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    Bio: Came to the USA from England in 1987 and returned to England in 2016 to be close to family and friends. Married while still in college in 1976, 2 kids, both through college successfully and now left home and working. Paid off mortgage to become debt free the same year that first kid went to college and retired as planned as soon as was eligible, end of January 2010.

    Location: N. Yorkshire
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Andy R

    Bio: Andy was working at a financial advisory firm managing the the technology department when he got so frustrated with w*rk he quit and moved to Argentina to focus on making a business out of his hobby. He spent 4 years traveling around the world working from his laptop building Social Knowledge, the company that owns this forum community. Andy's hobbies include sustainable living and green building, learning about new cultures, researching investment options, technology and search engine optimization. He's married and has a really cute little daughter.

    Location: Dallas, Tx
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    Bio: Gumby sells velvet Elvis pictures from the back of a van. The voices in his head provide most of his investment guidance, although there are occasionally heated arguments among them prior to a final decision. He claims to be married, but no one really believes it.

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Janet H

    Bio: Janet is a working musician (which is similar to retirement) and enjoys traveling with her band across the pacific NW. A refugee from academia, she has learned to tend her retirement account diligently and tailor lifestyle to pocketbook. She is married and has one tuition sucking (but adorable) son.

    Location: Pacific NW
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    Bio: MichaelB is an avatar with a pseudonym searching for like minded beings. He broke out of the asylum at the end of the last millennium, and since then mostly listens to the voices in his head.

    Location: Sheltered in place
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Support Admin

    Bio: Support Admin spends time inventorying office supplies and trying to sort out how the answering machine works and hopes to retire soon.

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Tech Admin

    Bio: tech admin is our forums tech guru. He spends his time keeping our board buffed up and running well and has distant dreams of retirement - very distant. Look for tech admin online at odd hours when most reasonable folks would prefer to be enjoying the sounds of crickets and sleeping on well stuffed mattresses.

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Super Moderator


    Bio: ER'd 2016: I make jewelry, play with my cat, tend to my orchids, and kill dragons.

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    Location: Flyover country
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    Bio: At age 45, I am enjoying a quiet retirement in France. I am an adept of simple living.

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    Bio: Lived and worked in Michigan my entire life/career. Early on I had a co-worker friend retire at 55 and realized I could do the same and that became a focus. Ended up retiring at 58. Enjoying my free time, golfing, family and grand children. Working on making the most of my retirement life and am focused on traveling, starting with places in the U.S. and also working on how to incorporate snowbirding into my future.

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    Bio: After 31 years of IT management in two Megacorps, MBAustin ER'd in 2010 and now has no idea how she had time to w*rk. When she and her DH aren't traveling in their RV, she is a professional volunteer - serving with the local United Way, various church-related committees, and now here with the nice people at She enjoys choral singing, knitting, and photography.

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    Bio: rodi spent a few decades working in the cable television industry. She loved the fact she got paid to watch tv... until they limited the channels to kiddy channels and sports channels. She married late, had kids late, but retired early! (She got the important part right.) Now she spends her retirement coaching robotics, learning Italian, and reading the books she never had time to read before. rodi is not a rodesian wolf, despite what her husband says.

    Location: San Diego
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    Location: SW Ohio
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    Bio: sengsational is an engineer by degree, but being a software engineer paid the bills (and built the nest egg - retired at 54 (the year I turned 55 - no penalty 401k access!)). Got two kids through college and now trying to figure out what's next. Not super serious about any particular thing in life except family, but now that the kids are so capable, I've had extra time. I've tried some adventurous and not so adventurous travel, self-taught musician and perform several times a week (without an audience of course, nobody would sit still for my yodeling).

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    Bio: After 29 years in law enforcement, the last eight in the then-new field of computer crime and computer forensics investigations, he bailed to West Virginia and found that being a lazy lout catches on quickly. He likes technology, especially photography, new tools, airplanes, motorcycles, boats, and anything else that goes fast.

    Location: Eastern WV Panhandle
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    Bio: Corporate report jockey until RIFfed in April 2013 at age 47. Not sure if "retired" yet, but certainly taking a little time to taste it and see if I like it and we can afford it...

    Location: North Oregon Coast
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