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Jul 23, 2007
I can't see anyone's avatars. They seem to be going away one by one. :confused: Anybody else having that problem? Earlier this morning "some" were missing. Then more. Now they are all gone, including mine, when I view posts.

Hmm. Dunno.

When I click on the line happy2bretired's avatar, a thumbnail of a dog with hair in its eyes pops up, but it didn't work for TexasGal's line.

more gremlins.

Come to think of it, my avatar has been gone for a long time.
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I can't see my own avatar on the first post. This seems to be intermittent. Sometimes avatars are there and others are not. An avatar that appears in one thread will not appear in another. Very strange.
The only one that I have seen today is Nords. There must be something different about Nords.
Me too. I could see his when I could not see anyone else's avatar.

Now I can see Maddy on your posts but still can't see mine.
I went back and re-saved my avatar. It shows up now. Right? Can't you guys see it?
Those that are missing their avatar may have to reupload them. I am not finding any kind of reason they should not be showing up :(
I can see the others now but still not my own. I tried reloading it but it says "remote file is too large". I may have to start over.
Maddie's back. I was using Photobucket before and this time I just uploaded the image from my Mac. There are still some Avators that I can't see...one is Moemg's.
Maybe "Show Avatars" must be enabled in your profile? Go to: UserCP/Edit Options/Thread Display Options/Show Avatars.
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