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  1. Talk me out of selling everything
  2. Gov Bond yields in eTrade and Vanguard
  3. TIPS for future RMD's
  4. Investing in used cars?
  5. Legislation to Increase iBond limit to $30,000/year
  6. UK Buying bonds, Resumes QE, and US Market is up 550-600 points .. what's next?
  7. DEA: Gov't property REIT and Verizon
  8. 2019 vs 2022 - cash vs 60/40 vs crazy
  9. Bond Funds in an IRA Prognostication please
  10. Jeremy Siegel accuses the Fed of making another big mistake
  11. FIDO advice vs forum thoughts
  12. Timing reentry (reposted to the correct forum)
  13. Figuring out what a company is invested in?
  14. A Bond Newbie
  15. Why Transfer In Kind?
  16. opinions on new way of viewing cash allocation?
  17. Vanguard Issues
  18. The RMD conundrum of 2022
  19. Anyone Tried Day Trading After Retirement?
  20. Druckenmiller sees flat stock market for a decade
  21. Good News, we sold my wife's 401K on Monday before the big drop
  22. Make Whole Call
  23. Arrived Homes?
  24. Help With Joint Venture Partnerships
  25. What's with the IBond math? 2 different monthly earnings
  26. I have sinned. I sold
  27. Class Action Suit question
  28. Question re: some shifts in bond fund allocation
  29. MPW - REIT- Medical Properties
  30. My Talking Head Confession
  31. Switching Brokers Question
  32. Jumbo CD questions
  33. Let talk our new direction 3 Fund Portfolio
  34. top off the portfolio or diversify in local real estate?
  35. Cash: To invest/preserve for 4 years.
  36. Seeking Alpha?
  37. 3M Commences Split-Off Exchange Offer for Food Safety Business
  38. Stairs up..elevator down
  39. Fidelity Zero Question
  40. An Edward Jones AMA
  41. Leaving EJ for Fidelity- what to know?
  42. new index ETF
  43. Opinions on Utilities/XLU
  44. Anyone Doing Wind Farms?
  45. Small Corp C stock conundrum / qualified dividends
  46. Funny how this Wall st Fund Strategist is asking Powell to Stop the Market Rally
  47. Tax Consequences In A Traditional IRA
  48. Another Question about Switching from VG to Fidelity
  49. Anyone in private equity (not funds)
  50. annuity regret
  51. What asset class is a venture capital investment?
  52. Forex Trading
  53. Ever feel like your buy order - wasn't filled?
  54. Tech Bellwethers..Recession is NOW
  55. Best Method For Converting 50+ Stocks In To A 2 or 3 Fund Portfolio
  56. Spirit Air Stock - SAVE
  57. Transferring from a managed fund
  58. Roth Conversion Noob
  59. How many own VWILX, International growth
  60. Anyone Retired And Using Buffett’s Recommended AA (90/10)?
  61. RMD article
  62. Maybe time to buy bonds back?
  63. Interesting Bill Bengen (Father Of 4% Rule) Video
  64. Pension or Annuity?
  65. Individual Bonds vs. MYGA's
  66. New investor looking for strategy feedback
  67. I Just Fired My AUM Advisor!
  68. Question about Carry-Overs from TLH
  69. Pay off mortgage or invest
  70. Leveraging a Heloc to buy stocks - Is this a bad idea?
  71. What Does This Line Mean In Brokerage Account?
  72. Preservation of assets 529
  73. What happens to T bills when the Fed has their next rate increase?
  74. Thoughts on Asset Repricing
  75. 401K Stable Value or IRA CD/Treasuries?
  76. Bucket Strategy Question - When to Draw from Bonds & Stocks
  77. Don't look at your investments too closely.
  78. Fidelity Securities Lending Program
  79. Is it ever ok to be 80-100% out of stock market?
  80. Berkshire is down 25% from its March 31 high
  81. With rising rates, how high is high enough to sock it all in long bonds?
  82. Morningstar Changes
  83. For those who are waiting to get back into the market...
  84. New York Community Bank - 7.7% dividend
  85. Where to put $800k
  86. Market Sentiment - Recession Length
  87. Stifel vs. Raymond James
  88. Wash Rule and Capital Gains/Loss Carryover Clarity
  89. Anyone Else still holding Bond Funds?
  90. What strategy would have actually worked in early 2022?
  91. Keep throwing good money after bad?
  92. ETF Selling Question
  93. Latest Inflation Numbers and Discussion
  94. Inflation risk- cash vs stocks?
  95. Fidelity Managed individual bonds- Advice please
  96. Possibly creating a subdivision on half our property, how is this going to work?
  97. Start of a new era
  98. MYGAs - what a PITA!!!
  99. Thinking globally
  100. Market Timing or Risk Management?
  101. What are your stocks that are up YTD?
  102. Case Study - Fiddling With Portfolio
  103. Pipeline Stocks ?
  104. No bonds 100% stocks???
  105. A Question about Switching from VG to Fidelity
  106. Oh the Pain
  107. How does this decline compare to previous recessionary ones?
  108. Even Wal-Mart Can't Escape Inflation
  109. Wash Sale Basis Where Does It Go - Taxable & IRA
  110. Why Aren't I-Bonds Getting More Attention?
  111. Commodity Investment - Which Security?
  112. How to measure your stock performance vs SP500
  113. Assessing the Carnage
  114. I admit, I'm a bit shellshocked
  115. Vanguard Wellington and Inflation
  116. FSKAX vs VTI (options hedging)
  117. Another Rental Property Question
  118. Corporate Notes
  119. Future of Economy and Inflation
  120. Cathie Wood, not possible to pick stocks
  121. Dhcni 8.8%
  122. Reinvest dividends or keep taking for cash flow
  123. 10 year Yield going back down .. a turning point?
  124. Dow losing almost -1000 Friday .. when will it end? Do we get a V recovery?
  125. What stocks are you shopping?
  126. Has any of you invested with Masterworks?
  127. Government agency bonds. Any info?
  128. Floating Rate Funds
  129. Risk/Reward question
  130. Withholding on Stock Dividend in Roth
  131. Bond vs. Equity Risk Perf During Rising Rates
  132. Stocks as Hedge Against Inflation
  133. Dow/S&P Reporting
  134. Bond Funds when Interest Rates Rise
  135. Yield Inversions
  136. I'd love some opinions....
  137. Laddered Bonds vs Bond Funds in Buckets - Does this make sense?
  138. Losing 5% Was Best You Could Do in Stocks and Bonds This Quarter-Bloomberg
  139. Sell VG Core Bond Index, or stocks?
  140. Individual bonds
  141. Which bonds did best in the last 2 rate ramps?
  142. When to buy a bond fund
  143. Maximizing Qualified Dividend 0% Taxes
  144. Long term bond fund question
  145. Implementing Rebalance Band Rules - Does it Really Move the Needle?
  146. Chinese ADRs and what's happening
  147. Amazon Announces A 20-1 Split
  148. Move to safer investments
  149. Who do i buy for some Marcellus Shale stock with?
  150. Are energy stocks the new tech over short term?
  151. Stocks in Germany, the UK, France, Italy, and Spain Plunge Below Year 2000 Levels
  152. p/e ratio of SP 500
  153. Cashing EE Bonds
  154. Commodities: Diversification and hedge
  155. Fed Now Says It Should Have Acted Sooner on Inflation
  156. Fixed Maturity Bond ETFs
  157. Can't buy Russia ETF?
  158. Protected deferred annuity (PDA)
  159. O&G stocks
  160. Extreme fear now
  161. Tax Loss Harvest Questions. IWM vs VTWO
  162. NW Bound option question
  163. This should be simple, A vanguard transfer
  164. Selling Cash Secured Puts Recent Emphasis and Popularity
  165. Liking my boring account these days
  166. CVX or XOM
  167. Poll: Market bottom and recovery time?
  168. Buying back put contracts early?
  169. Thoughts on short term rental property
  170. Paragon Services
  171. I-Bond ETF?
  172. Has anyone reduced their stock exposure this year?
  173. Charlie Munger - Over 100 years Currency going to zero
  174. Ruminating on asset allocations - what if
  175. Corporation earning calls
  176. Delaying SS, any affects due to COLA's
  177. Bye Bye Betterment
  178. SEC Chair now says 90% - 95% of retail trades go to Dark Pool
  179. I like this formula to assess Market risk
  180. Orion Office REIT (ONL) *Realty Income Spin-Off*
  181. Best site to do a Monte Carlo Simulation
  182. Retail Clients vs. Hedge Funds
  183. When to take my RMD
  184. Healthcare/biotech?
  185. Best time to roll......
  186. TSLA option question
  187. Stock monitoring software or website suggestion
  188. Investing as a hobby
  189. Do you own a target date fund in a taxable account: Watch this!
  190. Roth conversion
  191. Buying the dip or….
  192. Sell Rental Property?
  193. SP500 ETF recommendations please
  194. Vanguard Estimated Yearly Income?
  195. 15k advise
  196. What to do with 150,000 inheritance?
  197. Valuing the stock market on free cash flow yeild?
  198. Is this considered legal by a company? (stock question)
  199. Your favorite narrow based ETF for the next decade
  200. Did I do a stupid?
  201. Concentration & Valuations
  202. 100% ALL IN on one stock. Safe??
  203. Mining Interests
  204. Your favorite stock for next decade
  205. Fed taking away the punch bowl
  206. The Cryptocurrency Thread 2
  207. Easterly Government Properties (NYSE:DEA)
  208. ETFs
  209. Farm Land
  210. Robo Advisors vs. 60/40 AA with index funds
  211. Invesco S&P Pure Growth ETF - decreased dividends
  212. synthetic long option question
  213. Formula to beat S&P 500 over time
  214. Goldman Sachs
  215. Vanguard Target Retirement 2030 Down 15%
  216. Investing in Value stocks
  217. Just Cashed in on 3 Small Cap funds that did 30% - 40% YTD for 2021
  218. Revisiting Shiller PE 10 AA Strategies
  219. Better definition of investment risk
  220. Lump sum of cash into rental property or markets?
  221. Broadcom…
  222. VWINX - Distribution?
  223. Has Santa Claus rally begun?
  224. What to do with Patriot Bonds?
  225. Alternatives to Cash? Advice Requested
  226. What’s Not to Like About a Fund With a 7% Yield
  227. Stock Ownership Stats and Market Caps
  228. Confused - TMFGX ?
  229. Please advise! can a mutual fund be down over 25% in one day?
  230. Has Vanguard Lost its way?
  231. Inflation and new FRED info
  232. Market timing Inflation Protected Bonds?
  233. T.Rowe Price or Other providers?
  234. Better Stocks Than Bonds in Retirement
  235. International stocks etf
  236. Schwab and Quicken
  237. PayPal stock PYPL
  238. Mutual Fund Pricing
  239. Will you hold - if there's a new Covid Crash?
  240. Anyone Buying Into Today's Dip?
  241. Young Investors & Returns in High Markets
  242. safe withdrawal experience
  243. Mutual Fund Expense Ratios
  244. Real Estate and income and Code Section 1231 Assets
  245. selling puts - how to report tax?
  246. Sold my 1st put - opinions - advice ?
  247. Anyone buying into the Rivian IPO?
  248. OPEN stock- Any Opinions?
  249. The Best and Worst S&P 500 Funds- Morningstar
  250. LIT, Global X Lithium & Battery Tech ETF