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    Good friends are spending too much

    I would have a hard time excepting 1 month of free lodging from anyone, especially if I owned a 2 million dollar home! Your friends have more problems than just financial and I'm guessing you already know that.
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    Can someone explain international roaming?

    Yep, Verizon and I always get an international plan just I don't have to worry about costs. On my last 3 week trip to Europe I paid $80. to have an almost unlimited phone plan. We also keep my wife's phone in airplane mode so she's not charged for use but I use my phone as a Hot Spot so she can...
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    Short transfer; almost missed the connecting flight, again

    "DW and I would consider 2 hours to be a slightly tight connection on an international flight and would avoid it if possible" Couldn't agree more. We shoot for 3 hours and at times we've been stuck on even much longer layovers during international trips. Much safer way to go, I hate the worry...
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    less work; more booze?

    Yep, this is certainly a common issue with retirees. Year's ago I made a conscious effort when I retired to only drink on the weekends and then only moderately. I do drink daily if I'm on vacation though, sort of a reward to myself for limiting my drinking while at home. By now I think we all...
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    Would you consider cancelling homeowners insurance if.......???

    I've had the same thoughts, we payed off our house a few years ago. Although I'd need to still have liability coverage, I've thought about dropping fire insurance but I'm sure I'll never do it. We easily live off my pension and have more than enough money to pay cash to rebuild our house without...
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    California Umbrella Insurance Question

    Is this all because you live in a potential Wildland fire zone? Where about here in California do you live?
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    Yep, Switzerland is an easy county to visit/tour on your own. My wife and I also just returned a week or so ago, something like our 5th trip there. Between the great easy train system and most everyone speaking English, it's a great place to visit. Make sure you put that Zermatt trip back on...
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    Best CD, MM Rates & Bank Special Deals Thread 2024 - Please post updates here

    "However, are Any banks that are offering FDIC insurance on CDs safe to buy?" Pretty much every single one of them. I had $100k in First Republic when they were shut down last year and I never lost a penny of interest let alone principle.
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    Maui helicopter ride recommendations

    It's funny, this question comes up a lot on the Trip Advisor Hawaii forum and no one ever asks the most important question. Which company has the best safety record? All of Hawaii's past helicopter accidents are easily found online. Some are better than others. Not to many years ago my wife...
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    Bought HNL plane tickets over the weekend

    You left out one important fact, how much was it and from what airport? April 2025 is a looooong ways away in the world of airfares.
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    Best CD, MM Rates & Bank Special Deals Thread 2024 - Please post updates here

    5.25% might be a great rate but I'd much rather have a longer term with a slightly lower rate. It's more likely you'd have more money in the end.
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    Social Security - Any stabs at this one?

    Thanks everyone, yes I'd be willing to bet now that the GPO which was mentioned above will reduce my benefit to zero like the original SS person told me years ago. I was at least hoping for enough to cover my Part B payment! I guess I'll apply and see what happens, I just won't get my hopes up...
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    Best CD, MM Rates & Bank Special Deals Thread 2024 - Please post updates here

    Synchrony Bank now offering a 14 month 5% CD. Maybe the longer term 5%'s are back for awhile....
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    Social Security - Any stabs at this one?

    Sort of a confusing Social Security question here which people may or may not know the answer to but here's it goes anyway. A couple of years ago I was talking to a Social Security person over the phone and explained that only paid into Social Security for a few years simply because I was a...
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    Easy Social Security Question (I think)

    Thanks everyone! Exactly the answer I was looking for.
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    Easy Social Security Question (I think)

    My wife recently applied for both Medicare and Social Security the other day and no where during the online process did it ask her if she wished taxes to be taken out. Is this something that gets asked prior to her getting her first check in a couple of months or can we simply log into her...
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    Ex Spouse Filing For Social Security Question

    Aside from all the family problems, you may be required by law to give him your social security number in order to file for SS. When a person qualifies for SS under an ex-spouse you have little or no say. Many people have been down this same road. He probably also qualifies for Medicare also...
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    Airline mileage programs

    Yep, these Airline Reward programs are almost a dinosaur these days with the exception of those few that fly a lot on business. Rewards are almost non existent now compared to years ago and getting slashed almost routinely. I also stopped using my United Mileage Plus Card and loyalty to United...
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    Claiming Sales Tax on your taxes

    Thanks for the comments. Gives me something to think about for taxes next year.
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    2024 Umbrella Policy costs

    My $1 million policy here in California runs around $340. or so. And I live in a typical subdivision.
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    Claiming Sales Tax on your taxes

    Like most of us, I simply use the government sales tax tables when claiming sales tax on my yearly taxes. But recently I purchased an expensive new truck where I paid $6,500. in California sales tax alone. This $6,500. plus what ever else I actually pay throughout the year in sales tax must be...
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    Quarterly Tax Question

    Thanks everyone, yes I'm in California also. Guess I'm good then.
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    Quarterly Tax Question

    Last year because of all the CD interest I was expected to earn I paid both Federal and State quarterly taxes which worked out fairly well. Ended up getting a few dollars back from each after doing my taxes today. When I printed out my taxes, Turbo Tax automatically printed out the 2024...
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    Hiking the Cinque Terre as a senior.

    The worst part about the hike(s) is the sheer number of steps, mostly uneven. That and a warm day can be a killer, no pun intended. Bring plenty of water.
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    Car loan application as a retiree

    As long as you have a high credit score the dealership will be happy to take a personal check. People with an 800+ credit score are golden to them. I also agree about using your credit card for as much of the downpayment as you can. You can't beat reward points. Instead of a loan this is what...
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