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    Sold Position - How to send the IRS a check?

    Awesome! Thank you all very much. Best of wishes!
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    Sold Position - How to send the IRS a check?

    Greetings, It has been awhile since I last posted. TLDR: I sold a large amount and am asking how to make the "quarterly" tax estimate payment to the IRS? The Story: -Single, no kids. -I retired in 2023, military + VA. I do some part time work on the side to keep active. -I moved to Florida...
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    Vanguard Managed Payout Fund

    Greetings! While most disagree with the fund, it actually sits well with me. I dont feel a need to check on things and leave it all to autopilot while throwing what I can at it, when I can. I choose it for various reasons, and the ups and downs dont matter too much to me, as does the regular...
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    Vanguard Market Neutral Fund

    Greetings! I use it as a portion of my portfolio; however, I primarily use the Managed Payout (VPGDX) fund in my taxable investments. Hence part of the portfolio. It is a stock based fund, but produces returns similar to bonds. There is a lot of hate and discontent surrounding it. I think it...
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    Share your FIRE Milestones - 2013- 2020

    Greetings! Greetings All! I needed a non-personal outlet to share. Milestone: $250,000 :dance: Taxable: $160,000 Roth IRA: $ 29,000 TSP: $61,000 Thank you for all of the great reads! ~DyNess
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    Why were so many smart members of FIRE so clueless about their careers?

    Greetings, For myself, I love what I do. I am working the "Job" I have wanted since I was in the 6th grade. I am 27 now. It may not be the exact field I had dreamed of then, but for the most part I am happy. What changed? I didnt understand FIRE until a few years ago... and since then have...
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    Second Opinion Needed On Strange Idea

    Good Evening All, I have thought about the issue and about the 72(t) withdrawals, as well as worked the math for the estimated values. I have decided to go with the loan. The supporting math is below. I have tried to keep everything in today's dollars. I understand and accept all of the risks...
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    Second Opinion Needed On Strange Idea

    Good Evening, Thank you all for the feedback. @Htown Harry and donheff: -I missed the 72T rule when I did my research on it earlier. Thank you for pointing it out. Sorry I missed it in your first post. It was a late night for me. @Htown Harry: -True, it does introduce a new element of risk...
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    Second Opinion Needed On Strange Idea

    Greetings! I hope this helps clarify the idea. -For TSP think 401K, with no matching for me at least. -I carry 0 Debt. The only debt I have is the rotational, cell phone, internet, insurance etc... my vehicle is paid for and I try to keep my expenses low. -While this puts me "in debt", the...
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    Second Opinion Needed On Strange Idea

    Good Evening All, I have been a lurker on this forum for a year and change now and finally had an idea I needed to vet and I think this would be the most appropriate place. Ok, a little about me and my situation. Sorry for the long read. Age: 27 Active Duty US Marine Corps Financial...
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