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  1. Alex The Great

    Where to retire early

    This is for a couple? For a single person, $1M is definitely not enough but anywhere between $1.5M and $2M investable assets would work fine if house is paid off. It all depend on expenses, and how income is structured.
  2. Alex The Great

    Where to retire early

    RetireRay, thank you for very informative video. Yes there are definitive benefits to retire in California. But probably not in Santa Clara county, which has the highest sales tax and overall cost of living. jtrmax, great summary on cons for retiring in California. I pretty much agree with most...
  3. Alex The Great

    Good friends are spending too much

    I don't know their specific situation but overall it seems fine at their age. BTW I'm not a big spender but consider to sell $2M home in SF Bay Area at some time just because I do not need to be here in retirement years. But it is hard to decide where to move and this is the only reason I keep it.
  4. Alex The Great

    Where to retire early

    I'm very familiar with Reno: it is a nice town close to lake Tahoe. Do you feel higher elevation in your everyday activities?
  5. Alex The Great

    Where to retire early

    Yes it is a rare situation when someone has a luxury to choose where to live. My first job was in Phoenix, AZ and all others happened to be in SF Bay Area. This is why I'm here. Looking around where to move at retirement, but cannot find any descent place so far except may be SoCal.
  6. Alex The Great

    Where to retire early

    Arizona and Nevada are quite different. There is a dry heat in metro areas like Phoenix or Vegas. It is easier to absorb, on my opinion. Also there are higher elevation spots like Prescott, Flagstaff or Reno making life more comfortable. As regarding Florida I agree climate wise it is similar to...
  7. Alex The Great

    Where to retire early

    Same here. But I find my ability to handle both extreme heat and extreme cold to diminish with age :wiseone:
  8. Alex The Great

    Medicare & Social Security Solvency - Slightly Better News for a Change

    Agree, but applying reduction to those reached 55+ at the time of change would be unfair too.
  9. Alex The Great

    Where to retire early

    This is great to meet someone who spent career in this field. First time I visited Austin were 90s when I worked for Motorola Semiconductors. I believe they still have HQ building occupied by NXP now. I did not want to say Austin is a bad place to live. Actually it is a nice and comfortable...
  10. Alex The Great

    Where to retire early

    I used to work in Semiconductors and visited Austn many times primarily for business, mostly at spring or summer time. Don't know much about Cedar Park. But as a long term resident of SF Bay Area, I can tell summer time at Austin metro area (does not matter where you go) is terrible in my...
  11. Alex The Great

    Where to retire early

    Well, inversion is not specific to SLC area. It usually happen in densely populated valley surrounded by mountains. Phoenix (AZ), Boise (ID) are just a few examples.
  12. Alex The Great

    Global Entry - usage after interview

    Currently I do have GE card valid till Jan 2025. Applied for renewal yesterday and got approved today.
  13. Alex The Great

    Where to retire early

    I'm not familiar with Knoxville or Chattanooga areas but quick check reveal the absence of reputable hospital there. This is not to say the health care is poor, but just in case something complicated happen you would be on your way to Vanderbild (Nashville) or Emory (Atlanta).
  14. Alex The Great

    Breast cancer

    Typically, stage IV means cancer spread to the distant areas of the body while stage III to nearby tissue only. Chemo is most likely required at this stage, but chances to treat the decease are much higher as long as it stay local. W2R, good luck to you and you have no way other than to recover...
  15. Alex The Great

    Asking for severance in exchange to quit

    I did not talk to anyone when I set the retirement date. But I did a few important things. First, I did not return to office three days a week although HR repeatedly asked about it. I worked from home 100% since 2020 and continued to do so. Second, I did not attend some important corporate...
  16. Alex The Great

    Where to retire early

    There is a Hill Country west of Austin. It looks pretty nice, with river and multiple lakes along it. But you'd need to be far from Austin metro area to experience more reasonable RE cost. Within the metro area itself, it is pretty much like SIlicon Valley with poor weather in summer.
  17. Alex The Great

    Where to retire early

    I also live in Bay Area and retired for almost a year. I also considered other options but did not finalize on them. Austin, and entire Texas has never been on my list. Too much property tax, too hot and humid in summer. Utah is a nice place to retire, but you may be able to find a quality...
  18. Alex The Great

    Advice / Info on Where to retire in the US

    I would suggest Portland, OR of course if you don't mind a rain. The city itself has european look. Great healthcare available. Great nature all around. Relatively large airport with some flights to Europe. But I would suggest to settle just outside of Portland in state of WA, close to Vancouver...
  19. Alex The Great

    How much will you need to spend in 2024 for a comfortable retirement?

    I need about $25K annually. But sadly it does not include property tax which is $15K and rising each year.
  20. Alex The Great

    Decision made for me (maybe?!) in Colorado

    Do I understand it correctly that you have ~3M in tax deferred accounts? There would be plenty of tax to pay down the road. I won't consider to come back to work just by that reason :)
  21. Alex The Great

    R.I.P. Portfolio Visualizer (Free)

    Portfolio Visualizer has been a great tool but free version always had some limitations. I will explore how difficult is to implement something similar in Google Sheets.
  22. Alex The Great

    Consolidating Schwab Stocks to My Fidelity Account

    Did you start it online or with a phone call? Yes please inform us if any issues. I also wanted to consolidate everything at Fidelity, because I have just a tiny fraction of investments at Schwab.
  23. Alex The Great

    Consolidating Schwab Stocks to My Fidelity Account

    Does Schwab even allow stock slices? I thought it is not. At least I do not have it.
  24. Alex The Great

    Consolidating Schwab Stocks to My Fidelity Account

    Does in-kind transfer applicable to Schwab's own ETFs SCHG, SCHD, etc.? What about brokerage CDs? Does Fidelity charge anything extra for holding SCHG, SCHD?
  25. Alex The Great

    Request review of retirement plan

    In your situation, probably you will be OK but I'd recommend to wait till 60 due to the pension.
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