. Dealing With Quantity Limits in Part D Drug Plans
  128. How much coffee do you drink?
  129. Testosterone treatment?
  130. health insurance options and opinions
  131. Life Expectancy calculator
  132. Calcification after muscle tear in shoulder...anyone else?
  133. ACA - across states?
  134. ACA/HSA Check my math?
  135. Silver or Bronze? New wrinkle for me this year....
  136. John Greaney on Medicare options
  137. ACA Special Enrollment
  138. your favorite pharmacy in retirement?
  139. Pacemaker Monitor?
  140. staying with BCBS Silver Plan 2021
  141. Pay LTC increase or take nonforfeiture option?
  142. Medicare Supplement vs V.A. care
  143. I'm Looking for a good cheap high deductible insurance plan
  144. VSP Vision Plans
  145. How about MSG?
  146. Need Advice - Quick
  147. Those With Anthem Insurance and Valley Health Hospitals (Virginia) Note This
  148. Amazon Pharmacy
  149. Medicare Income Look Back Question
  150. Central PA, Pennie.com, ACA insurance. problem
  151. Severe Neck / Back Arm Pain
  152. Hemorrhoids (ouch!)
  153. Medicare and Via Benefits
  154. Controlling the unholy trinity (salt, sugar, saturated fat)
  155. Hip strain
  156. Who takes calcium supplements?
  157. ACA application and investment income question
  158. Potential serious health news
  159. Considering HSA This Year - My Assumptions Right?
  160. Medicare Supplemental for DW - go direct to Ins Company?
  161. Medicare Plan B premium notification
  162. I don't look good naked anymore (song)
  163. Federal retiree health insurance
  164. Cost of Retiree Health Insurance from former employer?
  165. Possible Medicare site Part D Glitch
  166. *Not* taking statins
  167. HDHP w/ HCA on ACA, is it worth the extra $ in premium?
  168. ACA Questions
  169. Plain, Air Popped Popcorn. Healthy or Not?
  170. 2021 Standard Part B Premium is $148.50
  171. Still waking up early in retirement
  172. Cobra
  173. HSA and Mortgage Interest no longer considered on ACA?
  174. HSA contribution rules for married couples, one over age 55
  175. 2020 Healthcare FSA - Use it or Lose it?
  176. ACA Subsidies with Kids Graduating from College
  177. Application for 2021 ACA applied for and accepted!
  178. Open Enrollment - FSA
  179. Long term care insurance?
  180. OTC Network Gift Card
  181. Home Medical Devices
  182. Medicare
  183. ACA and Moving Mid-Year
  184. 2021 ACA Subsidy
  185. COBRA and Coverage for one day - what would you do
  186. Confused About an Email From Healthcare.gov (Insurance Marketplace)
  187. How did you find good medical transportation?
  188. Agent for Medigap plan and Part D?
  189. MAGI calculation for ACA subsidy
  190. CVS - Newly Diabetic - Medicare and Plan G Supplement
  191. Help with Healthcare.gov website for ACA
  192. Federal retiree health insurance
  193. Billing Problem
  194. ACA 2021 Plan Preview available
  195. HealthSherpa Updated for 2021
  196. Managing MAGI year before ACA and buying toys
  197. Who takes a daily nap?
  198. Is the Hurry Cane Good?
  199. COBRA Expiring Q1 2021, Where to Start?
  200. Retiring before medicare age in the usa, what did/will you do?
  201. ACA (BCBS) rate hikes?
  202. Health insurance
  203. Georgia ACA waiver granted
  204. Favorable Results in New Tinnitus Treatment
  205. Poll:ACA
  206. Medicare Plans
  207. Mil, dementia and asset liquidation
  208. Keeping the MBT Footwear hiking boots
  209. Rotator cuff surgery? (arthroscopic)
  210. Dental Insurance FWIW
  211. Has Anyone Tried a Weighted Blanket to Improve Sleep?
  212. Gap between COBRA and ACA
  213. Stop Counting Calories
  214. 3rd New Knee
  215. Switch Pt D Plans vis medicare.gov
  216. E-Bike Fitness & Buying Guide
  217. Covered California 2021 Renewal
  218. Post-flu shot illness
  219. Osteoarthritis
  220. CDC Changed Pneumonia Shots Recommendation!
  221. Redirect Health
  222. Managing MAGI for ACA
  223. Advice for Elder Parent - New Home
  224. Tetanus & Flu Shot
  225. Medicare Copay question
  226. Which is better for weight loss, diet or exercise?
  227. When can you enroll in ACA due to an upcoming QLE?
  228. Indemnity Health Insurance Plan
  229. I found a Longevity Forum (life extension)
  230. Health Insurance: How do you know what you are really buying
  231. Music During Exercise?
  232. What Tracking & Graphic choices for gaining/losing weight - ?
  233. 2021 Medical Insurance Costs - Mine Went Down!
  234. Hydrogen Peroxide, toothpaste, hair
  235. Kaiser SoCal 2021 Renewal Notice
  236. Tricare For Life - Medicare Advantage Plans
  237. The Mental Part of Weight Loss
  238. ACA's age curve
  239. Who is worrying about ACA going away???
  240. ACA how to not fall over the cliff?
  241. High Systolic BP
  242. Dental insurance
  243. Medicare Part D 2021 price increases
  244. Cheap, Cheap Hearing "Aids"
  245. Need help with Medicare - anyone knowledgeable please help!
  246. COBRA questions
  247. Opinions/comments on health insurance/possible divorce
  248. Overwearing of contacts
  249. Too early to start BP medication?
  250. Need specific suggestions on insurance for ACA person for snowbirding