Apple ending iTunes

I like your thinking!!! My iMac is about 6 yo, and I have been wondering when it will be time to get a new system, although this still one is still very solid. Agree that those SSD prices are expensive and hopefully will come down soon.

Mac lover here. Still rockin' 2010 Mac Pro laptop and desk tops. Apple likes to see itself as cutting edge, but the really lagged in SSD rollout and pricing. They should have stopped spinning drives as primary storage years ago.

I was shocked when a friend bought a 6-ish yo iMac and it came standard with a spinning drive. It drove like a real dog a month out of the box! He didn't realize he needed to upgrade to an SSD or at least hybrid/fusion drive for that "premium" user experience. Many folks buy Apple because, well, it's just supposed to w*rk!

My OS is only 1 year behind. I think I can run the current OS and even the next one due to a video card upgrade on the 2010 tower, but I'm afraid my ancient application software will protest.

Oh, I can't stand the iTunes software either. Just hope there's a reasonable migration path to something better, or at least different.
Arrgghh! I still have an iTunes gift card around somewhere...will I still be able to use it?

Could you be conflating the iTunes store with the iTunes app? They're changing the app you'll use to listen to music or watch video, but I can't imagine they would invalidate gift card balances.

OTOH, I'd go ahead and apply the gift card balance to credit my account online so I wouldn't have to worry about losing the physical card.
No problems with iTunes gift cards as they are good for anything bought through the Apple App Store (but not the Apple Store)
Now, Apple, when will you get serious about updating the Mac, not the expensive pro version, but the one 'for the rest of us'?
Since the Mac (desktop) is probably about 1.5% of sales, it's no wonder they aren't devoting much effort to them - shareholders would agree? Macs are only about 8% of sales, and laptops are about 80% of Mac sales - not a lot of desktops. There's also been a trend with many YouTube content creators migrating from Macs to PCs, not a good trend.


A lot of people use a MacBook (laptop) with an external display as their “desktop”. The setup provides mobility.
Last time I bought music on iTunes was about 2.5 years ago.
Ordered approximately 30 songs. This triggered 7 different transactions on my credit card. Literally minutes later, my credit card company called me & reported suspicious activity.

That's the last time I ever used it.
I still get all the music I want, I just go about it in a different way :D
How about using the Apple Watch with Airpods? I don't use any music while running preferring to listen for the creatures in the park. But I'm considering the Airpods for the gym.

The Watch already works well for playing music with no iPhone around.

If you subscribe to the Apple Music service you can play anything if you have the LTE option. Otherwise, you can sync music from your iPhone to your watch.

To play from the watch to AirPods you just tap the Airplay button and connect to the AirPods. I used it with my BeatsX wireless wireless earphones (the AirPods fall out of my ears, but the BeatsX don't).
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