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Feb 10, 2008
The 180 degree swing in the attitude of the market pundits. Just a few days ago they were giddy with happiness about how we were going to avoid the recession: almost high-fiving each other. Kramer made me want to gag with his over-the-top predictions.

Now they are doom and gloom, making it sound like "we told you so."

I had to turn off MSNBC; they are just another tv show...
just think about the poor slobs who actually believe this TV hype and make their investing decisions according to <fill in the name of any market expert>'s latest column/report/interview.

very smart to turn off the tube...
Kramer makes me gag every time he opens his mouth. I have never endured listening to him for more than 5 minutes without puching. What comes out of his mouth is what I try to avoid stepping in when out in the pasture. I guess some listen to him for the entertainment factor. He is not to be taken serious.
I had to turn off MSNBC; they are just another tv show...

I think most those guys enjoy talking doom and gloom. More to debate than when things are going well. I'm through watching daily tv financial news. Just going to read about it on the net. Might watch the 'Nightly Business Report' on PBS once a week just to get a recap.
Sometimes I think all these financial media talking heads own a lot of gold and oil futures contracts, and are short the stock market. They seem to love it when they get to sound like the world is coming to an end.

It's financial porn, I think.
More to debate than when things are going well.

Hmmm.. I dunno.. more things to tout and chimeras to chase when things seem on the upswing. Plus their advertisers, the ones that pay for the airtime and the talking-biz-heads' salaries, make money on trading and otherwise throwing money away.. not having folks sit on the sidelines and/or be frugal.

So, to a large extent the hyping cuts both ways, but the bull hype still kinda favors the networks doing the bull hyping. You don't make money telling people NOT to consume.

"financial porn", though.. absolutely.
I now know why I never watched kramer (or at least for more then 30 seconds (total ofall times)). My instincts were on in this case. :rolleyes:
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