Can't copy from message composing window to Word for spell check


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Apr 15, 2003
I used to copy text from the composing to Word, spell check it and then paste back into the composing window before posting. It also saved me frustration should a log-in time out or something else prevent me from completing the post.

Now I can select text, but copy is not one the options offered to me for the selected text.

I can copy from the "Preview Window", but then it is something of a hassle to get the old text out of the way to paste the corrected text back.

I suppose I could always just compose in Word then copy and paste into a virgin composing window.

Any suggestions? Or is there perhaps a spell checker than I have not found?

Start using Firefox and down load the add ons. Has built on or add in spell checker. No copying back and fourth. Depending on how you set it up it will spell check as you write. Also works in Thunderbird Email.
Are you talking about the options when you right click the highlighted text? If so, try pressing Ctrl+C at the same time. That will Copy whatever is highlighted into your computers temporary memory. Then you can paste by using Ctrl+P (which stands for paste).
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