Credit Cards For One Time Purchases?


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Mar 17, 2008
979 has a $30 credit for your first purchase with signing up for the card. I'm perfectly happy with the CC I already have, but I see this as a good free rebate. After I pay off the balance, I plan on calling and canceling and having them report it as canceled at my request.

This sounds good to me, but it's inspired by a purchase that I've wanted for a very long time. So am I about to get in over my head, or is it actually worth the $30?
I've done things like this a few times, but it doesn't seem like it's worth the effort. I think I got paid $5/hour on average.
I've had the Amazon CC for about a year and a half, and originally signed up because of that $30 credit. I was completely happy with the CC I had been using up until that point, and had no intentions of changing.......but I've ended up changing to the Amazon CC anyway.......I like the $25 certificates that I get for using it. I use the certificates to get "free" printer ink when I need it.

I had originally intended to just get the $30 credit, and then cancel the card after a while. But now I use it for just about everything, and only use my other card on rare occasions. It's issued by Chase.
We did it once for a % off on a large purchase (Store Credit card) and canceled the card.

IMO it is not worth the effort unless there is a significant savings.
I've done this before, as posted in the Other Topics, forum. My wife and I opened Amex cards to receive $1000 in gift cards from Home Depot. Canceled cards shortly after using the gift cards.

Thanks Amex for that new hardwood floor. lol
I did the Sony card for a $100 credit. Keeping the cards open on your account helps because it decreases your utilization and, based on the current credit models, makes you less of a risk.
I took and cancelled the amazon card for the $30 when I was bored.
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