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    Should I buy CDs, Tres or the Total Bond Fund

    I am getting ready to rebalance my portfolio and need to move about $40,000 from stocks to bonds (or some other fixed income vehicle). I am considering using this rule to determine if I should buy the Vanguard Total Bond Fund (VBTLX) or a CD/Tres/MYGA. Here it the rule; If the distribution...
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    Roth Conversions IRMAA, SS Tax

    Hi Retired Happy, Thank you for your response. I also though "85% of your Social Security income is taxable when you and your spouse have a combined income of $44K or more when filing jointly." If you look closely, it says may be taxed. If you run the calculation with my scenarios only 69%...
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    Roth Conversions IRMAA, SS Tax

    Thanks for reading. I factored in that the 750K would grow by 5.1%. It is in traditional IRA. I also factored in that IRMAA brackets, tax brackets and IRMAA penalties would grow by 2.5%.
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    Roth Conversions IRMAA, SS Tax

    Hi Everyone, I have been reading the forum for many years and finally joined today. This is a great forum and is always very interesting. Love all the topics that are presented. Let me tell you about myself. I took a buy out and retired in 2014 at age 61 from a mega corporation and then...
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