1 Million Hits March 2006


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Feb 8, 2003
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I just noticed in the stats screen that for March 2006 the forum broke 1,000,000 hits in a month for the first time. (Stats only go back to May 2005, but I'm pretty sure this place wasn't that busy before that.)

I'm not sure what counts as a hit, but I'm fairly certain that's not unique visitors. I think it's page views.

dory36 did something right somewhere along the way. Thanks!
A hit is probably a file request.. still, very impressive! So, Dory, is there any profit sharing...? I've clicked on a whole bunch of ads here ;)
Cool Dood said:
A hit is probably a file request.

Nope! We had over 5.6 million (!) of those in March. And over 1.4 million requests to the forum software. The 300,000 hit discrepancy I'm guessing is logins, logouts, posted messages, maybe RSS requests...anyway, stuff that hits the software but isn't viewing content per se.

Oh yeah, many internet worm attacks would hit the forum software and barf an error. ("forums" is a comman attack URL for older, vulnerable forum software) I bet that makes up a lot of those 300,000 "uncounted" hits.

The file request is about 5x the page request because of the images (inclusing smileys and editor buttons) and stylesheets. Come to think of it there are so many smileys and buttons I'm surprised the file request isn't much more than 5x the page request number. Yay cacheing.
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