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  1. Not So Fast-Here We Go Again
  2. How various drugs (might) target the virus
  3. No new infections from the Great Clips exposure.
  4. Asymptomatic spreading is rare
  5. study quantifies effect of mask, distance
  6. New Zealand Lifts Lockdown as It Declares Virus Eliminated, for Now
  7. Coronavirus-losing-potency !!!!!!
  8. Short Memories?
  9. Public Libraries Reopening?
  10. Glutathione Deficiency and Covid
  11. A Fabric Could Neutralize Coronaviruses
  12. One takeaway from the pandemic ...
  13. COVID rampant among U.S. farm workers
  14. Prognosis tool - enter your health data
  15. Vitamin D might help
  16. The Risks Of 14 Summer Activities
  17. Coronavirus and the Economic Impact Payment Card
  18. Remdesivir Covid-19 antiviral
  19. Covid, Health and Exercise
  20. Could Covid 19 be the cure to OMY Syndrome??
  21. Do You Think There Will Be An Available Vaccine By The End of The Year?
  22. SS may be depleted by 2029 due to virus economy
  23. Poll: Are You Ready To Return To Your Favorite Dine In Restaurant?
  24. Optimists Corner
  25. Why do some folks have so much trouble wearing masks?
  26. Global Entry interview deadline extended
  27. Vaccines, Govt funds startup 1/3 billion!
  28. Jogging / walking etiquette
  29. Plausible Cause for Severe Cases of Covid
  30. Masks to buy
  31. Study on 1 person who infected 32-52 in one meeting
  32. Poll:Would you get vaccinated?
  33. ACA rates and COVID
  34. Covid-19 Poetry
  35. End of the World Reading List
  36. 13 Sailors on USS Roosevelt Relapse
  37. What is Going to Happen With Sports?
  38. Poll:Your feelings of happiness during this health crisis?
  39. Economic impact of virus vs lockdown
  40. MATH+ protocol for treating COVID-19
  41. Economic stimulus utility poll
  42. How bad will the Great Crash of 2020 be?
  43. DQOTD: Disinfect Bleach v Alcohol?
  44. Snowbirding / 2nd home changed forever?
  45. Pepcid (famotidine) as a treatment
  46. Corona Virus Limericks Anyone ?
  47. Covid Timeline from NYT
  48. Being conscious of negativity
  49. COVID mortality dynamics NHS study
  50. COVID transmission dynamics summary of studies
  51. Housing going forward in the age of Covid-19
  52. FDA: Best Practices for Re-Opening Retail Food Establishments
  53. Course of disease: Cytokine Storm 7 days after hospital discharge
  54. Paycheck Protection Program and Schedule C
  55. How Comfortable Are You Going to Dental Hygiene Appt?
  56. One family's diagnostic testing experiences
  57. As Things Reopen I am Voting With my Purse
  58. Likelihood of upcoming travel plans
  59. What temperature is too high?
  60. Carnival to resume limited domestic cruises on August 1
  61. Strategies to stay out of the hospital, once you are infected?
  62. COVID = More ERs?
  63. Wave 2 and 3
  64. ‘2nd wave’ forming offshore.
  65. Comparing flu deaths to Covid deaths
  66. Covid-19 Apps in the USA?
  67. Is it safe ????
  68. How we spend our day!
  69. Suggestions how I can help local unemployed and small businesses
  70. Bill Gates on Covid-19
  71. Researh on expedient mask materials
  72. COVID tools and dashboards
  73. Death toll predictions from 19 modelers
  74. Response to California ER doctors video
  75. Univ. Kentucky social distancing study
  76. Weather predictions and epidemic modeling
  77. Antibody testing, now what?
  78. Research on Potential Vaccines and Treatments
  79. Leader of North Carolina Protests Against Stay-at-Home tests positive for coronavirus
  80. Sweden experiment
  81. Agree we need to reopen without vulnerable/elderly at first?
  82. Let Repairman in the House or Wait?
  83. Chance of staying well until herd immunity is reached?
  84. What is the point of COVID testing?
  85. Change the vacation school year?
  86. U of W models when states can ease social distancing
  87. Too sickened by coronavirus to continue
  88. Individual State Guidance on Reopening
  89. Planning a trip to Atlanta, IF I can find N95 mask.
  90. This Can't Help the Recovery
  91. What If There’s Never A Covid-19 Vaccine?
  92. Why I think a second wave next winter is inevitable.
  93. COVID Roadmap links
  94. RVing expected to boom as lockdowns are eased
  95. We are only in the second inning with COVID-19
  96. Deaths per % population exposed
  97. Talk of an immediate economic ‘bounce back’
  98. Thur press briefing, tests on disinfection & half life
  99. Never Thought I’d See a This Again (Gasoline $/gal)
  100. Covid Unemployment Benefits..
  101. COVID 19 test kits
  102. Dept HHS Pandemic Influenza Plan Nov 2005
  103. Safest way to have blood work done?
  104. Scott Gottlieb interview 4/22
  105. Coronavirus Antibody Testing sites
  106. Neighborhood protests
  107. the plan for if you both are sick & one must go to hospital?
  108. pathogenicity of various strains (mutations) varies 270 fold
  109. NYT Opinion on "Silent Hypoxia"
  110. co-infection: 20.7% had a respiratory pathogen AND SARS-CoV-2
  111. Interesting article about use of numbers
  112. How Coronavirus Infected Some, but Not All, in a Restaurant
  113. index of research articles on Epidemic Forecasting
  114. Another mask disinfection & reuse study
  115. New Thinking on COVID-19's Attack on the Lungs
  116. Congrats Team ER.org
  117. Best stream to watch Coronavirus Task Force press briefings?
  118. What steps to take to avoid catching virus
  119. COVID-19 Job Impact?
  120. Solo quarantine ~ how is it going?
  121. The problem with thinking you know more than the experts
  122. Notice a Change in Tone?
  123. What are your predictions to real estate market?
  124. Getty Artworks COVID challenge
  125. How Helpful Hospitals?
  126. When the other set of in-laws ignore Virus Guidelines and Governor Stay At Home Order
  127. Feeling so depressed and confused
  128. Testing and Contact Tracing - What Do We Need?
  129. COVID-19 fatality rate may be much lower than previous estimates
  130. I have COVID-19
  131. Breathing easier
  132. Fed "early out" prompted by COVID-19 pandemic?
  133. Why do we need a new normal?
  134. CDC published research articles
  135. So many unresolved or partially resolved questions about the coronavirus
  136. Social distancing for couples
  137. Hand wipe disinfection: 30% alcohol may be sufficient
  138. Do you wear gloves when shopping?
  139. How to Make Disinfectant Wipes?
  140. When will the restrictions be lifted?
  141. Covid-19 Antibody Study Looking for Volunteers
  142. California guidelines
  143. Help Me Understand This What Am I Not Seeing Question
  144. CARES ACT -- Pulling Cash Penalty Free from IRA
  145. Potential drugs to treat Covid-19
  146. Second round of layoffs has started
  147. How to wash your hands
  148. What Will Travel Look Like After Coronavirus?
  149. Why is the global ratio of deaths to cases going up?
  150. Pre Virus Illness
  151. Who’s not going back to work.
  152. Music for Hope: Andrea Bocelli
  153. Physician Couple Share CV19 Experience
  154. Shouldn't We Be Studying Our Pets More Closely?
  155. Who’s Really At Risk of Dying From Covid-19
  156. Dr Fauci Reprise
  157. Saving Lives or Saving the Economy - False Choice?
  158. COVID-19 Antibody Testing Taking Place Now
  159. We've Already Recovered Halfway!
  160. Grocery Store Inflation
  161. Dr. Anthony Fauci - US Person of the Year
  162. Another 6.6 million new unemployed
  163. Can't/won't get that any more
  164. The Toilet Paper Shortage is Not Due to Hoarding After All!
  165. State and local governments cutting expenses?
  166. Martin Shkreli requests prison release so he can research coronavirus drugs
  167. Reduced auto insurance premiums
  168. Britain's Prime Minister Johnson in ICU; pregnant partner also showing symptoms
  169. Mask fashions - Show and tell?
  170. Podcast: COVID-19 vs 1918 Pandemic
  171. Here’s Hoping the Peak is Apr 15!
  172. There are some positives to the pandemic
  173. Other symptoms that may signal COVID19
  174. COVID News Coverage - Helpful or Make it worse?
  175. COVID - Raise Question
  176. Wealthier people can social distance better and faster
  177. Are your neighbors ignoring the stay at home orders?
  178. Corona Beer Unavailable
  179. How are you staying sane?
  180. Coronavirus Will Change The World Permanently. Here’s How.
  181. Found a box of 125 nitrile gloves; how do I find out who to donate these to?
  182. Is the stimulus too little too late for 50% of Americans?
  183. Projections for Peak Dates Corona Virus for Each State
  184. No tax return. How to get the ckeck?
  185. Apartment dwellers/laundry
  186. Recommendations and when to exceed them
  187. Build the Denominator?
  188. You Witness an Injury/Accident - Render Assistance or Social Distancing?
  189. The Fed’s Cure Risks Being Worse Than the Disease
  190. Can we play nice for a while?
  191. Cutting costs. Cutting subscriptions.
  192. New activities
  193. What are you making from all the food?
  194. Hand sanitizer: how to "flatten the curve"
  195. Comments from frontline NYC Doctor
  196. Sweden’s “Bold Experiment?”
  197. Spending 24 hours a day with your spouse
  198. A Father, and his Angst
  199. Military Commissaries and coronavirus shortages
  200. Make your own infection model!
  201. Safe Volunteer ideas during pandemic?
  202. Grocery Shopping
  203. Victory Gardens
  204. American Tune - Simon & Garfunkel
  205. How Will We Be Changed By Covid-19?
  206. New 5-Minute Coronavirus Tester Approved by FDA
  207. Decontamination
  208. Disasters bring out the best in people
  209. how is the US going to pay for the relief package?
  210. Pandemics Depress the Economy, Public Health Interventions Do Not
  211. Vanguard: Expectations for recession: Sharp but hopefully short
  212. Take off your foil hat and get out of your basement
  213. Social distancing / stay at home - love it or hate it?
  214. List your symptoms (early, mid-course, late course, lingering)
  215. Moral dilemma with new covid unemployment package
  216. Many of you don't w*rk but . . .u ready to go back?
  217. Masks Work
  218. UK Patient Zero?
  219. Stimulus Payment Calculator
  220. 2020 Estimated Taxes & All Other Taxes - Covid-19 Relief
  221. Where are the Preppers?
  222. Game Zero
  223. Chinese Restaurants impacted?
  224. Schools and COVID-19
  225. Asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Infections - How rare?
  226. Dire situation in New York State
  227. Senate Reaches Historic Deal On $2T Coronavirus Economic Rescue Package
  228. Data sources?
  229. Hypertension and Losartan
  230. Corona Government program 1960
  231. COVID Theme Music
  232. Shopping and restocking updates
  233. New evidence emerges of a coronavirus seasonal cycle
  234. 100k without penalty from 401k
  235. Why should we Bail out the Cruise industry?
  236. Medscape Article Explains Rapid Deterioration
  237. Thought experiment:
  238. Can a log curve provide some encouragement?
  239. Is a dilute bleach solution a satisfactory hand cleaner for COVID?
  240. Driving from Florida to Oregon next Wednesday
  241. I know but....
  242. Stimulus Bill , ok, but who will pay the Bill
  243. Restaurants & Bars That Choose to Stay Open?
  244. Cabin fever my evolving prescription...
  245. COVID-19 overload
  246. Rental Risk with COVID-19?
  247. Unemployment Report Thurs 3-26
  248. How to make your house work for isolation
  249. What's next for hoarding?
  250. Covid 19 vs H1N1