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Jun 19, 2004
Not quite living on the boat but I thought this might be the correct ER topic to post under. :)

We took a vacation to the Clearwater area years back and I saw many houses that were built on inland waterways called canals. These networks of canals provided easy access to the Gulf without actually living on the big water. My goal is to purchase a lot on one of these canals and build on. I know nothing about this type of real estate. Any advice from somone who has experience here? Questions like:
1. What Fla Gulf coast cities are best for canal lots?
2. What would a lot within a 15-20 min boat ride to the Gulf usually cost?

Thanks for any help!

I guess this was the wrong topic on the Early Retirement Forum to post under. Makes sense, since living on the water literally (boat) is far different than buying a property on the water. My mistake. I will go find the "Early Florida Retirement" topic... does it exist?.

Tom :)
Thanks for the reply.... Maybe my timing for a property purchase in Florida is right this time!  I agree Florida, might look unattractrive to many of the locals at this time, RIGHTFULLY SO! My sincere prayers go out to them.

I plan on building a house I can retire and fish until I die.....  Without multi month breaks for snow and ice (Great Lakes area).  Looking for a nice canal lot less than 20 min. from the Gulf (via water). Just want to know where to start looking.   Anyone else living this dream? There is a person I've seen post on this site named "CutThroat" that might have some suggestions?

Hi Tom! Michigan is a great state, except for the winters.

If you are on a budget, try the St. Johns River. Good
fishing, lots of property available and not pricey.
We looked there seriously before settling on Texas.
I also liked Carravelle in the panhandle, but the real estate is expensive unless you get back off the water.

John Galt
Hi Tom,
I've got a brother that has a house on a canal in Deerfield Beach in Florida. He got a good deal on a 3br, 2 ba for ~$350,000 five years ago. Now the lot itself is worth over $750,000. Waterfront property in Florida has really gone up reciently. I suggest you go to and do a search. Hope this helps.

K. B. Sharkstooth

Unless you are dead set on the Atlantic, I would suggest you expand your research to Texas, LA, Ms, AL as well as Florida. Port Aransas near Corpis all the way around through Florida. With a map and some internet searches for local realitors you could waste a whole winter.

Heh, heh, heh - always build on pilings - it is hurricane alley. We've been in a fish camp for twenty five years in the LA swamp and it floods 5-6 times/yr in a good year. Ivan's near miss was good for 3 feet in the front yard according to my neighbor. We of course went to Dallas.
Hi unclemick! I always go to Dallas when things get
rough. Works for me :)

John Galt
And another thing............looking at property
from Corpus to Marco Island is not
"wasting a winter". I might be able to spend the
rest of my life so engaged :).

John Galt
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