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  1. prudent_one

    No Service - What would you do?

    There was a time when high-end retailers/car dealers would play the "ignore that commoner" game but that was when it was much more possible to ID well-off people by sight. Today I don't see any places doing that - there are just too many wealthy people who don't look like wealthy. Tech...
  2. prudent_one

    Activity might be the most important thing.

    Heh, if that's what I think it is, I am still an elite member there.
  3. prudent_one

    I Just Want To Live While I’m Alive

    Neither of us are very spendy and when we had a Fidelity CFP lay out a safe withdrawal plan in retirement, that annual withdrawal would have been close to the sum of our SS and my pension- IOW much more than we typically spend. We did two years of almost no withdrawals, but not trying to skimp...
  4. prudent_one

    No Service - What would you do?

    Only one weird experience like this. On vacation, stopped in a local small town restaurant for lunch. We were seated in a booth against the wall. Waited. One server was handling the booth next to us on one side, a different server had the booth on the other side. Neither server stopped at our...
  5. prudent_one

    Restaurant adding fee for use of credit card

    Two mom&pop restaurants around us instituted a 3% CC fee. I figure since I still have the option of paying cash, I can avoid it. So it doesn't really bother me.
  6. prudent_one

    Should I bite on this checking account upgrade offer?

    A local big regional bank solicited us to switch to them to use their high-end checking (but not their top level Private Bank) . I'm trying to understand if any of the special premium "features" they tout are of real value or just marketing hype. We would be able to meet the minimum...
  7. prudent_one

    Poll about do you like to dance? men vs ladies

    Never had an opportunity to learn how, so have always avoided it. I asked DW once if she would like to take lessons with me so I could dance with her if she wanted, but she said no.
  8. prudent_one

    Anyone pay their Aetna health insurance bill in CVS

    I would love to do this but can't convince myself I wouldn't miss a payment and screw up my insurance. So for peace of mind I put it on autopay.
  9. prudent_one

    Poll: How Many Scam Cold Calls Do You Get Per Day?

    4 or more per day on our landline. I had thought about canceling it but when I thought about it, I realized I get maybe 1 spam call a month on my cell and I decided I'd rather have the spam calls on the landline. I've had my cell for many years and I know if I make my cell the "main" number...
  10. prudent_one

    Looking for high-yield bank or CU savings account for a non-profit

    I handle finances for a non-profit. Their checking account pays 0.01% APR and the savings account (if we wanted one) pays 0.05% APR. Bank says that's because our account is a business account, not personal. I'm just looking for a way to stretch their funds. Any suggestion how I could find a...
  11. prudent_one

    Fidelity calls

    I think you could have asked if there was a room where you and he could continue the discussion. No reason not to make the suggestion yourself.
  12. prudent_one

    Which advisory option for spouse surviving me?

    That's tragic. Hope things work out for her. That's the scenario I'm wanting to prevent.
  13. prudent_one

    Which advisory option for spouse surviving me?

    Probably an oft-told story. I handle the finances, she has little interest in it and no aptitude for it (dyslexic WRT math, it's dangerous). She knows this is true. I know if she trusts someone, she will not question what they say. I need to have a plan in place if I predecease her. For...
  14. prudent_one

    Are variable annuities as bad as people say?

    A few years back an advisor suggested a variable annuity and gave us a flashy 3-page brochure that made it sound fantastic. The anal-retentive side of me asked for the full prospectus to review. It was 67 pages of dense small text that was incomprehensible. And in the spirit of not buying...
  15. prudent_one

    Heading to India in January

    When I was there for work a few years ago, I was given the same warning PLUS the advice to ensure the cap was still sealed. Don't accept a bottle that a server brought to the table and "opened" for you. Our hosts would always take the caps from the bottled water they consumed and pitch them out...
  16. prudent_one

    Hard Drive Cloning Software

    I used a program I got from EaseUS when I was replacing my PC a couple months ago. A little fussy about how to use it but it did the job find. Brought over the registry, the OS, programs, desktop, everything.
  17. prudent_one

    Abandoning EVs

    If that is the average, I'd like to know the median price. Just looked at a local dealer's inventory of Buicks (GM's lux nameplate) and out of 31 new Buicks in inventory, only six are more than $50K and the highest price is $60K. No new GMC trucks were over $50K. A local Toyota dealer has 29...
  18. prudent_one

    How to deal with cash money?

    It's something. I have read more bad Internet advice about how to handle cash transactions than good advice. A lot of people shoot themselves in the foot because they believed the "Keep it under $9700" and nothing can happen" stories. Meanwhile ain't no bank so clueless as to not see someone...
  19. prudent_one

    Post your favorite 70s/80's one hit wonders here.

    Waiting for a star to fall - I'm a sucker for a great sax solo in a great song.
  20. prudent_one

    Selling coins -- what to expect

    From my observations, coin collecting is experiencing a resurgence of popularity. Instagram in particular is where a lot of younger/newer collectors are connecting with other collectors. I'm at a handful of coin shows a year and I've been seeing more sharp younger collectors (teens/twenties)...
  21. prudent_one

    Paranormal stories

    The only person I ever told this story to was my wife. Years ago I was attending a big week-long conference out of town, probably about 1,000 people there. The conference had dozens of hour-long sessions during the day, and overlapping with those was a "show floor" where exhibitors set up...
  22. prudent_one

    Honolulu rail

    They only have the first phase running now. But that means all the vehicles, the control center, and the operators are in place. The next phases will go much more smoothly as there is a lot less to do - just track and stations and adding more of the same equipment they are already experienced...
  23. prudent_one

    Poll:How do you pay at the register?

    I used to be a "efficiency freak" and try to shave seconds and minutes off of everything but I realized it was also causing stress when a masterfully crafted plan of mine didn't pan out and Oh My it was actually 4 minutes longer driving that way! DAMMIT! :frown: I am a tap-to-pay person but not...
  24. prudent_one

    Executor(or not)

    I had always thought those stories of relatives cleaning out the house unannounced were apocryphal but it happened with my in-laws years ago. A well-to-do but not rich aunt passed away, almost all the relatives lived in the area. Before the 2 days of viewing at the funeral home + the funeral...
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