58, retired 3 years


Dryer sheet wannabe
Sep 14, 2005
I was fortunate enough to sell my DotCom investments a few months before the DotBust. As a result, I retired 3 years ago.

My strategy now is that I have about 50% of my investments in fixed income (tax-free 30 year municipal Bonds (not funds) and reits).

These generate enough income to live on.

Of the remaining 50%, about 32% is in several managed equity funds, and about 18% is in cash, which I'm using to gradually purchase more of the equity funds.

The purpose of this equity/cash portion is strictly to make up for the inflation effects on the fixed portion.

So far, this seems to have worked. I just hope I haven't missed a few "Gotcha's". That's why I'm here.........

Sounds like a great approach, a decent plan (both the investments and desiring to RE) and some luck with timing. Others here may offer some ways to spice up a portfolio with REITs commodities and the like but you have a terrific base already and some would say not to change a thing (JG doesn't own stocks, just bonds and real estate, others might say "stay with the horse you rode in on".) If you have a large portfolio then the tax free munis sound good, I do not know much about them, portfolio too small :p
But if you can live on about 4% of your portfolio you should be doing pretty well. And as you are relatively young (by the standard calculators) having some stocks or inflation adjusted investments are a good idea.
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