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    Yearly salary earned in a day

    During the worst week of COVID crash, I lost the value of my house, that kind of really hit home... especially with still having a mortgage on it. Easy come, Easy go, its a good problem to have.
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    Selling your home after July 2024, will you pay the buyer's agent?

    All I know is it was always negotiable. I've sold 4 homes in the past 15 years, I paid 4.5-5% depending on how easy the house was to sell from $120k-320k sales price. I still felt like it was too much but at least it wasn't 6%. Personally I think it should just get to a flat fee once you go...
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    Shift from Traditional 401k to Taxable Brokerage?

    I mean whether you are talking Roth 401k or after-tax contribution or you put it in a brokerage account, all 3 options are going to have you paying 24% or possibly more which is why I'm confused about your concern over those taxes. If you don't want to pay at the 24%+ rate then the only option...
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    call from health insurance about colon cancer screening

    I'd only do the at home test if there was a reason I wouldn't do a colonoscopy or I had a colonoscopy and I was considered very low risk, like my brother is terrified of doctors so its either the at home test or he is never getting tested. I had a colonoscopy at 49, they found and removed some...
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    Shift from Traditional 401k to Taxable Brokerage?

    I get that concern about wanting a chunk on the house. However per plan you have a significantly bigger brokerage than 401k, RMDs you have 13.5 years form 59.5 to 73 to draw down the 401k so you wouldn't need massive RMDs. I too would suggest looking at Roth 401k, The big thing about...
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    Reconciling micro observations with macro trends? (is the economy really doing well?)

    Very much this, my FB account I am down some rabbit hole on reels and I'm not sure I sure how to get out of it. I'm being fed some pretty dark conspiracy theory stuff at this point and the algorithm clearly now thinks I'm deep in the weeds. I need a reset button that says oops, please reset I...
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    Reconciling micro observations with macro trends? (is the economy really doing well?)

    To me this is much like 2008 situation, IF you kept your job and didn't do something insane like pull your money out of the market, you did pretty great after that. However plenty of people lost their job, drained their savings, and then lost their house and were starting over at 30/40...they...
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    Can we retire?

    I guess what was the scenario that caused it to be only 96.5% as that doesn't seem right, maybe an mistype in something you entered?
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    Another Crazy Homeowners Insurance Premium Situation (resolved)

    LMs rates went up 2021 here and they were already high so when they spiked even further we switched to State Farm. Was able to double my umbrella, 2 cars, and house for the same price LM was just quoting on house. I figured they didn't want to do business in our state any longer.
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    Budget - How do you keep yours so low??

    Insurance thru the ACA stands out, we are in our 50s, pay for it no subsidies and its $1100 for 2 adults. they are the low end bronze plans but when we looked at the "estimator" the plans you pay more for were not actually better out of pocket, you were just guaranteed to pay more thru premium...
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    Car, Car and more Car.. How many is Enuff? How many in your life time?

    6 cars, 3 new, 1 lightly used, 2 beaters. (HRV, CRV, Audi A4, Sunfire, Chevy Nova, Cougar) The two beaters were college, the Cougar got stolen and totaled and the Nova was all that was on the lot that day I could afford short notice. It was fine until I moved and realized it couldn't get up...
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    Article: 'I'm too young to retire': What forced these workers to retire

    Agreed though there are plenty of W2 contract gigs too, my BF has mostly done those so you still get some minimal benefits (sometimes great benefits) though the pay is certainly less. For us thats fine, he only has to work 40 hours, its 100% remote so creates great work/life balance and the...
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    "employees who have a Roth 401(k) will no longer need to take RMDs." Huh?

    The Secure Act also changed the employer portion too. Up until then, the Employer contributions (of any sort) were put in pre-tax, and thus were put into a Traditional 401k account (even if they didn't show you that on your account). However, the Secure Act now allows for Employers to...
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    How much will you need to spend in 2024 for a comfortable retirement?

    We currently have a mortgage, doing a ton of Roth conversions/tax harvesting so get very little ACA help, so we sit at around $82k. Plan to do one more giant conversion next year and then stop at which point we will get significant ACA subsidies and taxes should go to near zero. Hard to put...
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    Examples of current inflation - add yours!

    As long as they keep the ones near the highway the same, it would make sense. I almost only eat mcdonalds on road trips and I use them specifically because McDs bathrooms tend to be very clean, a heck lot cleaner than the gas stations. I always buy food to thank them for the use. I'm not sure...
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    Examples of current inflation - add yours!

    I finally bought hashbrowns today. When Aldis 20pk went over $5, I was like nope not going to do it, I have no idea why that was the hill to die on but I just couldn't justify $5.50 for potatoes. As part of Aldis price drops, they dropped the price to $4.49. I didn't expect such a significant...
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    Another day, another notice of data breach

    After the ATT one it doesn't matter, my full SS is out there, along with phone number past emails, so what else is there. That one really burned me because if you know my password to some grocery store website, I don't care but that one is just give them all my info which I'm still not sure why...
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    Examples of current inflation - add yours!

    This really though ignores the fact they completely changed their pricing model and the 2019 prices are no 100% accurate as they came from a different source. McDonalds now has what I call a "LIST" price and then the franchises all do local deals thru the app and if you are buying LIST price...
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    Anyone have a "walking pad" as opposed to a treadmill?

    We have a walking pdad, you do need the railing, so get one with that. We are not light people in this house 215 and 265. We have had ours for 6 months, we each do about 30 minutes a day on it at a slow pace as we both have knee issues for years which has contributed to the weight gain. They...
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    Examples of current inflation - add yours!

    It would depend on what the craft beer was, in our house thats still cheap beer. Take for instance Founders 4 pack of 12 oz bottles of Stout Breakfast stout - $11.99 Kentucky Breakfast Stout - $17.99 Kentucky Breakfast Stout Spicy Chocolate - $23.99 The inflation for beer personally was a...
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    Latest Inflation Numbers and Discussion

    Like all things its local, our city changed zoning and building laws in the last 5 years and builders are finally building apartments again so we finally saw a 0.5% rent decrease YoY. We haven't seen the price jumps in insurance yet, but I'm waiting, we renewed in December and it was only a...
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    How often do strangers ask you for money?

    I've had it happen more frequently lately. I find when I look like I'm on a mission and got places to be I am left alone, its when the sun is out and Im just wandering that I must scream easy pickings. An lady who looked in her 70s came up the other day in a grocery parking lot trying to sell...
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    The first million takes the longest to achieve

    The first million took 19 years, the second million took 9 year and most of that I was no longer adding to but actually drawing down. I'm really hoping the trend continues and the next million only takes 5. Its only been a month since I hit 2 and I'm 6% of the way to 3.
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    New Rules for Realtors

    I certainly think they have some logistics they need to work out. If people are going to have to pay for a buyers agent, many will skip that so then sellers agents are going to have to field a lot of calls and arranging of meets since there will be no buyer agent to let them in and make sure...
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    Any McDonald's Shareholders?

    CosMcs may have a market. There are certainly people that dont' care where they get their drinks from as long as they taste good and its fast in/out. Honestly I'm one of those people. Usually I'm more thirsty than hungry when driving around. As for price wars, I think its more a backlash...
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