autoretrieval of link titles seems broken

Do you mean in subscription notices that you get via e-mail?
Hi Janet.. no.. in composing a post, when one adds an outside link to an article, there're options for "Automatically parse links in text" and "Automatically retrieve titles from external links". I always have those checked, and when in the past I added links, the title of the link appeared instead of "http://...etc."

Just recently it didn't work for me:

In the past the article title would have shown up in blue with underlining as a live link, while hiding the link address. Maybe something has changed at NYT? I have successfully made title-appearing links to them in the past.

Let's try another:
Our new home-page |

That worked..! so I guess it is not the ER forum that is the issue. I was just surprised to see the link not transform as it had in the past. Neverrrr mind!! :)
Just a random guess... but it looks like that NYT link does a redirect to an ad page and then lets you click on to the article. The forum code probably doesn't handle a redirect like that.
Thanks for that observation, Marquette. Yeah, on the NYT sometimes you get hit with an intro ad but more often not. I'll try in the future to see if I can avoid running into those.
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