Best place to get a cell phone / cell phone plan?


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Mar 17, 2009
Where do you think is the best place to switch cell phone carriers? I was looking yesterday and it seems like and have the best deals for new phones.

I'm planning on switching to AT&T and will probably order the Samsung Eternity from There's a $31 activation fee but the phone is free with a 2 year contract. Seems like a pretty good deal for a nice phone.
I have been looking at my plan as it will change when CINC house goes off to AT&T for the iphone. I think I have about decided to go prepaid Net-10. Been trying the service and reception is fine. A little work on my part to scoop up min when they are a good deal and load cards but I think it will be worth it. Got a google voice number that I will give out as my number and just forward it to the phone.

I just got a blackberry (AT&T) for work - it was free and I think around $40 per mo when tacked on to our corp plan. DW just got an iphone with AT&T - no clue what she's paying.

We just spent a few days with friends that have Verizon. AT&T coverage is not as good as Verizon. Several times in remote areas, the Verizon friends had to call for reservations, etc
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