Cell Phone Etiquette

He wanted to know if the film was well-done.
Talking about over reaction, I had a weird experience a couple of days ago. I walk my dog every day at the local state park which is over 900 acres in size. In the middle of a big, remote field we get charged by a loose dog. I carry dog spray, but did not use it on the dog. I mentioned to the owner that all dogs are required to be on a 6 foot leash. This guy went ballistic and started threatening me. I backed away and went into another part of the park and the guy did not seem to be following. About an hour later when I returned to the parking lot, this nut job is waiting for me. Unfortunately, I did not have my cell phone with me, but I kept my distance until the guy had spent himself yelling at me and left. I'm packing my cell phone and people mace now, but wow, it goes to show you how close some people are to the edge. :crazy:
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