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Apr 15, 2003
Leesburg, VA
Every time I use my bookmarks to show the forums I come up as Guest. I always login and yes, I check the "remember me" box. I don't have any trouble with cookies as all the other sites I frequent remember me just fine. I am using Netscape and Windows 2000. This has been going on for a few weeks now and I haven't changed anything.

Mike D.
sc said:

There's the problem. (The "www.") Delete the bookmark, click the home button near the top of the page and bookmark the resulting link which is .

Your remembered login is stored in a cookie, and the extra www is causing a different cookie to be used.

Hmmm, maybe I can resolve this on the server end with a redirect...

EDIT: No, I can't fix it server-side without some crazy magic beyond what I can do on a shared host. Just leave out the "www." and things will work smoother.
Interesting - that works. Thanks!

Changed my bookmark as mentioned above: all fixed! Thanks for the help,
Mike D.
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