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  1. urn2bfree

    How to deal with taxable holdings with large gains

    Another option no one has yet mentioned in investing the gain in a QOZ fund. That defers the taxes and if you hold it long enough I believe you can avoid the taxes on capital gains on the investment. Example- QOZ Fund III
  2. urn2bfree

    Withdrawal Strategy Help Requested

    I admit to skimming the prior responses but I did not see anyone talk about this...In your taxable accounts, if you have anything paying dividends that are being automatically reinvested, I would consider turning those OFF. You HAVE to pay the taxes on those dividends. If you were forced to...
  3. urn2bfree

    Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce Trip Recommendations

    2 suggestions 1) invest in the app Just Ahead for all the parks- puts a guide in your phone that chimes in based on where you are using your GPS…it will tell you all you need to know to maximize your experience 2) if you go from Lake Powell to Bryce as we did, avoid our mistake. We applied...
  4. urn2bfree

    Yellowstone, Custer SP, N & S Dakota

    Badlands can be enjoyed in one long day Custer State Park is another day at least Mount Rushmore is a short visit. Spearfish Canyon is worth visiting. Minuteman Missile Silo also cool We stayed in Custer. I believe at a very reasonable and nice Holiday Inn Express. 4 nights. And it did...
  5. urn2bfree

    What supplements do you take? Benefits?

    Randomized study of 3500 over 60 shows cognitive benefits from MVI
  6. urn2bfree

    What?? Had to read twice!!

    Saint Louis crime stats are almost meaningless-- they are calculated in what ends up being a very arbitrary manner by having a weirdly fixed and shrinking denominator that bears no relationship to how people actually live and occupy this metro area. The crime in the area is concentrated within...
  7. urn2bfree

    Finger Lakes region - New York

    WATKINS GLEN - park at top and walk down or at bottom and walk up. Not quite Finger Lakes but nearby- LETCHWORTH STATE PARK - beautiful waterfalls/canyon
  8. urn2bfree

    Would you go to Hawaii right now?

    First of all Oahu is not just far from Maui, it is a completely separate island! Not going there because a tragedy occurred somewhere else within the state makes nobody better off. If you can’t enjoy yourself knowing that others are suffering, you could never leave your home. People are always...
  9. urn2bfree

    Utah's "Mighty Five" National Parks in May

    Funny story- we were at Lake Powell, a sunny day - elevation ~3600 ft. We applied sun lotion and closed the bottle and finished our day. Then we drove to Bryce. Next day at Bryce, cooler, sure, but still quite sunny. Elevation 7600 ft, We opened the bottle of suntan lotion to apply...
  10. urn2bfree

    Utah's "Mighty Five" National Parks in May

    Haven’t read every part of the thread but several things- Remember that Arizona does not do Daylight Saving Time. Navajo territory like Monument Valley does do DST. Plan accordingly. Agree that Antelope Canyon was beautiful. Consider buying the JustAhead app for like $30 you get a gps...
  11. urn2bfree

    Found $ What would you have done?

    On a dark, deserted suburban St Louis street I spotted a $100 bill. I picked it up and when I got home and saw it was something even more unlikely to find. In decent light I could see it said it was “FOR MOTION PICTURE PURPOSES ONLY”. And on the back “In Props We Trust”
  12. urn2bfree

    Old soda bottles in bathroom walls - Why?

    Could have been worse- In some homes they left horse skulls. Regarding the four found skulls mentioned in the above link found in the walls and ceiling in the Jarrot Mansion in Illinois -whenwe toured it, the story we...
  13. urn2bfree

    Looking for creative ideas for 1031 exchange in real estate

    Invest in a QOZ fund. These are designed to defer capital gains taxes. By investing in real estate in Qualified Opportunity Zones you owe no taxes for now and the money grows tax free.
  14. urn2bfree

    advice for travel to the Big Island and Kauai

    Snorkel! With the hubby’s bad knee- this is the nature activity for you. The beauty of underwater Hawaii is every bit as worthy of your attention as that above. On Kauai -the “Bali Hai” beach snorkeling was amazing. Every time I thought I had seen it all, some new fascinating marine life...
  15. urn2bfree

    I wish I knew before (or after) I retired???

    Expect the unexpected-- Unexpected expenses- medical issues, dental issues, plumbing issues, appliances, car repairs...all are annoying when you are earning a salary--they are a little more so when you are not--spending your savings feels different than spending your income. It takes time to...
  16. urn2bfree

    Help me think about lump sum vs pension

    Wife is able to collect a small monthly pension starting next year- about $1000 a month….(NO COLA) - this would be gravy…not money she needs right now…we have lots of other savings… alternatively they are now offering her a lump sum of around $91000 which she can park tax free into her IRA…(she...
  17. urn2bfree

    What new series are you watching? *No Spoilers, Please*

    New to me MR IN BETWEEN 3 seasons-- I am on season 2 On HULU An Australian hitman navigates the life between his work and his family/private life-- sort of like The Sopranos, but following the life of one of the button men instead of the boss. Each episode generally less than 30 minutes...
  18. urn2bfree

    Get a pool?

    Grew up with a 16x32 foot pool 10’feet at its deepest. Used it a lot Playing as a kid, lap swimming later. HATED HATED HATED doing the maintenance. Witnessed my father deal with endless issues that arose— and swore off ever owning a pool. I swim 3 days a week at public pool. Let them clean...
  19. urn2bfree

    Late federal refund?

    We efiled in March. Big refund is due for us for a change and still no sign of refund being processed. I welcome the 3% interest but - When do they pay interest from April 15? Or May 17?
  20. urn2bfree

    Hoping to go to the Amalfi coast, what can you tell me?

    I am retired and would love to add a few weeks. Sadly my wife who won’t retire can only take off 2 weeks maximum at any time. I based my itinerary on one suggested by Frommer (They do it a bit differently but still do 2 nights in Sorrento one in Salerno and one in Capri with 2 in Naples...
  21. urn2bfree

    Hoping to go to the Amalfi coast, what can you tell me?

    I can see why you would say that, it concerns me, too…. but given the general recommendations I see that say to see Capri and Positano and Ravello, and maybe Paestum and Herculaneum, it is not clear to me how one can see even a sampling while staying in one place without spending considerable...
  22. urn2bfree

    Hoping to go to the Amalfi coast, what can you tell me?

    Amalfi Trip proposed itinerary So I am late to this thread but looking for insight and guidance as to whether my current plans are feasible, are too ambitious, or not ambitious enough, or any other thoughts from those with experience- One point- rental cars seem both ridiculously expensive and...
  23. urn2bfree

    Best Deals Travel Sites?

    We have had good luck with TravelZoo - and also like as well.
  24. urn2bfree

    Shortage du jour

    Ordered a sofa on January 8- told due to shortages it would not come til April 22-- called in Early April to say- no now not til Early June-- called this week to say probably not til August! WTF? At what point is this failure to hold up their end of the deal? A year? 10 years? Also I can...
  25. urn2bfree

    Herd Immunity in the US out of Reach

    This is so dangerously wrong. Herd immunity does not "lead to mutations." Mutations occur naturally whenever a virus is made. They are not a response to immunity, they are dumb random changes. They are not strategically developed to evade vaccines. And- Viruses cannot mutate on their...
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