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  1. I have COVID and need help. I am in panic mode
  2. Covid deaths still happening
  3. Spring 2024 booster
  4. Poll: Have you had Covid?
  5. Long Covid
  6. Neighbor just taken off by ambulance
  7. Free COVID tests available again....
  8. Free COVID tests available again....
  9. Current Covid Booster - September 2023
  10. The Covid Retirement Boom
  11. COVID habits you've kept
  12. Second Bivalent Booster?
  13. Covid and planes
  14. New Variant Vaccine
  15. Sunlight and Covid
  16. Timing of Covid Boosters - Max my Protection
  17. Joe Biden has Covid
  18. I've got Covid.... The thread for your covid experiences
  19. FDA has approved the NOVAVAX vaccine today July 13, 2022 - Protein-based Vaccine
  20. R0
  21. iPhone exposure notifications - do they work?
  22. Paxlovid
  23. Novavax - will be the 4th FDA authorized vaccine for the United States
  24. Having to go back to office and facing Covid risk
  25. Covid in the House (I'm negative)
  26. How I Got Covid by Letting My Guard Down Part II
  27. Fitness expert Bill Phillips almost died from Covid!
  28. How I Got Covid by Letting My Guard Down (e.g. Stupid)
  29. We had covid
  30. Travel insurance with Covid coverage
  31. Early retirement because of pandemic may not be a thing after all
  32. More Free Home Covid Tests Are Available
  33. Home Covid tests extended shelf life
  34. Another wave. Here we go again.
  35. Travel during Covid OmicronB
  36. Nursing home operator fudges covid death numbers.
  37. Test to Treat initiative
  38. No Ending - Covid Testing For Returning Americans
  39. How Are You Calculating Amount of Risk While Returning to Somewhat Normal?
  40. Twice boosted, Covid positive
  41. How did this many deaths become normal?
  42. Oh Deer.....
  43. Covid impact on our schools -a lost generation?
  44. BA.2 variant - new study suggests severity concerns
  45. Risk Factors for Severe COVID-19 Outcomes
  46. This just reported: 900,000 dead: Covid deaths are surging in low-vaccination states
  47. Have a Corona at the Omicron Family Restaurant
  48. Depression
  49. Website is open to order your 4 free tests now
  50. Paxlovid Availability
  51. CDC has approved 4th vaccine dose for some people
  52. Testing *after* my symptoms have diminished?
  53. At home testing to be covered by insurance, not Medicare!
  54. Latest on fomite (surface) transmission
  55. What's the COVID Testing Situation in Your Area?
  56. Omicron/Covid timeline to manifest
  57. Whoops... Younger son has covid
  58. Are you preparing for life disruptions from this winter/Omicron COVID surge?
  59. Covid sing along...The Waiting
  60. Regeneron not effective against Omicron
  61. Single Vaccine Against All COVID & SARS Variants?
  62. Pfizer Covid Pill Authorized
  63. Evusheld approved by FDA
  64. Covid cruise ship just docked in New Orleans
  65. Utterly Confused with MAsks
  66. New heavily mutated variant B.1.1.529 in South Africa raises concern
  67. Christmas with family
  68. Phish concerts leave trail of infections
  69. Thoughts on Thanksgiving
  70. Covid Getting Closer to Home
  71. Recommendation for KN95 mask for woman with narrow face
  72. Air travel during Covid times
  73. Covid Changed Our Neighborhood Dynamics...
  74. Autumn 2021 update on our situation
  75. International Covid testing for returning Americans
  76. Poll:Workplace requirements
  77. Covid will it ever end??
  78. Covid Costing Question
  79. Questionable HC coverage
  80. Pfizer Covid vaccine approved by FDA
  81. Its really scary out there.
  82. What test to determine if Covid vaccine is effective?
  83. Anyone Considering Cancelling Travel
  84. Vaccine Immunization portal
  85. Breakthrough club
  86. FDA Approves Booster Shot for People with Weakened Immune Systems
  87. Reliability of Assure antibody test
  88. Travel -> apprehensive
  89. Delta variant can infect families from exposed children, even vaccinated adults.
  90. Get vaccinated or not get vaccinated - poll
  91. Covid Positive Regen-cov
  92. Pandemic Purchases
  93. Unvaccinated, anti-vax relatives
  94. repair people in the house
  95. I Kinda Going To Miss The Solitude
  96. At Odds With Spouse/Covid Social Distancing
  97. Mild COVID infection induces lasting immunity
  98. Results of Covid/Vaccine Studies
  99. Corona Virus, Covid and the future
  100. Herd Immunity in the US out of Reach
  101. Stopping Supplements
  102. Shingles risk with COVID vaccine
  103. Mix and match vaccine trial
  104. Restaurant Dining
  105. New Covid infections rising: Michigan, 10-19's, variants, etc.
  106. J&J vs Moderna/Pfizer
  107. Back to work and play from the COVID period
  108. A personal Covid Experience
  109. Estimate Covid risk
  110. Covid Long Haulers: symptoms, treatments and options
  111. Fantastic Vaccine Results in US
  112. Travel During COVID-19
  113. Best wire-free mask(s) to wear during an MRI?
  114. Poll:Post-vaccination antibody test?
  115. COVID vaccine concerns / anxiety
  116. How has the pandemic changed your life in positive ways?
  117. COVID Tracking Project ending
  118. Poll: Have You Had A Covid Vaccine?
  119. New and Old Travel Tips
  120. KN95 masks reusable?
  121. Covid Vaccine and Shingrix
  122. new mammogram guidelines related to the COVID vaccine
  123. Jan 2021 Jobs Report
  124. Good News--No Bad Side effects to Covid Vaccine
  125. Post Vaccination Behavior
  126. 'Cabin Fever' harder on some
  127. My son just got his first dose Covid vaccine!
  128. Covid Dreams
  129. Still Disinfecting Surfaces? It Might Not Be Worth It
  130. Covid Rules for your State
  131. Covid Vaccine Distribution
  132. Lessons Learned
  133. Losing Taste and Smell
  134. Poll: How many of these tasks do you do regarding possible covid surfaces?
  135. CDC updated the 14 day quarantine guideline
  136. How quickly back to normal?
  137. My husband just tested positive...
  138. Fear of COVID-19 fueling increase in bariatric surgeries
  139. COVID Test for Dad’s 90th Birthday
  140. Covid test for Wedding
  141. How Covid-19 Will Change Aging and Retirement
  142. “Outdoor” dining
  143. Is it Wise Buy Furnace and Other Parts in Case Pandemic Cuts Supply Chains?
  144. Anyone Using CV19 Exposure Notifications?
  145. Do you still have maid coming in?
  146. Any data on how long you shed Covid virus before you feel ill.
  147. Holiday Shopping
  148. Standardized Covid Treatment Protocols?
  149. IFR by State
  150. Tough dinner conversation with adult live-in daughter
  151. Spreads so easily......
  152. What criteria would you use to choose among multiple vaccine options?
  153. Too early to plan Christmas?
  154. Halloween 2020?
  155. Thanksgiving
  156. New college challenges...
  157. Vaccines and hypersensitivity
  158. Taking one's car in for service in these Covid Times
  159. Getting Sick Less Often
  160. my experience with CVS COVID drive-through test
  161. Being excessively cautious (is simple masking enough)
  162. Trump and Melania got Covid19 - news just out
  163. COVID Silver Linings?
  164. COVID Information Resources
  165. Covid 19 Experience
  166. So I guess quarantining is officially over?
  167. NYT: Big challenge: Keeping COVID vaccines cold
  168. Weakened Immune System and Covid-19
  169. Long-Haulers
  170. Out of State Covid Testing
  171. Covid Era Bankruptcies (46)
  172. There Won’t Be a Clear End to the Pandemic
  173. Face masks
  174. A Supercomputer Analyzed Covid-19 — and an Interesting New Theory Has Emerged
  175. New Study on Vitamin D and COVID
  176. Poll: Would you get vaccinated in 2021 for travel?
  177. Strange double takes on COVID restrictions
  178. Optometrist requiring Optomap retinal screening due to COVID
  179. Jury duty during a pandemic.
  180. Vaccine Trial in Florida Stopped: FDA Thinks European Trial May Be Good Enough
  181. Vaccine Trials
  182. Grandkids school sporting events...do you go?
  183. Why on Earth are People Still Hoarding Toilet Paper etc.?
  184. What does the other side of Covid look like
  185. Coronavirus prevention measures virtually eliminate Flu in South Africa
  186. New COVID test - SalivaDirect
  187. Prospects of a Functional Cure for COVID-19
  188. Corona Virus testing cost
  189. WHO urges public avoid routine dental
  190. Staying in hotels - is it safe?
  191. Stories from a Contact Tracer
  192. Your Predictions for the post Covid-19 Economy?
  193. The Impact of COVID-19 on the Nature of W*rk
  194. Vitamin D and Covid 19 Correlation
  195. infectivity of stuff on surfaces
  196. Feeling Claustrophobic
  197. Updates on COVID 19
  198. Our First venture overnight out of the house...
  199. Made it 5 months without getting Covid-19
  200. Restaurants in Trouble
  201. Data New cases AND new tests?
  202. Face Shields
  203. Home Covid Testing
  204. Is Quarantine changing sensitivities
  205. Super-spreader Situations
  206. Train Travel
  207. Is all this hand washing really necessary?
  208. Texas firm making NIOSH approved N95 masks
  209. Factors that affect Covid-19
  210. Six distinct 'types' of COVID-19 identified
  211. Hand Sanitizer Recall
  212. Have You Witnessed Any Public Confrontations Related to Covid?
  213. Good news! Reports of reinfection may just be cases of drawn-out illness.
  214. How long to wait
  215. Govt Contract For Vaccine
  216. The Great Unscheduling
  217. Help me with my math?
  218. A Possible area of more focus in the treatment of Covid
  219. I picked a good year to retire from teaching.
  220. Online sources for hand sanitizers, anti-bacterial hand wipes, antibacterial wipes?
  221. Using Wastewater to Detect and Track Coronavirus SARS2
  222. Part 2: Tested +, but have no symptoms.
  223. New habits that are likely permanent
  224. Our school district just announced it would be 100% online in the fall.
  225. Sweden Reversing??
  226. Young People and COVID-19 Spread
  227. Contact Tracer - Virtual Volunteers Needed
  228. Tested Experiences
  229. Reason to be wary for those asymptomatic?
  230. Tuff times ahead ..
  231. New mask thread
  232. Correlation of COVID -19 Restrictions and Deaths
  233. Expenses that went up/down during COVID?
  234. I tested positive, but I have no symptoms
  235. Safe like me calculator
  236. Outdoor air and Corona Virus infections
  237. CovidAge Risk Calculator
  238. Lots of good news today
  239. Dental cleaning appt in July - WWYD?
  240. Cabin fever
  241. Vaccine Approved For China Military
  242. Are you still planning on snow bird to Florida this coming winter?
  243. Fake mask exemption cards!
  244. Medical tools to have, oxygen at home
  245. Pressure Treated Lumber Shortage
  246. Wow, it’s getting really scary in Texas - and everywhere else!
  247. Masks vs No Masks...
  248. Probability of various outcomes once infected
  249. Wand Sanitizing Light
  250. 36 Activities Ranked WRT COVID-19 Risk