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    Asset allocation for retirees with pension and social security

    Asset Allocation Blues Thanks everyone. I weighed your input and the official coin-toss is to proceed conservatively with my pending asset allocation. My "official" back-of-envelope calculations follow: 1. Current savings: a. 55% in the federal TSP "Lifecycle Income" (23/77...
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    Asset allocation for retirees with pension and social security

    Hello everyone. Doing research on asset allocation proposals for those with both a pension and social security. I've done searches in ER and also "you tube", but there is not much available discussion that cover the rebalancing of asset allocation for retirees that have both pension and SS...
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    Funny Joke Thread 2021 to ?

    There are three kinds of people in this world: Those who can count and those who can't.
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    Eating Fish

    Twenty years ago, when Atkins diet was popular, I engaged the Atkins diet by only eating a refrigerated salad made from canned Tuna, mayonnaise and chopped sweet pickles. I love tuna, so it was easy to stick to this diet. The good news is that this Atkins diet method had me losing weight very...
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    Equilibrium/Balance Issues

    Very good information. Thanks everyone.
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    Equilibrium/Balance Issues

    Hello all. 66 years old and wondering if any of you have experienced equilibrium and/or balance issues. Following is a thread to introduce this issue: < >. My symptoms are less of dizziness and...
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    Coasting until retirement?

    At one of the Army bases I was assigned to, some of our senior non-commissioned officers who were about a year from retiring were known to be on the ROAD program: retired on active duty.
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