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  1. Money Market Funds vs. High Yield Savings Accts
  2. I found this chart trying to explain the market .. what do you think?
  3. Stock Tips for the Covid market?
  4. Would you buy CVX and sit on it for 20 years
  5. Fun Trading Account Opportunities
  6. Chart comparing this decline to 1929, 1973, and 2008
  7. I think I might be a bucket system guy...
  8. Index Fund picking - Total Market or 500?
  9. Appropriate site those who trade for living?
  10. Inflation Protection
  11. First Quarter Profits? Pick a number, any number!
  12. Short and long term ramifications of current events
  13. DOW 15k here we come
  14. International Fund
  15. Bond Dividend Allocation
  16. Insider stock purchases
  17. CCL bonds
  18. Healthcare Related REIT (NHI) In The Time Of Corona
  19. AKRX - what do you guys think?
  20. Does anyone know SWAN?
  21. Why the Melt Up...?
  22. Couple questions about options
  23. Go from bonds to ca$h ?
  24. Maintain the expectancy of 1500 on the SPX
  25. This isn't the reversal
  26. Bond Diversification
  27. Did we get a "Wheeee!"
  28. Hardship Withdrawal Included In 2.2 Trillion Relief Bill
  29. Help me recoup bonehead $50G move
  30. Separately Managed Account (SMAs) revisited
  31. Good day to sell?
  32. DIS or AAPL ?
  33. Long term in defensive stocks?
  34. Time to sell some of this
  35. Program Trading
  36. Where to put $100K in the coming months
  37. Help me devise capital losses strategy
  38. Short ETFs
  39. life strategy and target retirement funds
  40. Diversification does it work??
  41. Did anyone's financial advisor see this coming?
  42. AMC stock
  43. When to buyback?
  44. Why are my bonds down?
  45. need help rethinking my 401K investments
  46. Whats up with Vanguard Wellesley fund?
  47. Oil biz
  48. Nuveen Municipal Value CEF (NUV)
  49. proshares short S&P500
  50. Vanguard total bond market
  51. Selling calls
  52. Back Door Roth Conversion Time
  53. Reminder: The simple math of rebalancing in a market crash.
  54. Convert to a roth?
  55. Done tinkering & DIY. 3 sleepless nights convinced me.
  56. Comparing the 1987 crash to current one
  57. This is why I am glad I am mostly in cash...
  58. Fidelity Fees
  59. Oil down 20% this weekend
  60. Beat up companies with great dividends?
  61. Seeking Fund Recommendation
  62. What Holding R U Considering Giving Up On ?
  63. Inconsistent high/low
  64. fidelity account problems
  65. Poll: Who is selling today’s (March 2nd) “dead cat bounce “
  66. Re-balance Triggers... Do You Have Them?
  67. Vanguard doesn't permit levered or inverse ETF buy orders in IRAs
  68. Baptism by fire on my way to a lazy portfolio
  69. Best Stocks to Pick
  70. Getting out of equities, patience and old age.
  71. anyone know where the market will hit bottom?
  72. Coronavirus Stock Shopping List
  73. Probably a good day to buy
  74. Early Widow
  75. The XKCD stock picking strategy
  76. Active vs. passive for REITs and BONDs
  77. 2008 Recession End Date? Advice for next one?
  78. ROTH investments
  79. How does my portfolio look?
  80. Fund Flows as indicator (+/-) of market behavior
  81. S & P Index (SPY)
  82. S&P 500 is not diverse
  83. Cocktail napkin calculations.
  84. Stocks are going higher...
  85. 75/25 is the new 60/40?
  86. How is this NOT a US Stock bubble??
  87. Moving to Lazy portfolio with significant individual stock cap gains
  88. Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (CMG)
  89. When to give up on an ETF (FILL)
  90. Holding cash for market timing
  91. OIL - and Oil Stock in the future?
  92. Locked in some gains
  93. Defensive Fund Moves Pre Market Correction: WWYD?
  94. 5G investment opportunities
  95. Too old?
  96. Index Funds; tech concentration, trading
  97. Reallocated investment contributions
  98. Big Bet on FSPTX
  99. The value premium
  100. Another Total Return vs. Income/Dividend Investing article
  101. Original stock certificate
  102. Index Fund Article
  103. Bond fund appreciation over long term
  104. Time to buy some BNO?
  105. Vanguard goes to commission free trading like the rest
  106. Inherited IRA
  107. Newbie to ROTH - 23yo grandson
  108. 2010's done, where now? ... decades charts
  109. Market prognosticators are an optimistic bunch
  110. Stuff that Keeps Me Up at Night - "The China Hustle"
  111. Market behavior is near-random*. That's settled science.
  112. How to allocate all my $100k in savings for 2020?
  113. Gold
  114. Need 60/40 Four Fund Portfolio
  115. Help with Stock Stats
  116. Get Started Now or Wait?
  117. Why I believe we are about to embark on a historic bull market run
  118. 60/40 similar to 40/60? 30/70 is ideal for retirees?
  119. Owning the Same Fund in Different Accounts?
  120. Pi Network Cryptocurrency Mining for cell phone
  121. Asset Allocation & Withdrawals - What would you do?
  122. Taking a little gamble on BMY CVRs
  123. Anyone doing Asset Allocation Rebalancing Year-end to prepare for 2020 -Bull or Bear?
  124. better investing
  125. What moves Bitcoin?
  126. Alternative Investments?
  127. Preferred stocks/funds
  128. Absolutely hilarious and horrific Robinhood glitch
  129. Warning from Fidelity to Boomers
  130. Simply Wall Street - detailed trading info service/app
  131. NVDA?
  132. Novel financial instruments
  133. investing.com article about Muni funds
  134. Another portfolio Fund question
  135. Ray Dalio outlook for finance
  136. Dividends vs Portfolio Performance
  137. Morgan Stanley Brokerage cost - Poll
  138. "Ethical Investing" --- Misunderstandings?
  139. Microsoft
  140. Holy Bitcoin!
  141. Finally sold TSLA
  142. Shiller hypothesis, recession could be years away
  143. Buffett sitting on $122B
  144. Does Phase 1 trade deal tempt you more into stocks?
  145. Growth Stocks in Taxable Account Without Divident/Phantom Income?
  146. Fidelity Webinar with Bond King Jeff Gundlach
  147. Return of Capital Question
  148. I'm stuck
  149. Just getting started with Charles Schwab
  150. Schwab Announces Zero Commission Stock Trades--E*Trade and TD Ameritrade Tanking
  151. Buy & hold or simple system…. portfolio strategy feedback
  152. Ouch, ouch ouch, DPO never again!
  153. Dirty Market-timing billionaires!
  154. Warren Buffett on Rebalancing
  155. Rental property - a good investment?
  156. AA for college funding
  157. re-balancing/reducing stock allocation
  158. Which US brokerages have Irish offices?
  159. Stock Return Minus Dividends
  160. Pain & Struggles Of Investing
  161. Where to invest the money
  162. ELI5 why I should have 2 funds vs 1 balanced in 401k
  163. is 60/40 too conservative for my situation ?
  164. How to find this metric?
  165. Passive investing next market bubble?
  166. Help with approach
  167. Options based portfolio adjustment
  168. Will the Plunge Protection Team be around next week?
  169. Are you getting ready to make major equity shifts?
  170. Where do You Park Your "Dry Powder" Cash?
  171. Transfer Approval
  172. TARGET stock price
  173. Shareholder Value No Longer Main Objective
  174. Interesting Article on Russel 2000 and top 100 companies
  175. Bond Yield Inversion again .. Buying opportunity?
  176. Current Market Aug 14
  177. Argentina
  178. Bond Management Strategy
  179. Is Berkshire Hathaway Stock still worth owning?
  180. Long-Term Market Returns
  181. Best Way to Learn Options Trading?
  182. Fed cut 0.25% ... do you expect high-CD rates to go down?
  183. Defensive Equity Moves
  184. Time to put some cash back into the market?
  185. Buying Bonds
  186. Vanguard Admiral at Schwab
  187. Pension Funds and why they are actively managed
  188. Weaker Dollar vs Cheap Intl Equities
  189. How does my FA compare?
  190. Crazy European Bond Market
  191. Signs of Recession or More Noise?
  192. Anyone Else Gambling on Boeing (BA)
  193. Harbor City Capital and its claimed 18% ROI.....
  194. Ex Dividend
  195. Going All Cash in 401k
  196. Question re: Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Dividend
  197. dividends increasing
  198. CHI opinions (long term CEF for dividend income)
  199. Deferred Comp - Need to take out in 5 years
  200. S&P 500 vs "The Market"
  201. Ally drops savings account rate to 2.10%
  202. IPOs: Beyond Meat or Beyond CRAZY!?
  203. What is the definition of a real estate investment according to S&P 500?
  204. Fired my financial adviser
  205. Yahoo Finance
  206. Crypto gains question......
  207. Top 10 portfolio performance?
  208. Got lucky again.
  209. Active vs Passive; links to facts, no opinions wanted.
  210. Selling puts on margin
  211. Annual check in
  212. Suffering from a little paralysis
  213. Stock shopping list?
  214. My only big gainer today and the last few days was BYND .. Beyond Meat
  215. Trap Door opened today!
  216. What investors can learn from 'Jeopardy' phenom
  217. Websites for stock prices (including after hours S&P)
  218. Market panic ?, bring it, along with my shopping list !
  219. Gold, Practical Questions
  220. Best Short-Term Return You've Ever Made?
  221. Bitcoin: Now Up 100% from 2018 Lows!
  222. Price Vs Growth Question
  223. S&P down about 3.5% so far, time to buy yet?
  224. International Investing - Allocation Adjustment?
  225. MMT coming soon to an economy near you?
  226. Stocking Picking Contest - v3.0
  227. Cash Offers for Stock (Buyouts)
  228. Funds flow looking positive ... I think :)
  229. How do you know when the end is near?
  230. Is it a sell in May and go away year?
  231. Anyone using MINT ETF for their cash?
  232. Can A Company With Strong Cash Flow, Survive Without Earnings ?
  233. Japan owns 77% of ETF's of Japan.
  234. Is a 50/50 AA too conservative if I RE at 55?
  235. IPO Thursday PINS and ZM
  236. XNTK what happened to its recovery?
  237. Equivalent ETF To VG Wellesley?
  238. SKT - Tanger Outlets
  239. Different Allocations in Brokerage vs IRAs Based on Each Time Horizon?
  240. Charles Schwab Intelligent Portfolios Premium
  241. german stock and tax
  242. KBWY and dividend alternatives
  243. Options investing for retirement?
  244. How to pick stocks
  245. Unrealized Capital Gains tax
  246. Interesting April Fool's Day
  247. Financial advisor question.
  248. how to contain high yield bond risks?
  249. "Structured Investments" anyone??
  250. Callan Periodic Table of Investment Returns