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    How to structure unusual will?

    It's hard to know what to make of your comment.
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    How to structure unusual will?

    Yeah, just write them off like a bad debt.
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    How to structure unusual will?

    I have never sought to control anyone but myself. Yeah, self control - :) Free will eh? That's what life is all about. Go your own way. Nobody needs an anchor on their ass.
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    What does Costco Have That I Can't Find Other Places?

    Don't know. I go to the Tracy store.
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    What does Costco Have That I Can't Find Other Places?

    The meat and fish area (at the rear of the store) is where I spend all the dough. Next time you're there check out the 10 pound box of King Crab! Whole prime tenderloins, Mexican shrimp, Lobster Claws, Chilean Sea Bass, Halibut. And right next to huge rounds of Brie and Blue Stilton a few...
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    Things are Better than You Think

    The house is warm and dry. The boat is moored safely in the slip. The dogs are well. We have clothes suited for the weather. The fridge has food in it. All the appliances work. Life is good - :)
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    Wednesday weigh-ins! 2023 -

    I just checked today, doing better than I expected, 216. Been hanging at 222 for a long time and not really paying attention to what I ate. But have been keeping busy with winter projects. Any activity is better than no activity.
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    Music videos

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    How to structure unusual will?

    Buy a boat.
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    Handling your dogs end of life?

    This makes my heart so sad. We never had dogs with these kinds of problems at the start. They had these kinds of problems late (14 years) in life. Fur dull, eyes glassy, can't get up, don't eat, lay down in puddle of pee. The not eating is a big one. We took them to the vet for their last...
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    GM eliminating Apple CarPlay in future EV’s

    I've found Google nav better than Apple nav. Wife has Apple, I have Android.
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    What does Costco Have That I Can't Find Other Places?

    You do not use Costco to save money. You use Costco to spend more dough than you planned. Not even counting the membership cost. It's a big trap. I avoided it until the covid and it was the only place to get paper. Why do you think they have those really big carts? So you can load in five...
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    Eating Fish

    I've had monkfish, CSB is better.
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    Eating Fish

    Yeah Baby! I never ate the CSB at restaurants as it was so expensive, but I bought it at Costco because known good fish. Now I know why it's so expensive, it's the "lobster" of fin fish. Just magnificent - :)
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    Composition of taxed RMD checks

    How are you doing your taxes now?
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    Eating Fish

    Oh yeah, Gulf crawfish are the best, just like Gulf oysters and Gulf shrimp too! I was in Houston decades back working and as I exited the freeway on route to the hotel I saw this little fish house with "crawfish - $1.99/lb, are we crazy?" Checked in to the hotel and already knew where supper...
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    Making Airline meals

    Why I never worried about losing my job, 36 years in the automation business.
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    IV Sedation vs. Nitrous Oxide?

    I just had the IV sedation for my implant. Was out like a light, didn't feel a thing. Which is exactly what I wanted to have a tooth pulled and a hole drilled in my head and a post implanted. You will need a ride home, can't drive for 24 hours after.
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    What did you do today? - 2023/2024 version

    Had 2 good days on the boat. Filled the water tanks, started the generator which I should have done when I moved the boat as it would have flushed all the salt water out of the system, but I forgot. Generator was a bit reluctant but after a few heat and crank cycles fired right up. Very happy...
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    Eating Fish

    Not all sushi is raw. Shrimp (ebi), salmon skin, eel (unagi) and octopus (tako) are all cooked.
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    Made it known today

    How did they force you to work?
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    51 counties in California can delay tax filing until 10/16/23

    Yeah, that's the good news. I'll efile before April 15. I'll put the refunds to estimated 2023 taxes. But I'll delay paying the 20 grand of estimated taxes until 10-15-23 - :)
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    Judge Strikes Down ACA's Required Coverage Of Preventive Care

    Yeah, I was a low risk and just had my first colonoscopy at age 67. Blood detected in annual stool test. Six polyps removed, next in 3 years.
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    Eating Fish

    Like Pops, I love seafood. Everything except Mackerel that is. That's the only one that's "too fishy" for me. Must be my Norwegian genes - :)
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    TV Soundbars Really Work?

    Yeah, get a sound bar, even a cheapie. In your TV 95% of the cost is the video. The big screen. Sixty five inches. With 1 inch speakers.
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