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  1. Is the Motley Fool "Stock Advisor" really worth it?
  2. For the Bitcoin fans
  3. Overfunded Retirement Strategies
  4. Hot stock, sell some?
  5. Recommendations regarding Lyn Alden's site?
  6. Using Bond Funds as Part of Total Return Investing
  7. A Different Kind of Year-End Problem
  8. Santa Claus Rally for 2020?
  9. Changes to S&P 500 Over Time - Age of Companies and Market Events
  10. Anyone else a Tesla investor?
  11. Starting MYGA Investment
  12. To Diversify or Not diversify, that is the question...
  13. Help me Complete my Vanguard 8 ETF Pie
  14. Preferred vs. High Dividend Yield Stocks as Part of Your AA
  15. Market to hit all-time high this morning !
  16. Turkey default
  17. Year End Decisions
  18. What's your very high-level strategy?
  19. Couch Potato- USA
  20. "Beware of Financial Alchemy"
  21. The Crash of 1987; A Look Back
  22. Where is info on date of record for Vanguard funds?
  23. Vanguard “Updates to our forecasting model”
  24. Talk some sense into me on NVDA
  25. Strong growth ahead? Stock/bond reactions.
  26. Callan Table of Periodic Investments - Monthly Update
  27. Changing of the guard: NEE > CVX > XOM
  28. Opinion on ROKU?
  29. Interesting Article on Schwab
  30. 10 Popular Investing Beliefs We Should Be Questioning
  31. What is your favorite growth stock?
  32. Waiting on Tesla Battery Day News Today
  33. Forbes Article - 9% Dividend Portfolio w/ Closed End Funds?
  34. International investing, or not?
  35. Changes to S&P Index - Tesla did not make it
  36. Move money from Total Market Index to S&P 500 Index?
  37. Stock split philosophy: why AAPL and TSLA, but not GOOG?
  38. Went shopping today
  39. Vanguard website down?
  40. Only 916 Pts away from a new Dow high!
  41. RMDs - Projecting/Calculating the Right Balance?
  42. Anybody Use IBD's "Leaderboard"?
  43. Tesla for the long run?
  44. How to sell winners (a good problem to have!?) and not be mad about the tax
  45. Dow 30,000
  46. Tax exempt funds?
  47. Bonds Pay Nothing?
  48. Why I sold our TIPS fund
  49. S&P at all time high .. Changing your Asset Allocation? More Bull run? Wait & see ?
  50. Sell Cryptos or TSLA?
  51. Hold off to add to equities until October? Some data...
  52. When the FED folds!
  53. Fund flows chart...will history repeat?
  54. How Many Funds?
  55. Indexes: Dow vs. S & P
  56. Seeking next FAANG stocks
  57. Best Source for Accurate Annual Historical ETF/Fund Returns?
  58. Hypothetical Portfolio
  59. An alternative for part of a bond portfolio
  60. Is Amazon anti-competitive ?
  61. VBIAX or other balanced fund in Roth IRA?
  62. Kodak up over 1400% in two days
  63. Where to park brokerage cash?
  64. Total Return/Re-balance | Buckets | Rising Equity Glidepath... what's a guy to do??
  65. Share your experience with funds owning foreign dividend paying equities.
  66. Getting anxious about social instability
  67. 70/30 60/40 Portfolio
  68. Health-Care Funds in retirement
  69. Should SPIAs be part of your AA?
  70. S&P weighting of FANG+
  71. Pattern Day Trading Rules Confusing
  72. Day Traders: When is Income Tax applied?
  73. Is there a "projected dividend income" calculator available anywhere?
  74. Mid-20s Investment Portfolio
  75. What's so bad about buying short term bonds right now?
  76. Tesla is off the rails
  77. Is anyone betting on negative interest rates?
  78. JPM - 60/40 Portfolio - 3.5% returns
  79. Second Quarter Reports To Watch?
  80. Question About High-Yield Bond Funds
  81. Started a GM position, hoping to add
  82. Any IBM investors ?
  83. The stock market is a colicky baby......
  84. JP Morgan (JPM)
  85. Using HSA receipts
  86. HSA allocation
  87. Another look at AA and withdrawal strategies
  88. What gives with VWELX?
  89. If you are thinking of adding to equites...
  90. Payday for Briggs & Stratton board
  91. Safe Haven Investing
  92. Reading "Get Rich with dividends" and let me say...
  93. The vix breakout on the 11th....
  94. Modern Monetary Policy
  95. Market-Linked CD’s – Your opinions?
  96. SCHP stopped paying dividend?
  97. Portfolio Balancing
  98. AAPL stock - long term opinions
  99. Is There A Role For Options Insurance In Equity Portfolios?
  100. Retail Pharmacy
  101. Ten bagger
  102. Time to buy some bond funds for retired guy?
  103. Comparison Site for Vanguard/TDAmeritrade Funds
  104. Tesla breaking $1000 = game on?
  105. Appetite for Risk Grows
  106. Wash sale rules
  107. Market makes no sense
  108. Reinvesting Dividends in RE - Any good arguments?
  109. Accumulation to Draw Down Transformation... Not as simple as you would think.
  110. Putting out orders for individual bonds
  111. TIPS: I'm ignorant
  112. Invest with McMenamins
  113. These interviews changed my mind on forward risks
  114. Roth Conversion in Fat Fire - Does it make sense?
  115. Funds that Weathered the Storm This Year
  116. Muni Bond (and Muni Bond Fund) Discussion
  117. ARK Funds
  118. Dividend vs Total Return - a stability question
  119. There is no right point in time to replace funds, isn't it?
  120. REITs
  121. Vanguard Brokered CDs
  122. Alternatives to Seeking Alpha
  123. wash sale question
  124. lower MM yield = rethinking retirement income stream
  125. For the first time ever I sold all my stocks
  126. Ecolab - Thought of exchange offer
  127. One bull's case
  128. Dividend stock vs bonds
  129. ER and IRA contributions
  130. Changing funds now or later
  131. AMZN question......
  132. Large Cap (VOO) vs Total Market (VTI) considering Covid-19
  133. DCA suggestions in this market?
  134. Oops I did it again
  135. Is a depression priced in?
  136. Stock Analysis
  137. 5 year investment question
  138. Investment types
  139. For Buffettologists Only
  140. is GE a $ 4 stock ?
  141. Thoughts on Vanguard
  142. I'm not one to wear a tin foil hat but
  143. Barbell strategy - feasible for an individual?
  144. Gundlach expects low retest - shorts S&P @ 2,863
  145. Airlines - Which Survive Without Going Through Bankruptcy
  146. Hows your Permanent Portfolio doing?
  147. Finding correlated ETFs
  148. Brokerage account & Dividend ETF/MF
  149. ETFs vs individual stocks
  150. Waiting for bottom?
  151. Money Market Funds vs. High Yield Savings Accts
  152. I found this chart trying to explain the market .. what do you think?
  153. Stock Tips for the Covid market?
  154. Would you buy CVX and sit on it for 20 years
  155. Fun Trading Account Opportunities
  156. Chart comparing this decline to 1929, 1973, and 2008
  157. I think I might be a bucket system guy...
  158. Index Fund picking - Total Market or 500?
  159. Appropriate site those who trade for living?
  160. Inflation Protection
  161. First Quarter Profits? Pick a number, any number!
  162. Short and long term ramifications of current events
  163. DOW 15k here we come
  164. International Fund
  165. Bond Dividend Allocation
  166. Insider stock purchases
  167. CCL bonds
  168. Healthcare Related REIT (NHI) In The Time Of Corona
  169. AKRX - what do you guys think?
  170. Does anyone know SWAN?
  171. Why the Melt Up...?
  172. Couple questions about options
  173. Go from bonds to ca$h ?
  174. Maintain the expectancy of 1500 on the SPX
  175. This isn't the reversal
  176. Bond Diversification
  177. Did we get a "Wheeee!"
  178. Hardship Withdrawal Included In 2.2 Trillion Relief Bill
  179. Help me recoup bonehead $50G move
  180. Separately Managed Account (SMAs) revisited
  181. Good day to sell?
  182. DIS or AAPL ?
  183. Long term in defensive stocks?
  184. Time to sell some of this
  185. Program Trading
  186. Where to put $100K in the coming months
  187. Help me devise capital losses strategy
  188. Short ETFs
  189. life strategy and target retirement funds
  190. Diversification does it work??
  191. Did anyone's financial advisor see this coming?
  192. AMC stock
  193. When to buyback?
  194. Why are my bonds down?
  195. need help rethinking my 401K investments
  196. Whats up with Vanguard Wellesley fund?
  197. Oil biz
  198. Nuveen Municipal Value CEF (NUV)
  199. proshares short S&P500
  200. Vanguard total bond market
  201. Selling calls
  202. Back Door Roth Conversion Time
  203. Reminder: The simple math of rebalancing in a market crash.
  204. Convert to a roth?
  205. Done tinkering & DIY. 3 sleepless nights convinced me.
  206. Comparing the 1987 crash to current one
  207. This is why I am glad I am mostly in cash...
  208. Fidelity Fees
  209. Oil down 20% this weekend
  210. Beat up companies with great dividends?
  211. Seeking Fund Recommendation
  212. What Holding R U Considering Giving Up On ?
  213. Inconsistent high/low
  214. fidelity account problems
  215. Poll: Who is selling today’s (March 2nd) “dead cat bounce “
  216. Re-balance Triggers... Do You Have Them?
  217. Vanguard doesn't permit levered or inverse ETF buy orders in IRAs
  218. Baptism by fire on my way to a lazy portfolio
  219. Best Stocks to Pick
  220. Getting out of equities, patience and old age.
  221. anyone know where the market will hit bottom?
  222. Coronavirus Stock Shopping List
  223. Probably a good day to buy
  224. Early Widow
  225. The XKCD stock picking strategy
  226. Active vs. passive for REITs and BONDs
  227. 2008 Recession End Date? Advice for next one?
  228. ROTH investments
  229. How does my portfolio look?
  230. Fund Flows as indicator (+/-) of market behavior
  231. S & P Index (SPY)
  232. S&P 500 is not diverse
  233. Cocktail napkin calculations.
  234. Stocks are going higher...
  235. 75/25 is the new 60/40?
  236. How is this NOT a US Stock bubble??
  237. Moving to Lazy portfolio with significant individual stock cap gains
  238. Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (CMG)
  239. When to give up on an ETF (FILL)
  240. Holding cash for market timing
  241. OIL - and Oil Stock in the future?
  242. Locked in some gains
  243. Defensive Fund Moves Pre Market Correction: WWYD?
  244. 5G investment opportunities
  245. Too old?
  246. Index Funds; tech concentration, trading
  247. Reallocated investment contributions
  248. Big Bet on FSPTX
  249. The value premium
  250. Another Total Return vs. Income/Dividend Investing article