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Thinks s/he gets paid by the post
Mar 14, 2004
Hi all,

I have made several posts under the name "charlie"
which is really me, BTW. The LYN comes from my
wife Lynda. We will be married 37 years in July.

I am a retired EE who took ER in '89 at age 55.
That's right, I will be 70 this spring, the Lord
willing and the creeks don't rise. I consulted
for 3 years after retiring, working for the same
company that was my employer for 30 years.
After the 1st year I started withdrawing from
my IRA using the "annuity" method to avoid the
10% sur-tax. At first I bought individual stocks,
bonds and "hot" funds from several companies.
Over time, I became convinced that individual stocks
was a loser's game and concentrated my IRA at
Vanguard using managed funds. Finally last year
I convinced myself, after studying Bogle and Bernstein,
that index investing was the way to go for me.
Now I have morphed into a passive investor using
Vanguard's Target Retirement 2025 fund and I get
my jollies reading this forum.

You are a great bunch of guys (and a few dolls)



P.S. I registered under Chuck-Lyn and logged in.
When I tried to post this under my registered
name, I got an error message that says
this name is aready being used. What the H---
am I doing wrong?
Welcome, whoever you are! :D

You aren't prompted to say who you are when you post after logging in, so the fact that you saw that prompt makes me guess you had 2 screens open, one to register and one to post, and there was confusion somewhere between the two. Or maybe it was the phase of the moon.

The software won't let a guest post a message using the name of a registered member.

Look up at the top right corner, and if you see "Welcome CHUCK-LYN" then you are logged in. If you see "Welcome guest" then you are not. In that case, click Login and the stay logged in checkbox, and you'll usually avoid this problem.

Except when the moon is waxing gibbous.

Welcome Chuck-Lyn

Watch out for dryer sheets. From the humorus posts to this forum of late - a few posters my have inhaled some dryer sheet fumes. I understand it clears up with use. Keep reusing your sheets and keep posting - works for me.
Hello CHUCK-LYN. I had trouble re-registering also
after I changed my e-mail and Internet provider.
Finally decided everyone knew who I was and now
just post as a guest.

That's a long time to be married. As our friend Martha
used to say, it's a good thing.

Finally, if you had registered with your brother Upton,
I suppose you would be UP-CHUCK :)

John Galt
This is a test to see if I can post using CHUCK-Lyn.

No, it did not work. I am doomed to be a guest
like JohnGalt and post as Charlie whenever I
feel compelled to show my superior wisdom and


click that 'logout' thing up above the post stuff near the right side, then 'login' and use the chuck-lyn one.

otherwise perhaps dory can delete your charlie one, forcing you to login again.

sorry about the capitalization. i have a 25 lb cat sitting in my lap.

so charlie, will your wife also be posting? because if she is, we'll need a code word to know if its you or her so we dont post any guy stuff thinking its you. ;)

very fortunate we arent seeing you create a login with your friend woody, cousin duckie, or neice fuchsia.

I hope your 25 lb. cat has been declawed.

Nope, my wife won't be posting ........ her eyes
glaze over when I talk about this stuff.

I looked for the logoff thingy but could not find it.
I will just post as "charlie the guest" like John
Galt. My problem is probably senility creep.

Don't make any sudden moves!


No he hasnt been declawed and thats why I was typing one handed, because his fat behind was hanging off one side of my lap and if I didnt hang on he'd start sliding and dig in. I havent had any kids yet and would like to continue to consider that prospect going forward.

To find "logout", scroll this very screen all the way to the top. In the upper right corner you'll see "Hey, Charlie, you have 0 messages", next line down from that will be todays date and time. Right below that, probably in yellowish text, you'll see "Logout". Click that. Ta da! When you get back to the main screen, the word "logout" will be replaced by "Login". Click away. Do "Chuck-Lyn" and the appropriate password, and you're done.
Finally, if you had registered with your brother Upton,
I suppose you would be UP-CHUCK :)

John Galt

Or if he registered with his cousin Woodrow to make WOOD-CHUCK. (this could be a very long thread if we're not careful ::))
I worked with Chuck Wood once.  Unfortunate.

In 1970, I worked with a Rusty Steele. He was ok. He didn't leave any orange stains behind.
How about?

U.S. Steele
Noisy Cobell
Precious Bell (male)
Victory Bell

And these were all in the same town.

Also, Candy Kane, Sugar Kane and Hurri Kane from the same family (sound like strippers or porn stars).

And my all time favorite....................

E Pluribus Unum Powell. He was my uncle.

John Galt
Believe it or not, we once had a Gov of Texas named
Hog. His daughters were named IMA and URA.

And another thing.................

Also knew a guy named Balzar Frizon. This has absolutely nothing to do with retirement :)

John Galt
:) Only a few years separate us each from another...and from another continent.

In Switzerland the idea of IndexInvesting hasn't yet picked up as in the USA. I have experienced US Mutual Funds for many years until foreigners got punished when selling back to the Fund Company theire shares. So I have all my goodies now with Ameritrade, except international holdings, but Div. and Cap.Gains are not automatically invested at Ameritrade - because I am a foreigner!

The shifting from a former stock- and mutualfund portfolio needs some time. I am still strongly working on it. Also I do live on my assets with an uncredible +7% retirement, which, I understand, is far too high.

But I do this since 1986, year where I started to withdraw funds. As Johnny Walker would say "still going strong", but I would have felt better, if the withdrawal rate was less.

One of the great dangers I have experienced is the fact, that while travelling, I have always paid my hotel bills, food and gas via Credit Cards. So spending was done easily. In 2000 I learned the hard way what it means, to restricft expenses. Since then, I pay cash only, as I go, have eliminated a few unnecessary subscriptions and of course reduced a bit my withdrawl rate, which at some time, was as high as 14%. (The assets still grew...and thas was in the middle of the bubble)

:( :D
Btw the old continent doesn't talk much of it's early retirees...

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