Alabama ACA Insurance Costs?


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Aug 1, 2012
Elberta, AL
We are thinking of moving from Louisiana to Alabama next year. Will the ACA insurance cost any different from one state to the other?
It not only differs state to state, but within your own present state borders. There is no uniform pricing within each state. One way to get an approximate comparison is to go on to ehealthinsurance website and punch in a zip code of interest.

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Mulligan is right. Premium costs & features vary for each "region" (section of each sate).

Another option besides ehealthinsurance is to check Health section of At least for my region their info has been very accurate.

Frustratingly, the official website only provides a VERY rough estimate of premium costs unless you register and go most of the way through the insurance selection process. If you do this to get a quote only, you MUST stop before actually signing up for insurance. States with their own Exchange may operate differently.
You can obtain fairly accurate premium costs on without registering by starting here:


I will be retiring to AL and went to the link above and got a pretty quick quote for a particular provider and for my area of the state. The silver HDHP plan I priced was far better than the amount I had budgeted. I kept my higher budget figure nonetheless - if it were to be less that would be gravy.

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