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  1. David1961

    How much of a buffer did you have before ER?

    I wanted to get to a point where my WR was 2%.
  2. David1961

    What percentage are you down so far?

    As of last Friday, down 16.5%.
  3. David1961

    Good day to sell?

    I believe that 10 years from now, the stock market will be higher than it is today. What it does between now and then (especially in the next 6 months or so) I have no idea. I do think there will be a lot of volatility in the short term though.
  4. David1961

    Time to buy? What are you buying?

    You mean you are selling some of your actively managed mutual funds to take these capital losses and putting the money into index funds? That is a great idea. Just want to make sure I understand. Even at the market peak, my cost basis would not have generated as much capital gains as I...
  5. David1961

    Any apps to contact local police?

    I am doing more traveling and was wondering if there any apps that will give me the phone number or help me contact the local police (at their non-emergency number) wherever I am located? Seems like something like this should be available. Thanks.
  6. David1961

    check in safety apps for people living alone

    Could you ask a friend or relative to text back and forth with you every day? Maybe he or she would be in the same boat and would want you to check on them also.
  7. David1961

    The Adjustment Period - What was it like?

    For me, the first month was the toughest. By three months, the adjustment was over.
  8. David1961

    Ipod issues

    Was wondering if anyone had had this issue. When I turn my iPod on, all the songs are missing. When I plug it into my laptop using ITunes, it says iTunes cannot read my iPod because of a corrupt file. Under Windows 10, none of the files are listed although it says it is about 50 GB in size...
  9. David1961

    Early Retirement Quotes

    And when you leave, say "Adios My Friends
  10. David1961

    Early Retirement Quotes

    I don't work for my money. My money works for me
  11. David1961

    House version or Senate version

    Does either version talk about changing the tax rates for dividends or long-term capital gains?
  12. David1961

    I looked at people RE very differently

    Whenever I think about this topic, the Supertramp song "The Logical Song" comes to mind. How society wants to make people "productive" at the cost of their happiness.
  13. David1961

    How often do you turn your tablet on and off?

    Thanks for the replies. I have a couple of questions about sleep mode. I assume it goes directly into sleep mode when I push the power button and quickly release it. Is that correct? What about when I am not using the tablet for awhile and the screen eventually goes blank. Is that sleep...
  14. David1961

    How often do you turn your tablet on and off?

    I turn my tablet on and off multiple times a day. Basically, if I'm not going to use it for an hour of two, I figure I will save the battery some, plus I was raised to turn something off when I am finished with it. I read in a book, where the manufacturers recommend you leave it on all day. Just...
  15. David1961

    Food stamps!

    If that happened, I wonder how many of the first 100 would be members of this forum? :)
  16. David1961

    Food stamps!

    I went to the grocery store today, and asked the cashier if I could buy stamps. She must have misunderstood me and said "Yes sir, we accept food stamps". Was kind of funny, but have to admit, I was not exactly "dressed for success". That's one of the perks of ER but sometimes I take it too far...
  17. David1961

    Wasting time

    I think John Lennon once said something like time that you enjoy wasting is not wasted.
  18. David1961

    67 % Chance Of A Crash

    Thanks for the clarification. Did not know deflation had that much effect.
  19. David1961

    67 % Chance Of A Crash

    I think for the great depression, you did not break even until the late 1940s or early 1950s.
  20. David1961

    67 % Chance Of A Crash

    I'd say there is a 100% chance of the market at some point being down 25% from some previous high. I'm betting that 25 years from now, the market will be higher than it is today.
  21. David1961

    Embarrassed and guilty when asked...

    I never felt ashamed, but I found some people were more uncomfortable with it.
  22. David1961

    NW crossed a million

    Welcome to the " Two Comma" club!
  23. David1961

    retirement party playlist? goodbye song?

    John Lennon , Watching the Wheels.
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