Any ER business ideas?

ESRBob said:
Good point on the I-bonds providing the equivalent of a safe federal COLA'd pension

It is, but its actually a 1.2% CPI'd pension, rather than a 4.8% cola'd one.

Doesnt sound as good when you say it that way, does it? ;)

I'm still firmly in the camp that believes the CPI understates actual broad based inflation (the real cost of living), at least in many parts of the country...and definitely mine. The housing cost increases around here coupled with gas price increases already create a cost of living increase that far exceeds 3 or 4 percent.

Which means your ibond 'pension' would lose ground to inflation and taxes every year.
I understand that the CPI uses rents, not housing prices, in its calculation of inflation. Given rents, at least in California, have not kept pace with housing prices, no wonder personal inflation in California is so large.
When a $300,000 home can be rented for $1000-1200 a month, I'd say so.

Hmmm...given that more people own than rent...I wonder why CPI calcs would use the more economically favorable rents than the less favorable purchase costs ::)

Granted once you've bought in, you're indexed by owning the appreciating asset. But you do have to buy one in the first place to start off...
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