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  1. timo2

    What is your pet peeve of the day? -- 2021

    The culture has been like this for a while. In the early part of this century and forward I noticed wineries in every location with any form of grapes were building very large facilities for primarily weddings. The size of the buildings didn't match the quality of the wine, but the wine was not...
  2. timo2

    antibiotics before dental work

    it turns out it's now a controversial practice to use antibiotics like that. I had a knee replacement in 2020, and the surgeon said I would need the prophylactic antibiotics. Because of the pandemic, I didn't go to the dentist again for over a year, and the dentist wrote a prescription. The...
  3. timo2

    Will streaming services take over?

    My cable company started moving away from TV towards providing internet only. This was several years ago. The CEO had an interesting interview back in 2019: "..Cable One CEO Julie Laulis said bundling TV with internet is not a particularly effective method to hold on to customers. That’s...
  4. timo2

    Funny Joke Thread 2021 to ?

    I'm ready for Windows 11
  5. timo2

    FDA Approves Booster Shot for People with Weakened Immune Systems

    Me too!. mostly because my left arm seemed to still be sore from the immunizations since I turned 65, all but the last two in my left arm. I've switched to the right arm for them, so could not do two shots at once. People talk about all the immunizations for children, but they don't mention...
  6. timo2

    FDA Approves Booster Shot for People with Weakened Immune Systems

    Regarding the mixing and matching the different vaccines, Canada feels like that has worked well for them, according to this article: "New Canadian data suggests the bold strategy to delay and mix second doses of COVID-19 vaccines led to strong protection from infection, hospitalization and...
  7. timo2

    FDA Approves Booster Shot for People with Weakened Immune Systems

    Got my Pfizer booster today. The post booster fatigue was worse than the mild fatigue I had from the second shot. For the second shot, I had mild fatigue the next day for most the day. For the booster today, I came home and basically had to sleep for almost two hours. We shall see what tomorrow...
  8. timo2

    LTC coverage, one real life example

    DW and I got our LTCI before either one of us was 50. Good thing for me, as I had a major heart attack at 51. Since then, as everyone knows, the LTCI market have been in mild convulsions. We have hung on the to plans through all the adjustments, because we viewed them as insurance for things...
  9. timo2


    DW also enjoys a Pinot Noir over ice. No other wine, only the Pinots'. I've become used to this sacrilege, but Pinots' seem to be popular with ice.
  10. timo2


    the glass thing is real, for every beverage, IMO. first off, every beverage tastes terrible in a plastic or aluminum cup. even water. And the right glass matters more in beer than wine. And champagne flutes are useless and don't help the wine at all. We use white wine glasses for sparkling...
  11. timo2

    bezos in space

    We stayed in Van Horn on the way to visit relatives in 2019. Stayed at the El Capitan Hotel, one of those old historical hotels that now is sort of lower end boutique hotel. I bet it was a hopping place with the launch!! They have a decent bar there, popular with visitors...
  12. timo2

    bezos in space

    monetize the asteroids and there might be a different result. from the article "An asteroid called 16 Psyche that could prove extraordinarily valuable one day will today make its closest approach to our planet, reach its brightest in the night sky, and be visible all night long to those with...
  13. timo2

    Who has long term care insurance?

    DW's LTC policy is with CNA. They did this same 'discontinue' routine for stand alone policies quite a few years back. At that time they still had group policies, but stopped even those a few years ago. Everything was been fine with her plan until last year when they put the screws to her to...
  14. timo2

    bezos in space

    I still can't believe they didn't pop out of the capsule with a package!!!. Opportunity missed!! :)
  15. timo2

    Earworms du jour

    I self-deleted it, I thought it might be insensitive. But That stupid song. mods can delete this in necessary
  16. timo2

    Corona Virus, Covid and the future

    +100 That describes what constitutes a belief system regarding coronavirus for the 'medically able to be vaccinated but won't' folks. If we keep that underlying belief system in mind when reading the polls, or watching interviews with the unvaccinated, the polls and verbal response will make a...
  17. timo2

    Corona Virus, Covid and the future

    Forbes has an article about a Harris poll that very recently came out. It is not good news on increasing vaccination rates. from the article: "TOPLINE Public health officials have encouraged Americans to get vaccinated to protect themselves against the highly transmissible Delta variant now...
  18. timo2

    Moving to San Antonio, TX

    +1 My inlaws lived in New Braunfels back in the 80's and 90's, and the place has just exploded with population since then. By BIL lives in Helotes, and that is a very nice area. The west side in general, west of Hwy 1604 seems to be good, because the hills are closer.
  19. timo2

    This weather is awful!! 2008-2021

    That's a good one :laugh:;):laugh::laugh:
  20. timo2

    Corona Virus, Covid and the future

    That is tremendously positive news!!!!!:)
  21. timo2

    Terrible North Miami Beach condo collapse

    That is still my preferred speculation. Limestone gets unstable around water, or lack of water. If there are water table issues in south Florida, that's a problem. Limestone does not like change, IMO, as a former geologist. If it turns out the bedrock is not actually 'bedrock' that would be...
  22. timo2

    Post Vaccination Behavior

    Regarding how to increase the vaccination rates, Gov. Justice of West VA said this today: Q: Do you really think those people who aren't vaccinated -- who as you said may be more conservative, may not want anybody in their business -- are really ever going to get vaccinated?" Raddatz asked...
  23. timo2

    Corona Virus, Covid and the future

    I've seen masks that are now being marketed specifically for travel. The claims are usually more comfortable and/or better filters for the wearer's protection.
  24. timo2

    Corona Virus, Covid and the future

    ]I also will wear a mask in a place where 1) the employees are masked 2) If the place is creepy crowded with low air circulation. That BBC article Alan linked to helped confirm my "I don't want to get sick with anything' POV.
  25. timo2

    Where did you retire?

    Retired in Colorado. Promptly moved to ABQ area in New Mexico. During my work career DW and I moved between Colorado, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Texas, Arizona, South & North Dakota, Yukon, Alaska, Wyoming, California. Our deal was that DW would get to pick the retirement spot. DW went to grade...
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