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  1. Transportation bills affect ER?
  2. Health care?
  3. Underfunded pensions? Anyone here have their pension payments reduced?
  4. Outlandish Pensions Push Providence Toward Bankruptcy
  5. Awful health care treatment for vets.
  6. Apple should buy Greece
  7. Means testing SS
  8. $550,000 medical bills
  9. Healthcare Insurance Costs in Texas and the 2010 Law
  10. boosting the economy
  11. Another case of not seeing the big picture (company BK because of pension)
  12. Universal Medical care means more jobs?!?!?
  13. any members here became FIRE with less than 300K?
  14. Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission report
  15. Is America broke?
  16. Paying for the "payroll tax" cut
  17. Class warfare and FIRE?
  18. What's the group's view on the US economy?
  19. Best and Worst Run States in America An Analysis Of All 50
  20. Eviction for "Occupy LA" 12:01 am Monday
  21. Who is mandating state spending???
  22. Making a living using Tax Payers- Survey
  23. Obamacare in the supreme ct
  24. '60 Minutes' Congress: Trading Stock On Insider Info?
  25. Super Committee Jeopardy
  26. What if the US paid off the Debt?
  27. End the Fed?
  28. So Who Are The 1%?
  29. Who really robbed the middle class? Health Care
  30. Argentina
  31. Michael Lewis in V. F.
  32. Occupy Wall Street
  33. What is the best and/or worst financial decision made by....
  34. 9-9-9 tax plan: Good for ER types?
  35. The FED wants to be your friend?
  36. Congressional Affect on Stock Market
  37. TED: The 6 killer apps of prosperity
  38. Zakaria bazooka
  39. SS calculator: not the usual one
  40. David Wiedemer, Aftershock
  41. Do you think Americans have lost their spirit?
  42. Welcome to the Zerocovery
  43. Federal Agency Set to Sue Major Banks Today or Tuesday
  44. Scott Burns: Who stole the Social Security money?
  45. Health Care and Employment Solution?
  46. US Taxes and the Economy
  47. US Debt and Super Committee Budget
  48. Debt/Deficit/Taxes and Health Care Reform
  49. future of social security? do you plan for it?
  50. Increasing taxes?
  51. Fed Warns Congress
  52. In what month and year does Obamacare go into effect?
  53. more evidence that...
  54. Don't Look Down
  55. Our tax money, gone again.
  56. Are Eurobonds the answer?
  57. Gas price too high, in relation to crude oil
  58. Health Care Mandate - To Supreme Court to Decide
  59. Beware of the Class Warriors
  60. Tea Party Responsible for the S&P Downgrade ?
  61. Economic Growth - Are We Approaching A Limit?
  62. MOre Tax Debate - Next up fed gas tax
  63. proposals for fixing ss and medicare
  64. "The Rich Should Pay Their Fair Share"
  65. Is there even any hope in this debt mess?
  66. raise income tax bracket rates to create economic/job growth
  67. Balance The Budget & Pay Off The Debt, Where Is A Legit Plan?
  68. a few questions regarding default
  69. What is actually going to happen?
  70. Debt Ceiling Resolution Date/Time Prediction
  71. Is Your Lobbist Speaking up for You??
  72. SSA doesn't know if payments will be made
  73. working vs. not
  74. Debt Ceiling - We Are Getting Hoodwinked
  75. "entitlement"?
  76. Your prediction on the Debt Crisis
  77. I'm ready to start stocking up on guns and canned goods here in Minnesota
  78. U.S. Debt/Deficit Reduction Congressional Negotiations
  79. jobs news July 8--losing government jobs
  80. Get Ready for the Tax Sunset
  81. Size Of Government - What Do We Really Want?
  82. "panic & terror"
  83. State Budgets & Schools
  84. Foreign Aid
  85. Reverse Mortgages
  86. Congressman and Senators Make Great Investors?
  87. Anyone else watch the HBO "Death with Dignity" documentary?
  88. HBO: Too Big to Fail
  89. Are you worried that Congress may tax Roth IRA's in the future?
  90. The millionaire retiree next door.
  91. Study - Republican change to Medicare will force 54 y.o. to build up $182K!
  92. Beware of Greeks......
  93. AARP takes a position on proposal to cut Medicare and SS
  94. The Age Of America Will End In 2016 When China Blows Past Us IMF
  95. Glad I'm Not Looking for a Good Job
  96. Is America at the Point of No Return?
  97. Poll - should we eliminate the debt ceiling"
  98. Obama's Upcoming Social Security Proposal
  99. anyone else bugged about CEO pay?
  100. YOU Balance the US Budget/Reduce the Deficit SPECIFICS
  101. U.S. Spends 141% More on Health Care
  102. The Federal Budget And Why The US Is In Trouble
  103. Government has grown while manufacturing has not.......
  104. Encouraged by Voter Turnout........
  105. What happens the day after Congress refuses to increase the debt ceiling?
  106. Ryan-Rivlin Plan for Medicare & Medicaid Reform
  107. "Tax the Super Rich Now or Face a Revolution"
  108. Were the Nuclear Protesters Right?
  109. Did ya know: If you disenroll from Medicare, you give up your SS?
  110. Independant Investigation to Gulf Oil Spill
  111. Federal Barry Bonds Trial
  112. Budgets being cut anyway . . .
  113. USA Inc. - If the US Fed Govt was a business!
  114. local school board meetings
  115. Should Wall Street direct a portion of bonuses to shareholder dividends?
  116. And so it begins...CO and MD offer bill for single payer
  117. Fate of Colorado PERA COLA lawsuit?
  118. Let's tax the veterans!!!
  119. AARP and the National Budget
  120. Interesting Times in Wisconsin..........
  121. Recent events in Libya, Egypt and elsewhere
  122. Let's Tax The Rich!!!
  123. 2 year anniversary today
  124. Kaiser Foundation Pop Quiz: Assessing Americans' Familiarity With the Health Care Law
  125. Huffington now in charge of AOL news content
  126. Medicare
  127. Correcting some misinformation on medical care for the penniless
  128. Sad Story
  129. Health Care subsidies
  130. How will a fight over the debt ceiling affect the market?
  131. Health Care Reform Polling data
  132. Earnings Growth?
  133. My 2010 income tax exceeds the average household income
  134. Briton Living In US Looks at Lame Duck Phenomenon
  135. Should we return to prior healthcare system
  136. No Labels Party
  137. How Should Americans' Health Care be Paid For?
  138. What are the Health Care options?
  139. Obama Signs New Tax Bill - Soc Security Taxes Cut???
  140. Judge in VA strikes down federal health care law
  141. Potential Estate Tax Details
  142. One Irishman's thoughts on their financial crisis
  143. Business owners: Write your Congress person NOW
  144. Tax Cuts Extended to All Americans
  145. Cracker Barrel Restaurants Create E-Car Charging Network in TN
  146. Nigel Farage(UK Independence Party) on Euro Problems
  147. Poll: legalizing marijuana
  148. Dollar Debasement
  149. Proposed SS reform: "A Well- Tailored Safety Net"
  150. Should You Be Allowed To Vote If You Don't Pay Taxes?
  151. How Would You Balance the Budget? Preferred ratio of tax increases and spending cuts
  152. Poll: Will the US cut spending?
  153. America the Crossroads Nation
  154. NY Times Editorial on Changes to Estate Tax
  155. Quantitative Easing ??????
  156. Sure is quiet today........
  157. Political ad from 1800
  158. A Discussion About the Middle Class
  159. New Movie "Inside Job" about 08 Economic Meltdown
  160. Foreclosure moratorium - why?
  161. Three Cheers for TARP
  162. Glenn Hubbard Makes Good Suggestions That Of Course Will Never Be Used in America
  163. Pledge to America
  164. Need Help in Understanding Medicare Premium Rules
  165. Effective Federal Tax Rates Resource
  166. Where and how do you get your news?
  167. Fed report: simplify retirement savings incentives
  168. Challenge: Stabilize the Debt
  169. Katrina 5 Years Later
  170. Unrelated to FIRE, but pretty funny
  171. Tax Increase - Not Much Difference btw Full Extension & Obama Plan
  172. Corporatism / Socialism
  173. Cost of a teacher?
  174. Taxpayers footing half the cost of BP's $20B damage claim fund?
  175. Millionaire Cop next Door : Karlgaard Digital Rules
  176. More Doom & Gloom - 15 examples
  177. "If you like your plan, you can keep it"
  178. The $287k job
  179. Doing his job, ends up sentenced to prison
  180. Inflation adjusted, effective income tax rates
  181. Andy Grove advocates protectionism and more
  182. Boehner: Raise SS age and means-test benefits
  183. Internet Kill Switch?
  184. Retirees, Medicare, and the urgent "doc fix"
  185. WSJ: Arthur Laffer - Tax Hikes and the 2011 Economic Collapse
  186. The national debt, GDP, and politics
  187. Find yourself at the crossroads?
  188. No, You Can't Keep Your Health Plan
  189. Massachusetts Health Insurance Companies Post Massive Losses
  190. Would You Take this Deal?
  191. CBO: Health care legislation to cost $115B more than estimated
  192. Our Glorious Congress at Work
  193. Large companies weigh cost of dropping employee health benefits
  194. health "care"
  195. Citizenship?
  196. United Healthcare Stops Offering Insurance to Children
  197. National ID Card?
  198. Internet Gambling tax?
  199. Public Option in a nutshell
  200. Bailout final cost may be "only" $87B
  201. Financial Reform
  202. Interesting article on financial reform
  203. Anybody getting fair tax phone calls
  204. Fun in DC on Tax Day...
  205. Friend's Politics
  206. The Socialist Myth
  207. Poll: What percentage tax did you pay?
  208. How to Make Money from the New Health Spending Law?
  209. Suit filed against Health Bill
  210. Would you support "real" financial reform?
  211. The Hill on the cusp of healthcare
  212. Government Retiree Credit
  213. ObamaCare's Worst Tax Hike.
  214. Census - Is this it?
  215. 2010 Census Q's contradictory?
  216. How should one be investing should the U.S. lose its AAA rating?
  217. Social Security Begins Cashing in USA's IOUs
  218. Sarah Palin and Canadian Health care
  219. Good News
  220. Funny political video with SNL characters
  221. New proposed tax on income from interest/dividends
  222. Annuities wholesaled by Obama administration?
  223. Canadian Premier Will Have Heart Surgery in the US
  224. Health Care in Retirement
  225. Something good about higher marginal tax brackets
  226. Report from the TARP Special Inspector General
  227. Healthcare Reform... What Next?
  228. Social Security at age 60?
  229. Oh My ... the moment of truth
  230. New "payroll tax"on investment income being considered--attack on the ants.
  231. Anthem of Maine requests 23% rate increase, state regulators tell them to shove it
  232. Official Brief Comparison of House/Senate HC plans
  233. Are You Insured? The IRS Could be Watching?
  234. Germany's Transatlantic Climate Bridge
  235. Let's make a list of current healthcare inefficiencies
  236. Obama said the "B" word
  237. bush tax cuts - when expire
  238. How the Cap and Trade Works in Practice
  239. Dubai World , Bailout by the US ?
  240. "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’’.
  241. Forbes World's most powerful people list
  242. At least we got an apology....
  243. Boomers to the Rescue! Housing that is
  244. AARP ready to lose more members?
  245. House "Affordable Health Care for America Act"
  246. Other LBYMs squeezed out in H'care reform
  247. Holy Cow: Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize
  248. Iran Portfolio Risk
  249. Good Documentory on Health Care Around the World
  250. Faith in Bernake?