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  1. grumpy

    Can we do this dividend stock thing one more time?

    This was a darn good idea in 2008 - now not so much. What is it about buy low, sell high you don't understand?;D;D
  2. grumpy

    Poll:Would you Try Pot if it were legal in your state?

    Whenever I am asked if I ever smoked pot my answer has been - "I smoked it once ... the once was the entire decade of the 70's. Its been many years since I have partaken but I would certainly take advantage of legal pot, although there's little chance of that in Virginia any time soon.
  3. grumpy

    New Years Eve Roll Call

    Son, daughter-in-law and 3 year old granddaughter are here. DW made a nice shrimp dinner, had a few glasses of wine and will now attempt to stay awake until midnight. My idea of a great New Years Eve.
  4. grumpy

    Help setting up a dividend paying portfolio

    The reason you are hearing and seeing so much about investing in dividend paying stocks is because interest rates are so low.
  5. grumpy

    Aug 17 Bitcoin = $108.25

    My son, the techie, made a modest investment in bitcoins and urged me to do the same. I explained to him that I never invest in things I don't understand. He already has a substantial (paper) gain on his bitcoins and has decided to invest in the hardware needed to "mine" bitcoins. I don't...
  6. grumpy

    Moving away from kids in retirement

    We would love to live closer to our kids and granddaughter. But our daughter is in NYC and our son and granddaughter are in North Carolina. We are in northern Virginia which is about a 4 hour drive either way. We end up driving to NC every month to 6 weeks. We do not get to NYC as often...
  7. grumpy

    Problems handling Dad's affairs now that he is no longer capable

    These issues are nothing new. See this old thread:
  8. grumpy

    What was your worst lowly job?

    In college I had a part time job as caretaker of the Psych Lab's rat colony. Not only did I have to clean the cages, at the end of each semester I had to euthanize the rats. The method was to toss 100 or so rats into a garbage can, dump in a bottle of ether, and put the top on until the...
  9. grumpy

    Best guitar solos

    Did I miss it or did nobody mention Carlos Santana?
  10. grumpy

    HOA Question ?

    I moved into a community with an HOA after retirement. I am now the treasurer of the association. Go to this website and do a search for you topic - it almost certainly has been extensively discussed: HOA > HOA Forum > Homeowner Association > HOA Discussions
  11. grumpy

    What would you teach an undergrad about personal finance using Excel?

    I have been using spreadsheets since Multimate in 1977 and used Excel extensively ever since I was financial manager of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. I rarely if ever use functions, pivot tables, or any of the more esoteric features (although I found sort to be very useful). I think the most...
  12. grumpy

    Lifes intricacies that led to your FIRE

    Worked for Uncle Sam for 32 years - two agencies - NOAA and NASA. Had lots of different job titles over that time. Masters degree. Moved to a new state after retiring.
  13. grumpy

    Which OnLine Bank is best for our Emergency Savings.

    I use Discover, CIT and Amtrust Direct. Amtrust currently has the best rate (1.01%) but their web site and customer service phone lines are not as good as I would like. Of the three, CIT Bank was the easiest to use and had the best customer support. I have all of these accounts linked for...
  14. grumpy

    TSP Allocation...most Feds too conservative...

    It doesn't make sense to analyze TSP allocations without reference to an individual's overall asset allocation. I'm a retired fed. My TSP allocation is 100% G fund. Is this too conservative? My TSP account represents only 12% of my total invested assets. My overall asset allocation is 52%...
  15. grumpy

    Market Correction Allocation

    I have parked my accumulated cash in CIT Bank's online savings account paying 1%. This is about as good as you can do with no risk to principal as there would be in any Vanguard fund, no matter how conservative.
  16. grumpy

    Suddenly feeling old and mortal

    Major back surgery (for a tumor) at age 18, cancer survivor at 34. Rotator cuff surgery 3 months ago still has me rehabing. Now at 66 I stay as active as my various ailments allow and try not to sweat the small stuff (hair loss, man-boobs, lousy night vision, etc., etc.). Getting old is...
  17. grumpy

    My Dividend Income Portfolio Online

    I'm a bit of a skeptic when it comes to yield on cost as a useful calculation. Maybe because for many of the dividend stocks I own that calculation equals infinity. As my shares appreciate I sell small blocks until I have recovered my initial investment. Then "playing with house money" I...
  18. grumpy

    Coordinating dates with spouse

    I retired at age 55 from NASA. DW was a teacher and had two more years to go until eligible to retire. I was able to arrange to work two days a week for a NASA contractor (doing the same work as I did before) for those two year. That left me time to do more at home, give DW a break from those...
  19. grumpy

    Cardinal Kevin Ware gets horrendous broken leg in Elite 8 Game

    Echos of Joe Theisman's horrible injury.
  20. grumpy

    Inverse Bond ETNs?

    Thanks to all who responded. You have pointed out a number of drawbacks to these inverse bond ETNs that I hadn't figured out on my own. I guess I will have to rethink my strategy. Do you know of any other way that I can reduce the risk of substantial losses in the bond mutual fund portion of...
  21. grumpy

    Inverse Bond ETNs?

    I am at the point where my net worth is sufficient to meet all foreseeable needs for the rest of my life and to leave substantial assets to my children. I have made a number of changes to my asset allocation to make it more conservative. My intent is to guard against substantial losses even it...
  22. grumpy

    We hate paying HOA fees...364 days a year.

    I am the treasurer of our HOA. It consists of 800 single family homes in a 55 and over community. Annual HOA budget is $2.3M and monthly dues are $220 and have not been raised in 8 years. In addition we have a fund of $2.7M set aside to replace common elements (e.g. roads, clubhouse, pools...
  23. grumpy

    Western Union sucks!

    If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. I have a small amount invested in Western Union stock. Pays a nice dividend.
  24. grumpy

    What have you done in your life that is interesting or different?

    As a 17 year old I took a Greyhound bus from Philadelphia to Mexico City and lived with a Mexican family for two months. I helped manage the Hubble Space Telescope Flight Systems & Servicing Project as the financial manager, leading up to the 2nd and 3rd servicing missions.
  25. grumpy

    Hip Replacement

    DW had both hips totally replaced at the same time one year ago. My major piece of advice is to find a surgeon who uses the anterior approach. This does not involve cutting through any major muscles as the posterior (older) approach does. The result is that the recovery is much easier with...
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