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Mar 17, 2007
My last day at work will be May 4. I have had the same professional job for 31 years, started with the corporation at age 21, right out of college. Looking forward to reinventing myself, doing some traveling and reconnecting with many old friends around the country. This may prove to be a year or two worth of sabbatical, rather than a permanent retirement, but I am anxious to find a new routine. :D Whoo hoo!
Ok, this is strange....

My hubby has been in the same profession for 31 years, has been with present co for 21 years and is 52. He wants to retire on his 55th birthday...May 5th.

So anyhoo, welcome to the board and post your experiences!
Live long and prosper.

I originally thought of working part time to stuff the IRAs, but came to the conclusion I'd rather sell a kidney than go back to work.

(retired at 54)
Ramnuts said:
My last day at work will be May 4.

I left May 5 after 25yr with my last employer. Congrats! I can feel your excitement.

I think it's important to time a retirement date with the right season. Going in spring leaves one with a feeling of rebirth, new beginnings etc.

Welcome aboard, been ERd since dec 22 it feels great. Now many here will say my part time coaching, High School Track Team and Substitute teaching a few days a week is not Erd but I would beg to differ. It is NOT working like I did the past 30 years. This is a hoot!

Plus I look at it as you live a month and they SEND YOU A CHECK, then they do it again the next month and so on and on and on. Gotta love a pension with medical at 50 .
Good for you. Enjoy. I retired two years ago at 56 and, like some of the other posters, I originally planned to do some part time work, worrying about "whadda you do all day?" and the like. I actually did a few very short, very part time projects for a while. But I now find myself feeling like Khan. Life is great, forget the work.
Thanks, all, for the warm welcome. I wish I had a pension or health insurance! Those became self funded events with the company I worked for. Our defined pension plan was converted to a cash balance account in my 25th year with the company. I am buying health insurance under COBRA for the next 18 mos, will then be on the underwritten open market :-[
Still, out of my pocket or out of someone else' will still beat working every day!
Welcome! I pulled the plug 2 years ago and love it. Waiting for Megacorp to mess with my insurance now, but confident I can handle that as well.
Good luck with ER. I am in count down mode... 4.5 years and counting.
Congratulations! FIREd at age 55 from MegaCorp as of December 31, 06...first three months have been incredibly wonderful.

Have had several offers for part or full-time work, but after working nearly 40 years -- since age 16 -- I am really not too anxious to get back into any kind of paid employment.

Enjoy....and love your avatar!
Congrats on your ER!

I've been with the same employer since June '75....started right out of HS.......I have 19 days (and 1hr 26min) to go....bailing at 50! YeeHaa!! :D
I'll add my congratulations too Ramnuts. I'm counting down to my own release on my 55th birthday, with 5 months and 3 weeks to go after almost 28 years in.
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