Could someone help explain these Mutual Fund expenses?

Someone (Alec?) was talking a while back about using the wilshire 4500 as a primary holding and skipping the s&p 500. Some of the top holdings in the 4500 index actually qualify as large cap stocks and you end up with a much heavier weight of mid and small cap stocks. The breakdown of the 4500 has a nice smooth mix of large, mid and small cap companies.

Yes, see DFA recommendation conversation.

btw - if you have a gmail acct, you can create your own forum search tool using Google, like this one my Early Retirement Forum search engine. I find it's faster and easier than this sites search tool. Just go to, click on Create a Customised Search Engine and follow the instructions.

- Alec
Yep that was the conversation. In reading the bogleheads/diehards sub/related threads I found a lot of interesting information that was a little more thought provoking than buying the s&p500 or tsm options.

For easy google searches of any site, just type ' <search words>' without the <> and the ' '. You can find all sorts of things that each sites search tool doesnt cough up.
I find this thread to be quite informative, as I am now into what I consider the best of the managed funds, and some Vanguard indexes. But I am trying to decide whether to go all managed, all index, or a little of both. One thing about indexing, is that it is easier to rebalance. Right now, the only way to know what I have is through M*. Most of the managed funds I have now withstood 2000 to 2002 very well. I believe my volitility is set pretty low, but I am getting a very good total return. I really think I am going to go with a mixture.

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