15 Years Retired


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Dec 4, 2015
My 15 year journey can be summed up in six words: go go, go slow, and no go.
After my DW passed away in 2005, I kept w*king because it seemed the thing to do. Well, life is funny, because some years later I met a lady who was also widowed and we married. I waited for my profit sharing to be posted in my 401(k) in January and retired the next week.

DW had not traveled much, and we hit it with a vengeance. However, after 12 years, 41 countries, 51 trips, 500 travel days, and 17 cruises, we are done with travel.

As for financials, between SS and pensions, our income is about 87K. We have a nice nest egg that is now 4X what it was when I retired. According to Firecalc, we will never run out of money. I am 85 and DW is 80.

As far as health care, especially at our age, we have a Medicare Advantage plan that is quite good, and is associated with a hospital about 10 minutes away. Our health is pretty good for our age, and I try to not do things like go up ladders.

We made our (hopefully) last move 2 years ago, from a +55 MHP to a lovely apartment right on the ocean, There is an elevator, and of course there is no outside maintenance. We are on the South Central coast of California, which has a Mediterranean climate.
Life is good!
I'm in my early 70's and I've been retired since I was 60. In the past decade+, I've gone from going very fast, to going slower, and now just going. Sure glad I didn't wait. I can see the stop sign ahead.

Money was never a problem and I don't see it ever becoming one. Spend rate has been dropping the past few years and I expect it is leveling off now.
Another great retirement success story. You have seen and done a lot of things in 15 years. I wish you and your wife many more happy years together in Retirement.

Thanks for your story.
Congrats. I love your posts and they show your love for your wife.
You might be the oldest current active poster.
Appreciate you sharing your journey. Congrats on 15 years and thanks for your many helpful posts on this forum.
Congratulations! I'll be very happy if I'm still active & doing all the things I love today when I'm your age.
Thanks for the great FIRE story. We love them.
We are still go go. Just got back from 3 weeks in Ireland. We did retire at 57 and are still mid 60's. I know we won't keep it up forever.
Souschef--congratulations on your 15 years! I enjoy looking at your travel stories and pictures when you post them. May you and your DW enjoy many more years of sunny, coastal life!
I think we're now Slo-Go stage. Okay by me.
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