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  1. Ed_The_Gypsy

    The True Cost of Upgrading Your Phone

    Me too. But I would have been dead long ago. [emoji16]
  2. Ed_The_Gypsy

    Backdoor ROTH IRA strategy may not last

    We set up and funded Roths for both of our kids when they were starting out. Neither one seems to have continued to fund on their own but both have IRAs through work. DD also has a good pension program but DS does not and doesn't earn much. I hope to review the subject with him from time to...
  3. Ed_The_Gypsy

    Any Retirees in New Hampshire or New England Area?

    Washington State has similar advantages but the weather is better. It is also a seller's market now as well. I agree about the South. If I had a business, I would high-tail it to Texas--but I don't.
  4. Ed_The_Gypsy

    What did you do today? - 2021 version

    Wrapping up a 4 day trip to Prosser, Washington for wine tasting with 4 friends. Great weather. Pretty good wines. Expensive trip altogether but great fun
  5. Ed_The_Gypsy

    Good News--No Bad Side effects to Covid Vaccine

    DW and I got the Moderna vax. Both of us had zero reaction. Both kids the same. [emoji4]
  6. Ed_The_Gypsy

    Pre-Authorization Denials

    That is our back-up plan as well.
  7. Ed_The_Gypsy

    I Bonds vs TIPS

    Chinese bonds??? IMHO, you would be better off buying VWOB, yield >4% with much more reliable creditors.
  8. Ed_The_Gypsy

    What did you do today? - 2021 version

    We could not do New Years Eve this year. DW spent New Years Eve in the ER and self there and the parking lot. We saved the bubbly for another day. Today was the day.
  9. Ed_The_Gypsy

    Net Worth of the 10%, 1%, and 0.1% Households

    It IS time time plan your exit strategy. Good job.
  10. Ed_The_Gypsy

    Your recent repair? - 2021 to ?

    Replacing light switches in closets and laundry room with motion sensor switches. Moving the knobs on the bifold closet doors to the correct doors. Yawn.
  11. Ed_The_Gypsy

    What to Do if You’re Already Wealthy?

    I like that.
  12. Ed_The_Gypsy

    What did you do today? - 2021 version

    Finally got address changed on last tiny pension pay slip. Was difficult because company no longer exists and fiduciary barely.
  13. Ed_The_Gypsy

    What did you do today? - 2021 version

    Our Thursday night drinking club (motley collection of engineers and designers) meets again tonight at a safe outdoor venue. This is our sole outside social activity these days.
  14. Ed_The_Gypsy

    What did you do today? - 2021 version

    My eccentric inventor buddy just got a substantial award to produce a working model of repurposed design of a hundred-year-old pump. He is buying me a celebratory beer as we speak. I expect to help him put it together as he has some blind spots.
  15. Ed_The_Gypsy

    What did you do today? - 2021 version

    A younger colleague from Canada called yesterday. He has kidney cancer and was in the dumps. I reminded him that he got to be home while his kids were growing up and I did not. I will be sending him a copy of Dr. Boz's book, "Any way you can".
  16. Ed_The_Gypsy

    What did you do today? - 2021 version

    We got our stimulus package yesterday. We who don't need it. We support local businesses with it and tip well. Contribute to several food banks.
  17. Ed_The_Gypsy

    What did you do today? - 2021 version

    DW had mitral valve clip last week. I was extremely anxious. Results were good.
  18. Ed_The_Gypsy

    Living abroad for a few years in the cheaper countries...

    I would sell the house. Experience.
  19. Ed_The_Gypsy

    FA for wife after my death?

    I have a friend who inherited a trust run by a bank. The bank churned the account and bought stock of companies they had business relationships with. The trust dwindled in value by the time he received it. I would not have a trust run by a bank. DW allows me to handle our accounts but she is...
  20. Ed_The_Gypsy

    Would anyone like to share their financial goals for 2021?

    Clear out two storage units then sell garden truck.
  21. Ed_The_Gypsy

    Your recent repair? 2013 - 2020

    Hmm! I have a similar but intermittent problem with my 2009 Vibe (=Toyota Matrix). Figured it was a dirty or wet connector.
  22. Ed_The_Gypsy

    Coupling up again in retirement

    Married about 46 years, neither one of us is going anywhere. Still, we are 73 and are dealing with health issues. (I am attacking mine with some success but DW has a scary heart condition.) Either one could go first. It would take me a while to recover. I can't imagine remarrying, but who...
  23. Ed_The_Gypsy

    Coupling up again in retirement

    Somewhat on-topic I hope. In a recent Jerry Brown Travels post on YouTube, Jerry noted that the proportion of women to men in the gringo (mostly retirement) enclave at Lake Chapala, MX is 6 to 1. I was immediately reminded of a comment in an old Mexico bulletin board. A woman remarked that the...
  24. Ed_The_Gypsy

    Countries offering retirement visas

    When I was working in Baku, Vanguard wouldn't let me do something (sorry, I forgot what). I discovered that if I declared myself to be retired (but I wasn't) they allowed me. This was about 5 years ago.
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