Any thoughts on Wisdom Tree ETFs?


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Mar 1, 2007
I was looking in particular at DLS, the small cap international ETF, but am also looking at a few other of their funds. Their strategy is interesting, basing their weighting system off of dividends, as opposed to cap. Is this just going to be a flash in the pan trend, or is this going to be a solid investment for the long haul? I see that Merriman has added DLS to his buy and hold portfolio, and I have regarded Jeremy Siegel, as a pretty smart guy after reading Stocks For the Long Run. Just curious whether any ER members have any good or bad feedback?
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If you want international small cap value you are kinda stuck with DLS and maybe GWX. I own DLS and want to build it up to maybe 5% of our portfolio. Both of these trade relatively thinly, so always use limit orders. Some days they can be volatile. I bought DLS for 70.32 on a day that it closed around 71.41.

I see that Merriman advocates a 12% allocation to DLS. On a $2million portfolio that would be 3300 shares or about 5% to 10% of the daily volume. If one used GWX that might up to 50% of days volume.

Anyways, I think DLS is going to be around for the long haul. I just don't know if there are enough small international companies around to fill its coffers.
what kind of expense ratio on DLS...cant seem to find on wisdom tree's website...
what kind of expense ratio on DLS...cant seem to find on wisdom tree's website...
0.6%, probably with some expense-waiver caveats...

ETFConnect - Fund Quick Facts - WisdomTree International Small Cap Dividend Fund - DLS

I've been following it for a while (along with Zacks Yield Hog, CVY) and it seems like a decent (yet potentially volatile) fund. I think dividends are about the only truth one can count on for domestic stocks, let alone international ones.

Now we just have to wait for it to set a 52-week low...
I'm holding out for the iShares version of the international small cap ETF. I tend to like their outfit and products a tad more than the others.

My alternative choice would be the VG Intl Explorer fund which is closed to new investors but it sports an ER of .44 and I would expect the new iShares to come out at around .40-.50
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