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May 10, 2005
Lawn chair in Texas
Have funds, still retired!

Been a while. Thought I’d summarize how the SWR is going, for another data point.

Midway through year nine, thus nine withdrawals from the IRA, my balance is 18.4% higher than when I FIRED.

Withdrawals equal 99.2% using the “4% rule”, and 95.3% using 4% of yearly balance.

Haven’t missed w*rk for one second!

Carry on!
I remember you :) Welcome back!
Welcome back! I'm in a similar boat (about to hit the 10 year anniversary of retirement) and nest egg is up a good chunk. Makes me less worried about SORR.
Welcome back. Do you use a specific withdrawal strategy such as the Clyatt 4/95?
Similiar here. Stopped working in Dec 2011 and went off payroll in early 2012. Portfolio balance today is 138% of what it was then despite some major spending for new 2-car garage but also an inheritance.
I'm probably down almost 1m in my cash NW since I retired over a decade ago. A lot more than that if you consider inflation. (I just don't keep track anymore) That's what happens when you use the D*S* withdrawal strategy.
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Hi HFWR. Thanks for stopping by and letting us know how it's going. We love success stories. Please hang around - we've missed you.
Welcome back! glad to hear you are doing well and retirement is good!
Have funds, still retired!

Been a while.
Great to hear from you HFWR! Just a few weeks ago, while DW and I were traveling home from Florida, I thought of you as we passed the Scottsburg and Austin exits on I65. Also last summer while we were sitting in Shipley's having a cold one.

Delighted to hear that your FIRE finances have worked out so well and you're enjoying life as you should!

DW retired 22 years ago and me about 19 years ago. It worked out that when we pushed the stop button, at 55 and 58 respectively, it was a sharp cutoff with zero earned income since. Still, finances have worked out OK and, like you, we're enjoying life.

Best of everything to you going forward!

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