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  1. tizod

    Preferred Stock Investing-The Good , The Bad and The In Between 2021

    I follow HROW, and HROWM. While HROWM is over par by $1.60, it still might interest some folks. But the common has shot up, and they might float some to buy out this note, so maturity is up for grabs. I am now playing the "optimization" game to guess the best moves. Harrow Health, Inc. 11.875%...
  2. tizod

    Preferred Stock Investing-The Good , The Bad and The In Between 2021

    I bought some of this below par: NewTekOne 8.50% Fixed Rate Senior Notes due 2029 CUSIP/ISIN 652526 880/US6525268800
  3. tizod

    Do you buy travel insurance?

    I use the Chase Sapphire cards to book the travel etc. and it has pretty extensive coverages for travel. As well, as a Chase customer, I think I have extra leverage with them in case of issues (versus buying online a generic policy). Note there is alot of fine print, so a "deeper" relationship...
  4. tizod

    Preferred Stock Investing-The Good , The Bad and The In Between 2021

    While most of you have seen my investments in income securities, I made a big jump this week and added AMZN and VRTX. Amazon is undervalued, IMHO, and set to generate huge cash flows. SO if the economy goes crapper, I think AMZN wins. So it's a good growth bet and will add the Apple dividend...
  5. tizod

    Fidelity Instead...

    With that amount of money, I would never have it all at one place. Especially in this age of cyber hacking that might lock up a company for some time. I would recommend, if 8 figures, 3 brokerages. It's really easy to mange the different ones. Fido, SCHB, and Etrade etc all work. I also think...
  6. tizod

    All my eggs in one basket (brokerage)?

    Forget the protection, maybe not an issue as I think it's "safe" from, say bankruptcy. But what about a cyber attack? Some other lockup of the internal system? I also think this risk is growing fast, and AI might make it grow faster... I'd spread the money to make the odds of two brokerages...
  7. tizod

    The Summer of 2023 - Freedom from Cataracts

    Good Luck. Again, I only post here as an investor folloiwng this, but STAAR Surgical Company seems to have a better widget and the rest of the world seems to agree. It's not for all cases, of course. But is is also easily reversed or changed over time. Anyway, if it helps anyone!
  8. tizod

    Bond Investing

    I hate bond funds, as they are a variable to interest rates...which are highly volatile hence the funds can be. Not usually what you want in bonds. So I buy individual bonds. That said, right now CD's and other fixed income is better than the safer bonds (which also means high yield funds are...
  9. tizod


    For those with walking units, I found the silicone drying mats (Amazon has many) to be great for the unit to not walk, save the counter, and quiets the process as well. Plus, to address the crust...I rarely baked from the bread maker and if you pull it out then can egg wash, milk and more the...
  10. tizod

    What technology for new home?

    Sorry, I disagree on outlets. I use extensions on the floor. Wall warts and other things look crummy on the wall. I only add a quad at desk height when I know a desk will be there. But there are really nice extension outlets with 90 degree plugs, soft cords, that put all these things under a...
  11. tizod

    What technology for new home?

    I agree, but an ethernet to the mesh units is good (just them: everything else wireless). Great point on the bathroom - I'd add that an outlet or wiring at the toilet seats makes sense. We (in USA) will eventually learn that Japanese toilets need to be everywhere! Heated seat, sprayer etc - so...
  12. tizod

    Need computer recommendation

    ah, just read the Win11 stuff...i forgot the ease of upgrades and long term support wins here as well, hands down. It just works and the other software upgrades easily as well. Printer connections etc. are a breeze over many years.
  13. tizod

    Need computer recommendation

    Hmm, everything I read says he should shift to apple. Everything he needs to do is there, and apple stores with training and support are really well done. All the family tree goes online, as do so many other things. I also avoid Windows as that is getting really complicated especially for older...
  14. tizod

    What technology for new home?

    I agree with pb4, and I'd add that running fiber or current CAT wire from one side of house to other makes sense for a backhaul in mesh network. Oversize amp box, but also have panel in area easy for expansion. Might add solar/wind and other items where it helps for installers to have room...
  15. tizod

    any garage door opener advice?

    I agree that fixing the ORB bracket to the door is a simple handyman task (as if you can find one today). But likely you do not even need a new ORB but I assume a bolt pushed through the door or the pin broke. If the bolt, a bigger washer/spacer bar would do it. The pin is replaceable at Home...
  16. tizod

    Stressless Recliners

    I have had a couple of Braddington-Young swivel rocker recliners that I love. Made here in USA (I think they still are?). Might want to compare those. But I didn't see they still make the ones I have or I would have attached a link. But they make alot!
  17. tizod

    Preferred Stock Investing-The Good , The Bad and The In Between 2021

    I'd look at BAC pref's, and the bustedd -L. I just cant get into WFC with all the bad things they have done and the risk more might come out. BAC might look a bit more risky, but I actually think the opposite. Yields approx the same.
  18. tizod

    The Summer of 2023 - Freedom from Cataracts

    Yeah, I did more research after reading the comments here, and feel even better: no scarring and re-doable/removable, plus likely better correction. So it is "different". Also helps younger folks more. but still do not understand the slow USA demand and a few other things. Medical is crazy hard...
  19. tizod

    The Summer of 2023 - Freedom from Cataracts

    Anyone follow STAAR I own stock here, and know CHina has been hot on the procedures, but others, especially USA is slow. But it seems to make good sense. I am 63 and 20/20 except for 1.5x readers now, so no personal experience. (Good news but keeps me a step away from some...
  20. tizod

    Some important "trigger" income levels for 2024

    wow, great summary, thanks!!
  21. tizod

    wireless mesh router?

    I'd vote the Asus Zen. no subscriptions etc. it is working well, but lucky for me I could run one wire from basement so i have wired backhaul. But the game is to get rid of all wires for devices, and this unit does that very well. Great site for this is: Brilliant work done there...
  22. tizod

    DIYer hoping to fix little old countertop dishwasher

    To me the issue is the gap. Look at the thickness of the old seal, and consider it is squashed. If it is too thick for sealants alone, cut gasket material to fit, and add sealer (removable) to top and bottom. Do not overtighten. Have clean surfaces to fit it all against. Let dry. If very thin...
  23. tizod

    Preferred Stock Investing-The Good , The Bad and The In Between 2021

    My urstadt biddle is now regcp. Did anyone track this? I did some homework when announced, didn't come to any decision, and forgot about it till it cleared! It seems it tracked through the same? Any comments to help - I'm away for a bit and will likely not look this up for awhile.
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