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  1. Can't sort data on Fidelity Website for CDs I bought.
  2. E-trade Account, VMFXX, Dividends
  3. Step up in basis in Mutual funds selling and buying same fund?
  4. CD vs Market
  5. Fidelity combined brokerage and CMA account
  6. Curious about HE
  7. Buying a brand new construction - what to look out for?
  8. WSJ article - Are Leveraged ETFs Worth the Costs and Risk?
  9. Fixed Income portfolio allocation, 401k options dilemma
  10. Wash sale question
  11. IRS pays 8%
  12. Long dated tips may finally be a buy
  13. Best books on Value investing/purchasing individual stocks
  14. Robo advisor
  15. NVDA shares held in IRAs
  16. Vanguard - MinTax: a new cost basis method designed to prioritize tax savings
  17. If Mr. Bogle believed that low cost index funds is the way to go...?
  18. secondary market CDs aren't FDIC insured?
  19. Inherited IRA Strategy
  20. Wait for bond funds to recover or sell at a loss and buy CD's
  21. Why is TSLA so lackluster?
  22. Are my figures correct: $57,485 and no taxes?
  23. Do you use ValueLine
  24. Why Balanced Funds Have Outperformed Target Date Funds
  25. VG Life Strategy Income Fund
  26. Update on private equity investment
  27. cash account investing for little taxable income
  28. Alternative investment to Real Estate rentals
  29. AA Question - How would you handle?
  30. Recession… What Recession?
  31. Amateur investors doing OK!
  32. Directing capital gains to a different fund
  33. How Do You Compare Dividend Payers?
  34. JNJ split-off to KVUE
  35. Cashing in Savings Bonds
  36. Using "bulletshare" type etfs in conjunction with treasuries
  37. Bond options in retirement account
  38. Brokered CDs vs Treasuries
  39. Anyone nibbling on T?
  40. Would you invest in this bond?
  41. LP Conversion to LLC...Pros & Cons?
  42. Where are we in the cycle?
  43. Question about borrowing money
  44. It would have been funny if it weren't real
  45. Help. Do i cut my mom's losses
  46. RMD Options for Reinvesting
  47. xFI - does inflation matter?
  48. Real World Dollar Cost Average Example
  49. Icahn's IEP and Class Action
  50. Do you plan to increase Equity/Stock Holdings before Fed pauses rate hikes?
  51. Dalio Speaks
  52. China -> Taiwan
  53. Morningstar SWR and Assumed CAGR
  54. LLC/Rental property taxes
  55. 6 Month Treasury Question
  56. Semiconductors: SMH vs FSELX
  57. Palantir PLTR
  58. Are you concerned about a U.S. debt default?
  59. Tax Loss Harvesting
  60. Hedging future trip to England
  61. New guy - good threads to read on basics of retirement investing?
  62. M2 money supply is shrinking
  63. Does Insider Ownership Matter ?
  64. Dividend and Bond Interest Tracking
  65. Stocks discouraged me this week
  66. Any Verizon (VZ) opinions?
  67. Low Price US Broad Market ETFs
  68. AI ETFs
  69. Do Shares Always Go To Zero After Chapter 11 ?
  70. Sector Rotations
  71. Moderate Portfolio "woes" ....
  72. CD's and FDIC Insurance
  73. JEPQ: What Am I Missing?
  74. 3M
  75. Active traders, what’s it like to be you?
  76. Total Market VG and FD funds are not equal. Is there a better fund?
  77. When does a NIIT tax wipe out your profit?
  78. Taxation of LTCGs during retirement
  79. Best uses of a Roth
  80. Calculating interest rate on purchase of Discounted contract.
  81. Putting Treasury TIPS cash flows into a spreadsheet
  82. I Guess So Called Financial Experts Are Not
  83. Silicon Valley Bank SIVB - $270 to $30 in 48 hours
  84. Placed New IRA Account all in Money Market Funds
  85. ST Bond fund questions...
  86. Best investment for grandchild?
  87. Moving from short- to long-duration bonds
  88. Thoughts On First Solar (FSLR)
  89. Tesla Investor Day
  90. Why is VTI up much less than market?
  91. Best Merrill Lynch Edge Money Market?
  92. Fidelity vs Schwab
  93. Need wash sale help ...
  94. Monte Carlo simulation
  95. Confused About Upcoming Maryland Municipal Bond
  96. When Treasuries Mature....
  97. According to history, the bear market is officially over as of 2/15/2023 [emoji322]
  98. In June 2024, stock/ETF trades will settle in one business day
  99. Schwab Thomas Partners for retirement
  100. David Rosenberg: optimal asset mix to maximize risk-adjusted returns
  101. Schwab 1099's are now available!
  102. Fidelity managed bond account- help
  103. Anyone considering CD ladders now that the rate is climbing
  104. Reporting Accrued Interest on Bond Purchase
  105. FZEXX vs FZDXX Question
  106. Schwab money fund pays 0.45% ?
  107. ETF portfolio
  108. sold put contracts now company merging ??
  109. Horrendous customer service at Vanguard
  110. After messing around with ChatGPT...
  111. Do Dividends Per Share Mean Anything?
  112. Any thoughts on "The Price of Time" by Edward Chancellor?
  113. Steel ETF (SLX) or steel stocks
  114. Best book for young investors
  115. Fisher Investments CEO Recommends Passive Investing [emoji16]
  116. A Tax Question for Options Trader - Do you pay cap. gains for rolling options?
  117. Buying Muni Fund Before Dividend Date?
  118. Treasury Direct and T Bill question
  119. How Much is Too Much BRK?
  120. What to do with Windfall
  121. income annually for 20 years starting in 4 years using cash
  122. ProxyVote App
  123. Cryptocurrency discussions on ER Forum
  124. Thoughts on Vanguard Value ETF (VTV)
  125. 2022 Personal Rate of Return?
  126. Kind of like the “perfect” portfolio
  127. My thought process - 4 year money
  128. Did Small Cap Tech Stocks tumble enough?
  129. Analyze this Mystery Stock
  130. Anyway to Get Historical SEC Yield for FZDXX?
  131. Question about Vanguard options trading and lot assignment
  132. Long dated TIPs finally a buy
  133. Same Company - different performance uk vs usa shares - why ??
  134. Are you changing your strategy between December and January?
  135. Long term mutual funds much worse than benchmark
  136. TSP 2023 Investment Changes?
  137. Tax Loss Harvesting
  138. Up 10% for the year
  139. Investing in 2023
  140. Bank Stocks/Bank of America
  141. Do you know an ETF for AdTechs?
  142. Vanguard Windsor 2 admiral vs SP 500 index ?
  143. Is Anyone Investing in EV ETFs
  144. Contextualizing Today’s Economy with Jeremy Siegel
  145. Experience with MLP in taxable account?
  146. Soft landing or hard landing for 2023?
  147. Bill Gross and Mortgage REITS
  148. Bogleheads Investor Conference
  149. Moving everything into VOO / VTI
  150. I don't own any bonds
  151. Sometimes you lose
  152. Will illness be a stock market factor?
  153. 12/14/2022 Stock Market Prediction (after Powell’s 2 PM eastern decision)
  154. payout joint SPIA higher than single woman
  155. Will We Get A Santa Rally in 2022?
  156. Vanguard to State Street
  157. Happy dreams ... and yours?
  158. What to do with gold coins
  159. PA 529 plan - tax benefits
  160. MSFT or GOOGL
  161. Buying Bonds on Vanguard
  162. JP Morgan fund not paying interest and dividends
  163. Two types of bond ladders; When to replace a bond fund/ETF
  164. Do we have an index or theme fund for edtechs?
  165. Twitter Employees Resigning
  166. Regarding Div. and LTCG Dates: When to Buy a Mutual Fund
  167. JPM likes 60/40..... but what about?
  168. Rotation into stocks this week?
  169. Anyone following the crypto meltdown?
  170. One more reminder to stay clear from financial advisers
  171. Buffet - selling some banks
  172. Are FHLB Bonds State and Locally Taxable?
  173. Treasury Interest - Pecking Order
  174. Elon Musk Begins Mass Layoffs At Twittter
  175. My Stupid Bond Question #34833
  176. Don't invest in horses
  177. The SECURE Act 2.0 RMD CHANGES
  178. Cybersecurity / Data Center / 5G ETF or MF?
  179. option vertical spread question
  180. Which megacap do you want to hold for the next year?
  181. S&P 500 ETF Market Cap or Equal Weighted
  182. Bond Investing vs Bond Funds
  183. Opinion of buying international equities now?
  184. When Do Money Market Mutual Funds Break the Buck?
  185. TIAA Vs. Schwab w/focus on backend support
  186. Wisdom of putting money into a TFRA/LIRP?
  187. Jonathan Clements on over-rebalancing
  188. TheDebacle of Great Britain LDI investments
  189. Wash Rule Sale (VOO -> VTI)
  190. 1000+ Points reversal - Buying the Dip or Short Covering
  191. I made a Treasury Mistake
  192. Characterizing inflation
  193. Lyn Alden: October 2022 Newsletter
  194. Roubini: Stagflation Debt Crisis
  195. FYI: Fidelity bond cash flow tool and matured bonds
  196. Bought my first individual bonds ever
  197. Speculative play: Credit Suisse
  198. Buying Bonds for Beginners?
  199. UN Asked Fed to Stop Raising Rates + Fed Williams says Inflation 3% next year
  200. Is This Time Different?
  201. Talk me out of selling everything
  202. Gov Bond yields in eTrade and Vanguard
  203. TIPS for future RMD's
  204. Investing in used cars?
  205. Legislation to Increase iBond limit to $30,000/year
  206. UK Buying bonds, Resumes QE, and US Market is up 550-600 points .. what's next?
  207. DEA: Gov't property REIT and Verizon
  208. 2019 vs 2022 - cash vs 60/40 vs crazy
  209. Bond Funds in an IRA Prognostication please
  210. Jeremy Siegel accuses the Fed of making another big mistake
  211. FIDO advice vs forum thoughts
  212. Timing reentry (reposted to the correct forum)
  213. Figuring out what a company is invested in?
  214. A Bond Newbie
  215. Why Transfer In Kind?
  216. opinions on new way of viewing cash allocation?
  217. Vanguard Issues
  218. The RMD conundrum of 2022
  219. Anyone Tried Day Trading After Retirement?
  220. Druckenmiller sees flat stock market for a decade
  221. Good News, we sold my wife's 401K on Monday before the big drop
  222. Make Whole Call
  223. Arrived Homes?
  224. Help With Joint Venture Partnerships
  225. What's with the IBond math? 2 different monthly earnings
  226. I have sinned. I sold
  227. Class Action Suit question
  228. Question re: some shifts in bond fund allocation
  229. MPW - REIT- Medical Properties
  230. My Talking Head Confession
  231. Switching Brokers Question
  232. Jumbo CD questions
  233. Let talk our new direction 3 Fund Portfolio
  234. top off the portfolio or diversify in local real estate?
  235. Cash: To invest/preserve for 4 years.
  236. Seeking Alpha?
  237. 3M Commences Split-Off Exchange Offer for Food Safety Business
  238. Stairs up..elevator down
  239. Fidelity Zero Question
  240. An Edward Jones AMA
  241. Leaving EJ for Fidelity- what to know?
  242. new index ETF
  243. Opinions on Utilities/XLU
  244. Anyone Doing Wind Farms?
  245. Small Corp C stock conundrum / qualified dividends
  246. Funny how this Wall st Fund Strategist is asking Powell to Stop the Market Rally
  247. Tax Consequences In A Traditional IRA
  248. Another Question about Switching from VG to Fidelity
  249. Anyone in private equity (not funds)
  250. annuity regret