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  1. Happyras

    Washington State road trip

    Best view is from the rim! A few years ago we free climbed the rock scramble up to the top and I spit into the bowl, so to speak. Oh I guess that was more than a few years ago, more like 30. My knees are just not that good anymore......
  2. Happyras

    Reducing stock exposure in Retirement, age 60+

    I had a consult with my guru (best friend) this week. Indicators are strong for something to happen in the markets, more risk than upside reward. I am trying to follow the lead of those who have more than won the game. As you pointed out, valuations are high and things are not that Rosey in...
  3. Happyras

    But what if Trump Loses?

    In that bizzaro world where the totalitarian party succeeds in their Putin like removal of opposition, there will be a very bad consequence across the US. Wait for the fun in the Libertarian convention in DC this May. When Kennedy gets to be on the ballot in all 50 states, it will make an...
  4. Happyras

    My Recent Calcium CT Scan

    After trying many statins with various side effects I went with straight Zetia 10mg. I got my calcium score which was a big ZERO. My doc was perplexed. My cardiologist identified an aortic valve murmur, and to this day I remain in the below 250 range total cholesterol, but a high HDL and good...
  5. Happyras

    Last minute cruise deals?

    I use VTG to check on options, but you can always do better with Costco Travel if it is one of their cruise line options. I have booked Regent Seven Seas directly and found they can offer multiple discounts directly. Our next cruise is on NCL in the Haven on the newer ship Viva. Costco really...
  6. Happyras

    Fixed income strategies

    After my golf on Friday with my friend of 55 years past, I always come away with better confirmation of my own investment direction. I am approaching 70 this year after 8 years of so called retirement from my career. With only a limited number of good years to go, I focus on making the most of...
  7. Happyras

    Washington State road trip

    Also to consider is a drive up to Whistler BC in the summer. Its on sale with the CAD rate, full of summer activities, hiking etc, but the Peak to Peak Gondola is a major view to ride while doing some easy hiking on the top of the mountains. Plenty of hikes down at the base elevation as well...
  8. Happyras

    Washington State road trip

    Also summer is the time for road repair and construction. Always fun to wait and wait to go a few miles at a time. I suggest checking your route for this and plan.....particularly with fires near Yakima and I-90 construction. However this has much improved over time. I have to pitch Astoria...
  9. Happyras

    Highly appreciated rental house in HCOL area?

    I spent the morning at my trashed rental house, tearing out the kitchen cabinets while the junk haulers collected $2800 to trash out the mess left by my current eviction. This is the second eviction in a row, and this time i hired a property mis-manager 2 homes down, to take advantage of me...
  10. Happyras

    Cruising - How did you start doing it?

    Just another thought, these larger newer ships have great stabilizers and you would not experience the sea sick days from the older smaller ships. We always shop down the cruises, take advantage of the 25% off coupon from NCL, check for relative pricing and Book through Costco...
  11. Happyras

    Cruising - How did you start doing it?

    A lot of good input so I will try and be additive. We have done many cruises. My first was on Costa when i was divorced and dating a nice gal, it was an experience. Skipping ahead 50 cruises this is what we settle on now. Pay for the best, April we do a San Juan to Lisbon on NCL Viva. Of...
  12. Happyras

    Dumbest Booking Error

    Same here, I read this thread and immediately set up our April trip trans atlantic in TripIt. Amazing how well it works, so easy and viewable by our iphones or pc. It puts in all the shore excursions, each port time, all my various flights and hotels. Its perfect. I double booked us in San...
  13. Happyras

    Morocco Advice for May trip.

    We are heading there in April, albeit via a trans Atlantic cruise in a Haven suite on the Norwegian Viva leaving from Puerto Rico. I will be following this thread with interest. We have two stops Agadir and Casablanca, doing the Bogart thing to Lisbon. We will not be so adventurous as you...
  14. Happyras

    Poll: How Often Have You Had A Flat Tire?

    OK our current vehicle is a BMW 2020 that came with run flats. I had 3 tires requiring repair, which BMW will not do, but America's Tire does for free. I used slime in 2 and plugged one. It now has 22K miles, and the run flats needed to be replaced. The last flat was scary as we were heading...
  15. Happyras

    Thoughts on moving to 55plus community

    I liked the move "55 and Older" about the young couple posing as older to live in the 55+, that is my impression of what it might be like there. MOVIE INFO Disguised as retirees, a young couple hopes to save money on rent by moving into a 55-and-over community. Content collapsed. Genre: Comedy...
  16. Happyras

    Annoying Norton Subscription

    I am looking for an opinion on use of MS Defender or paying for Norton 360 subscription. I have been using Norton for so long, I am not up to date on whether its worth the cost or whether to cheat their system again and buy a new discounted license. Norton has gotten so pushy with all sorts of...
  17. Happyras

    Thoughts on moving to 55plus community

    I had Sushi with some folks who lived in Dell Web near La Quinta. They said folks were dying to leave there....:laugh:
  18. Happyras

    Thoughts on moving to 55plus community

    Yup, I know what you mean. My worst living experiences were living in an apartment while building a house, or a condo. Could not wait to get back some space. Tough to change how we like to live at any age. My buddy came over today and said why would you ever give this up.:facepalm:
  19. Happyras

    Thoughts on moving to 55plus community

    Thanks for your feedback, I fear a small property and unknown neighbor issues could be miserable. life and Family is important to us. We are known to have many fun parties, but the friends we have are not so close now. Not ready, nor I hope we will ever be ready for the...
  20. Happyras

    Thoughts on moving to 55plus community

    I might explain....the 3 homes I would build would be one for us, one for the other grandma who is our close friend and needs to move closer as well, and one for our DD2 or to sell for cash flow as needed. Unfortunately, 30+ years ago this would be super easy to push through the county. My...
  21. Happyras

    Thoughts on moving to 55plus community

    Yup, that is a plan. I am actively looking now for some support from my contacts in const and real estate. However, my thought is to plat 5 lots, and build 3 homes, keep the log home and barn with ADU, and let the builder/developer take the 5th lot to build out a spec home (with covenants I...
  22. Happyras

    Thoughts on moving to 55plus community

    Yes there is upside on the social end moving to the 55+, but being an old engineer, I love a good project and its been a 38 years since I built my last McMansion. The thought of subdivided is both exciting and onerous at my age. I spoke with Toll Brothers (large developer). They would be very...
  23. Happyras

    Thoughts on moving to 55plus community

    That is my 1st choice, but I quickly find that to build an ADU you have to update your septic system to current design standards. Then there is the little issue with the existing ADU in the barn which would have to be abandoned. The county will not let you build more than one ADU and only if...
  24. Happyras

    Thoughts on moving to 55plus community

    Yup, its hard to consider another lifestyle....but keeping the property in the family is appealing. It is good to hear feedback from those who have made the move and those thinking about it. Sitting in the spa last night we realized there would be little space/privacy to put one at the new...
  25. Happyras

    Balancing an advance on kids' inheritance

    That is very easy to do with either an intentionally defective grantor trust, or a simple irrevocable trust structure which defines disbursement etc.
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