2024 Umbrella Policy costs


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Apr 8, 2013
Gosport, IN
2024 Umbrella policy costs remained the same this year after a couple of reductions after moving to new property in August 2020:
$1 million coverage - rural southern Indiana - 2 people, 2 cars, 1 house, 1 barn

$164 in 2020 renewal date 5/1 every year
$125 in 2021 renewal after moving to rural area
$104 in 2022
$76 in 2023
$76 in 2023 - no change
I need to buy a barn . . .
About $190 for $1 million. A simple one-story brick house and two cars.
$130.00 for 1 million but the new policy will start in May so I should be getting a heads-up on any increases in the next few weeks. I don;t expect it to be much if any.
Just received the renewal yesterday and was surprised if went DOWN by ~15% :dance:. They made up for it with the 25% increase in our auto policies and have already stated that HO insurance will increase by 20%.
Well, I might need to get a quote as I never have... at the price I would buy TWO...
We paid $203 (full year) in 9/2023 for a $2M umbrella with State Farm in a suburb of Minneapolis.

We are renters, not owners. We have two vehicles (one is our home-built campervan with stated value 2x the book value) but no 4-wheelers, snowmobiles, or other risk factors. Daughter is on her own policy and not affecting our rates.

We also have our auto & renter insurance through SF. We have the required higher coverage levels on our cars.

Location, risk factors, and home ownership make it hard to compare directly but we're happy with SF and have been with them for over 40 years. All of our policies are non-cancellable. We stay for the great service we get from our agent & the company overall.

We pay $247 for $2M and the rate has been the same for 2022 and 2023. We haven't received the bill for 2024 yet.
$500 yearly for 2m in Florida with 3 cars and larger house.
Ours has crept up to $404 for $1M from State Farm. Maybe time to do some shopping...
Mine is $500 for $2M too. That is almost double what it was last year.
My $1 million policy here in California runs around $340. or so. And I live in a typical subdivision.
$622 for three million. Average house, two cars, Chicago suburbs.
Ours was up to $500 for $2M with State Farm so we finally dropped it last month. What really made us angry and caused us to review our policies is we're required to have anything with a motor covered so we needed policies on our e-bikes. They wanted to cover mine as a motorcycle even though it's peddle assist only. They also raised our umbrella rate when we bought our motorhome because we didn't insure it through them. SF wouldn't offer a replacement value policy so we went with Progressive and SF raised our umbrella rate. We were like frogs in a slowly boiling pot and finally had enough.
Haven't gotten the renewal yet, but last year was $184 for 2 mill with State Farm. 2 cars and house.
We have $2M coverage from Amica with $500-deductible for $250/yr, which is the same as year before.
Just had an offer yesterday from Allstate for $593 for 5M. Of course that's with 2 cars and a home; total of $7840 so that might explain the low cost.
we are paying 700 for 1 million in coverage .

an apartment and one car in queens ny .

i want to get some quotes from others tomorrow
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