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  1. Do you submit Proxy Votes?
  2. How safe is MVRXX
  3. Market Looks Happy this Morning
  4. Stocks to Three-Fund Portfolio
  5. How lucky is your Advisor
  6. 401k tool for IBM refugees
  7. Yield curve getting flatter, and flatter
  8. Thoughts on YETI
  9. New ETF Aims To Provide A Steady 7% Annual Distribution Rate
  10. Is Boeing a Buy Here?
  11. need some help with stock offering
  12. rentals/ Mortgage Financial advise
  13. Russell 2500 - What role does this play in your investing?
  14. Zillow?
  15. BRK for new money when Buffet is 88, Munger is 95
  16. New England Patriots IPO ?
  17. ETF or Mutual Fund
  18. A new asset class: Legos!
  19. Schwab Robo Advisor
  20. BlackRock iShares
  21. investing for Income is becoming more important than investing for capital gains
  22. Eli Lilly/Elanco Exchange Offer
  23. CenturyLink cuts dividend by >50%
  24. Celgene at $90
  25. Beware the Auto Repo Man
  26. Valvoline (VVV)
  27. McDonald's?
  28. Thinking of investing in muni bond fund, but in low tax bracket, worthwhile?
  29. Gamestop?
  30. Callable Step‑up Note - Jefferies Group LLC
  31. ELI5 - automatic divident reinvestment
  32. Merriman "Ultimate Buy & Hold" Strategy
  33. Tax Efficiency Pre/Post RE
  34. Fisher Investments
  35. Comparing taxable to tax exempt bonds, which yield to use?
  36. Muni bond or Bond fund
  37. Feel Like a Fool and It's My Own Fault ...
  38. Would you sell or hold this investment
  39. Foreign Financial Statement Rules
  40. Help with my investment strategy II
  41. What happens if a broker closes shop?
  42. Help with Old 401k rollover?
  43. Contribute to my investment strategy
  44. Standard sector stocks (Vanguard/Fidelity) and expense ratios
  45. Dirty Market-TIming Vanguard
  46. Anyone know how Elfun Trusts delivered 17.5% cap gains/interest?
  47. Great decade so far! (SP500 chart)
  48. Do You Buy Even Lots?
  49. Crystal ball time! Trade + Shutdown resolution
  50. International Stock Allocation Question... again...
  51. Why Is My Muni-Bond Fund Showing Signs Of Life ?
  52. Perhaps I did learn something from the last recession?
  53. eurodollar futures inverted, 2-5Y Treasury Below Fed Funds Rate
  54. AAPL after hours!
  55. Invesco BulletShares HY Corp
  56. Berkshire Hathaway
  57. Thinking about bonds and bond funds
  58. pre-planning to be FIRED and have questions
  59. Analyst forecasts for 2019 EOY S&P 500
  60. If you have an Illinois Public Pension and the option take buyout
  61. Timing of dividends
  62. Remarkable spread in stock valuations at present
  63. "The World in 2019"
  64. Poll: Is this a Cyclical or Secular Bear Market in Stocks?
  65. Signs the Santa Claus rally is ending!
  66. what percentage for each FIDO fund
  67. "US long rates are too high or S&P 500 is too low"
  68. 2019 Predictions Contest
  69. Avoiding Dividend Cuts
  70. The sky is falling..
  71. Check my trade-offs
  72. Calling all dirty bottom fishers, your stock shopping list ?
  73. So...did the market forget to put out cookies?
  74. Small rebalance 12-24
  75. Our Current AA? I have no idea.
  76. Will the Market be UP or Down at the Close Monday 12-24-2018?
  77. 2019 Mergers Tesla General Motors
  78. You can beat the market.*
  79. Tax Loss Harvesting Fund/ETF selection
  80. Never done Tax Loss Harvesting, need help for Dec 24th
  81. SPY ETF vs VTI
  82. So I moved heavily into cash before the craziness...
  83. After Xmas rally ... better time to rebalance?
  84. Government shutdown = market down?
  85. S&P YTD over -7.5% today
  86. Watching today's rate decision was fun
  87. Worst December since Great Depression
  88. 2019 Predictions - just for fun
  89. Beyond this land...There will be Dragons!
  90. 500k Lump Sum...What to do in this market?
  91. Fidelity "core" choices?
  92. Sell Low? Need advice.
  93. WHO? moves the markets?
  94. Wash sale and adjusted basis reporting
  95. Why Markets are dangerously volatile.
  96. Time to get Big Boy pants Market problems
  97. We will probably have a large stock market decline tomorrow.
  98. Buffets banks
  99. Webull, and the like. Bona fide?
  100. AAPL AMZN MSFT battle of the market caps
  101. Tariff relief rally
  102. Will the fed hike next month
  103. IRA CDs vs. Stable Value 401K
  104. Hulu via how?
  105. Gabelli GLU Fund: Questions/Opinions
  106. Why you should be financially conservative
  107. Today is always the hardest day to buy!
  108. Bitcoin Low
  109. So Much for the Experts
  110. Is there a financial “summary” site that you read and reference every day?
  111. PG&E Another train wreck stock
  112. Johnson Controls getting out of the battery business
  113. That little voice...
  114. Question on trading ETFs and fees
  115. ROKU?
  116. Tool to report consolidated holdings
  117. Roth IRA question
  118. Allocation to Stock, ETF or Mutual fund
  119. FIDO's Zero Cost Index Funds
  120. Seeking Alpha App
  121. Chart of the Day
  122. GE An $ 8 stock by December?
  123. I live the entertainment on Netflix and Prime ...
  124. Thoughts on where the S&P will be 12/31/2018
  125. Mid-terms have been good for the market
  126. Another Market Down Day .. Are you buying or selling ?
  127. Investing in Cannabis?
  128. How to protect unrealized gains?
  129. Any chartists, you bailing while you can.
  130. IBM - dinosaur or future growth
  131. John Bogle...
  132. The Big Picture
  133. Here is your sign - Bitcoin
  134. October 10th Market Plunge
  135. Nibbling along the edges?
  136. Commercial real estate........
  137. So I bought S&P 500 2500 puts
  138. Nifty Fifty / FAANG
  139. Carnival Corporation CCL
  140. Allocation according to CAPE?
  141. Jobs Report vs Market Reaction Today
  142. Howard Marks — How to Invest with Clear Thinking
  143. Sears is now a penny stock
  144. AI powered active management (AIEQ)
  145. If you inherited large lump sum, how would you invest it?
  146. So, global debt (247T) now outpaces 2008....
  147. Cannabis
  148. Question For 'Long Term' Pfizer And/Or Eli Lilly Shareholders
  149. TSP and Vanguard
  150. Tax Free Bond Funds
  151. Asset (re) allocation
  152. Any Interest In Facebook At Current Price ($162.29)?
  153. Taxable account investing
  154. Investment advice wanted
  155. How to Compare Funds After Taxes?
  156. I’m getting 7-8% on collateralized, relatively short term loans. Can you beat that?
  157. What are you rebalancing now?
  158. FPURX for a Roth Conversion IRA?
  159. Bitcoin -What do you know?
  160. The Bull Run will continue for years .. Cabot article
  161. Roth IRA Suggestions?
  162. VEMAX vs other Emerging Markets vs International
  163. If Inflation averages 3% in the next 20 years, conservative S&P500 growth is ...???
  164. My Broker's Recommendations
  165. Should Money Market Accts be a larger part of your fixed income allocation?
  166. PUTS and CALLS
  167. Anybody here own NVDA?
  168. GE lower than a snake's belly in a tire rut.
  169. CPI... and what else?
  170. I'm getting spooked about the markets
  171. Investing new $$ when close to retiring
  172. Krugman on Bitcoin
  173. Revise Asset Allocation?
  174. Zero expense ratio ETFs starting
  175. Cramer's clairvoyant "Rant" 11 years ago
  176. Great American Small Cap Scam
  177. Passive Index Investing; a Bubble Bound to Burst?
  178. Is an index stock fund portfolio strategy still valid?
  179. AT&T Yielding 6%+
  180. Marijuana stocks
  181. Is there a leading AI fund?
  182. yield curve graphical view?
  183. S&P 500 Index
  184. Thoughts On Crown Holdings, Inc. (CCK)
  185. Bond allocation tinkering... perhaps market timing??
  186. Linking Accounts?
  187. Minimizing taxes with higher RE income
  188. BP shareholders lawsuit
  189. Dominion Energy
  190. Interest rates are...down???
  191. Does it bother you that FAANGs make up over 10% of the S&P 500??
  192. Check your RVT rights
  193. Seadrilled
  194. Am I Crazy Crowdfunding Loans??
  195. Capital One to ETrade transfer
  196. Bond Yield Curve Flattening ???
  197. RobinHood race from $2,500 to $250,000
  198. anybody smell smoke?
  199. Beat Boho V3? For real this time?
  200. WWE
  201. Space Force
  202. Maximum Percent for Single Security?
  203. So, the Oracle of Omaha says.....
  204. Brokered CDs: screening the issuing institution?
  205. Oh sh$# no body told me this
  206. Divicalc works again...
  207. Switch to Fixed Income
  208. S&P 500 Equal weight, not market cap
  209. Fidelity vs TD Ameritrade
  210. Finding Good Bonds
  211. TIPS Strategy for Current Income
  212. Fixed Income Portfolio Questions
  213. Rental real estate in California
  214. Please give me feedback on my portfolio's asset mix
  215. Anyone still holding Mortgage Reits?
  216. Stay on the Sidelines?
  217. Does a Hybrid Total Return/Bucket Approach Work?
  218. MSCI to include 234 Chinese names
  219. MBS again
  220. Vanguard life strategy
  221. Bought box yesterday Even after the run up. It was recommended in the SOHN conference
  222. Fine Tuning Tax Efficiency/Withdrawal Specifics
  223. Analysis/Paralysis
  224. Trade Government Bond Fund for CD?
  225. US Leading index, when high can set max stock allocation?
  226. Motley Fool Income Investor
  227. Can We Trust Fidelity?
  228. Cd - ltcg
  229. Advisor just recommended higher percentage international equity
  230. Lending Club
  231. Closed End Funds
  232. Wells Fargo 2.9% 3-yr brokered CDs
  233. The Hypothetical Trade Thread
  234. GUNR, your thoughts and opinions please
  235. CD Historical rate average
  236. Front loading 401k / IRA Q1 of each year
  237. Another prediction for future
  238. 401k to IRA
  239. It's a thing!
  240. ACAP Fund - thoughts?
  241. What to do with REIT?
  242. Investment Confessions
  243. Stock market waiting for the fed.
  244. Deploy $1,000,000 challenge
  245. Dow 30k by June.
  246. Thoughts on Bond ETF’s vs. individual bond picking
  247. Did we offically have a correction?
  248. Happy 9th Anniversary!
  249. Bird watching - Black Swans
  250. Corporate Bond Sell or Hold?